Sunday, March 25, 2012


Sorry I haven’t been keeping up on the blog; but, still recovering from open heart surgery.

It appears to be busy in the legislature since I’ve been gone but a surprising number of O’Brien supporters lost their seats in the local elections, either selectman or budget committee. I’m sure they can rationalize it away; but, I think we all can see the writing on the wall for the next election. The speaker has done something most other speakers could not do, bring down the Republican Party in NH; don’t take this lightly, it was no easy feat. It is equally sad the number of Republicans that have stood by and watched this happen; most do not see what is coming down the pike, but can at least put it on their resume there were state reps. Some who lost local seats blame the public sector employees and various union groups, but, I think it was more of their inability to listen to their constituents about what the people wanted and not the far right of our party.

The so called marriage equality bill appeared to be a total fiasco to the republicans, it is a republican platform issue and yet many republicans voted to keep it. Now, when 50 republicans voted not to support right to work, another platform issue we were called RINO’S, and Democrats even though many of us were Republicans longer than some were born. I guess we have a whole new crop of hypocrites.

I’ve been told by republicans that have been going around the state that this legislature and the O’Brien leadership have been on the tip of every discussion as a problem for the next election. It sounds like all the people the speaker has thrown off their committees, people who have been threatened and bullied, has started to take their toll.

As far as I can see the political system in NH has been broken for about six years, four with the democrats and the past two with this group of RINO’s passing themselves off as republicans. If we are lucky, after the next election, we will have a close to even split between real republicans and reasonable democrats. We need to be forced in to sitting down and negotiating our issues, neither party should have absolute control, whenever that happens they screw up the system; politics is about the “art of negotiating”, that will be in the best interests of the state.