Sunday, December 20, 2009


I wouldn’t get too cranked about the national health care/insurance debate. As it stands right now there is no public option and funding for abortions has been taken out; another important feature is illegal aliens are out also.

Now what I thought was (at least in Concord) you could make whatever deals you needed to do to get your bill past the hearings process, then throw those deals out when it went to a committee of conference to reconcile the differences. The members of the C of C are appointed by the leadership of the house and senate and do what they are told or they are removed from the C of C, it happened to me. Then when the C of C is donethe bill comes back for a vote, up or down, no real discussion. So, all of those democrats who sold out or were scared off to support this bill will probably have done so in vain and still have to face the voters wrath in the next election.

If you look at this from a republicans stand point this is a good opportunity to pretty much wipe out the lunatic fringe of the Democratic Party that has taken control of their party and our political process in Concord and D.C. When this bill goes through, and it will, the democrats will be targeted by the voters. People whom are hoping for a quick fix for their health insurance want a quick fix. Well part of their quick fix, no matter what is in the bill, will cause them to start paying in immediately, taking 500 billion $’s out of Medicare to help pay for it, while not invoking any benefits of this bill to the voters and taxpayers for about another 4 years or more (after the next presidential elections). Besides, our Senators and Congressman always recognize a good bill when they exempt themselves from its wonderful benefits so it they don’t have to deal with it.


The next time you call a plumber, or your attorney, or go see your dentist, ask them if they are an LLC and what do they think of the changes the democrats made in the NH business tax laws.

An LLC is set up by a business to limit their exposure to law suits. One of the other benefits is if you work real hard (it use to be an American tradition) make good money you reward yourself with a bigger salary at the end of the year. Another interesting part is the state is going to determine how much you should be making so they can tax you accordingly. Keep in mind NH already has a Business Profits Tax and a Business Enterprise tax. Although it is not funny but laughable NH taxes the money a business borrows to keep the business running.

During a late night session of the house finance committee it was decided to change the tax laws and tax the LLC’s; that was when they stuck campgrounds under the rooms and meals tax to the tune of about 9%. So you bring the food, you bring your lodging and we tax you for it; absolutely brilliant, just brilliant. What is particularly problematic is this was done without a proper hearing.

Now, after the fact the department of Revenue Administration is holding hearings. Although I didn’t attend, one of my friends that did told me the 300 or so business people who attended were told there were going to be more hearings but the department was not going to change the rules; I was also told the newspaper reports could not describe the anger these business people showed towards those who did this. OK, so why have the hearings, the time for people who needed to have their say was before the bill was passed and signed into law. This is just window dressing so people think they had a say, no other explanation fits.

The current leadership in the house and senate has so over spent in the budget they have to bleed us for more revenue streams.

As the last election shows, change is a wonderful thing unless that is all that is left in your pocket.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas is just around the corner. The Holidays come quickly and there's so much to do to get ready, but is New Hampshire ready for the budget problems awaiting the Legislature’s return to Concord in January?
Through the first five months of the budget that began July 1, 2009, revenue is $31 million below projections the budget was based upon. When December’s figures are known, the first quarter of the two year budget cycle will provide a more complete picture, but it's alarming to be already averaging $8 million under estimates per month. There’s no sugarcoating that!

Additionally, all eyes are on the NH Supreme Court’s pending decision regarding the lawsuit filed by the Joint Underwriters Association (JUA). To refresh memories, the JUA administers a fund that provides medical liability insurance for a large number of NH physicians. Budget writers, desperate for any possible revenue, simply decided to raid that fund of $110 million. Naturally the JUA filed suit. The State lost the initial round in Superior Court. Should the State lose in the Supreme Court as most observers expect, there will be an immediate $110 million budget hole combined with the growing monthly revenue shortfall.

Thus, the stage is set for the Legislature to engage in a profound debate in 2010 – more taxes versus spending reductions.
Perhaps some have already forgotten, in 2009 the Democratically controlled Legislature enacted or raised 38 taxes and fees including extending the interest and dividend tax to limited liability corporations, raising the rooms and meals tax, the cigarette tax, and auto registration fees while slapping a new tax on campers. On top of that, the Legislature raised property taxes across the state by eliminating or reducing aid to cities and towns creating another pending lawsuit that 150 communities will join.

As if that were not a full-course tax menu, the House passed both a capital gains and estate tax that the Senate rejected. The Senate passed increased business taxes that were rejected in a committee of conference. Also floated but rejected, were taxes on entertainment and mortgage refinancing, and of course the specter of an income or sales tax always lurks in the shadow of this Democratic-controlled Legislature.

And this is why we need spending cuts - now!
Several pieces of legislation designed to reduce spending have been filed, starting with a line-item veto for the Governor. New Hampshire is one of only eight states whose governor does not have this common sense authority. Regardless of whether New Hampshire’s chief executive is an Independent, Democrat or Republican, he or she should have the ability to eliminate wasteful spending subject to a legislative override.

Another piece of legislation would require New Hampshire department heads to submit budget proposals that include 5% spending reductions. Currently, department heads must propose a maintenance budget that upholds previous levels of services. State law does not require department heads to anticipate programs that are no longer necessary, have outlived their usefulness or could be reformed to achieve savings. The proposed legislation would require a department head to propose a maintenance budget that includes a 5% reduction. This type of information would help legislators to set priorities and make responsible spending decisions. If this legislation passes in 2010, it will be extremely useful as the next budget is developed and federal stimulus monies disappear.

Another piece of legislation would move the delivery of Medicaid (health care for needy individuals and families) to a managed care model that better coordinates and manages both the clinical as well as financial implications of health care services. Medicaid is one of the largest expenditures within state government costing $1.3 billion and requiring nearly 30% of NH’s annual ‘General Fund’. Moving to a managed care model could save significant sums while attaining program goals.

A group of lawmakers are meeting to develop a course correction budget that could reduce spending levels by $80 million. Another piece of legislation would reduce the fleet of automobiles used by state employees by 20% over four years. Other bills would eliminate the rooms and meals tax hike, the camping tax, and the extension of the interest and dividends tax to LLCs. This legislation would give Governor Lynch corresponding responsibility to enact spending reductions equivalent to the anticipated revenue from the tax hikes --- the exact procedure he used recently to trim personnel and save $25 million. Another bill would require super majorities in the Legislature to increase spending over and above a formula that accounts for inflation and population growth.

Additionally, legislation has been filed to allow cities and towns to enact property tax caps if they do not have existing authority or if that authority is subject to legal challenge. Lastly, two bills would enhance transparency and openness in state government by giving whistle blower protection to state employees and provide on-line access to all state spending records.

While each and every one of these pieces of legislation faces uncertain prospects, taken together they represent a long overdue initiative to reduce state spending that grew 11% in the previous budget and 10.5% in the current budget. This has happened at a time when other states across the nation were actually reducing expenditures.

The unappetizing smorgasbord of tax options New Hampshire confronts – income, sales, entertainment, business, mortgage re-financing, capital gains, estate taxes —are set against the backdrop of our state struggling to free itself of the clutches of a persistent recession that has left more than 50,000 of our friends and neighbors unemployed. If expanded gaming is approved next year, these revenues may provide some assistance, but will not be a panacea for today’s deficits or future deficits when federal dollars dry-up.

Thus, while spending cuts are difficult, they are absolutely necessary to ensure that our Live Free or Die State thrives into the future.


Jeb Bradley for State Senate 645 SOUTH MAIN STREET WOLFEBORO, NH 03894

Wednesday, December 9, 2009



Unlike most republicans I am glad Obama was elected president. It seemed to go unnoticed that our country, morally, spiritually and politically was on a downward spiral.

I would like to say it was all the crazy socialists that run around masquerading as “progressive” voters; just another phrase for socialists/communists who has hijacked the Democratic Party. Out of all fairness I would be misleading to say the problems were all caused by democrats.

If we look back just a couple of elections we can remember President Clinton and what appears to be his perverted presidency. Our country accepted that as, “oh that’s just Bill”, even when there was clear evidence of a sexual assault, the voters denied that.

George Bush came in as our conservative president and started leading our country down the path of fiscal irresponsibility and over spending. He started losing support of the republicans who started turning independent, thinking why be a republican, and we don’t have any leadership.

Now we have the Chicago trained politician who is finishing the job of turning lies, misinformation and political corruptness into an action plan for his presidency and our country.

What is the difference? It is very simple; the American people are sick and tired of this and are now fighting back. I’m not involved in the tea party movement; but, I support it as a long overdue awakening, a rekindling of the American values and the very fabric of the American way of life. I expect my elected officials to have some kind of moral anchor and direction, it doesn’t have to be exactly like mine; but, something I can respect.

So thank you Obama for doing in 8 months that no other president has been able to do in more than 16 years; that is, awakening the American voter to take back our country from the politicians.

Friday, December 4, 2009


Over the years I have learned to be cautious and skeptical of politicians who tell us that if elected they will run government like a business. I’ve learned that most of the time we would not hire the same dummies we elect to run our business. In real life terms we would not hire someone who looks good, lies the best or has no qualifications for the job. In politics none of that matters. Who looks good and lies the best and has the money to get the word out usually wins.

Can anyone tell me what Obama’s qualifications are to run a business, little over a country in the middle of a war? Can anyone tell me what Shea Porter’s credentials are in working to fix our economy in the midst of a growing world economic battle? She is good at doing what Pelosi tells her do and usually follows without question; but, doesn’t have a clue.

We do have some rays of hope in the morass of stupidity and one is Bob Bestani running for Congress in our district with his impressive resume of dealing with economic situations, not only with banking concerns; but, also internationally with the very countries we need to deal with and stand up too. Bob, I know, is a proud American and believes in the United States; by the way that means he believes in you and me and has more than needed credentials for the job of Congressman. I don’t think Bob is in the business of running around bowing to everyone who has a title and hates the U.S.

Another person who I think is interesting is Bill Binnie who is running for the US Senate against the Republican establishment candidate Kelly Ayotte. I understand Binnie is a very successful business man who, like Bestani, has a ton of common sense. I look more for a candidate with good old Yankee common sense than PhD’s. If they have a PHD and common sense (or a master’s degree) we get a double blessing.

The republican candidates to watch in this next election are Bestani for Congress and Binnie for US Senate.

Another issue, to change the subject, is why our tax dollars is being handed out in give away programs. The government says we need small businesses to start hiring again; but, we keep handing out payments to the unemployed and to banks that are not loaning it out to small businesses. I know we need to keep money coming in to those families who have fallen on tough times. The problem is we are not promoting or helping the small businesses that need to produce, expand and hire the unemployed. I’ve known my whole life the average person wants a pay check, not a welfare check or an unemployment check. If you didn’t know, the United States is no longer a major producing country. We are more service oriented. China has become one of the largest manufacturing countries in the world.

When the government gives us cash for clunkers or cash for clunker refrigerators we use the money to buy foreign products that aids foreign workers. I only have an A.S and B.S. but a PHD in common sense and this doesn’t make sense to me.

When a nation makes it difficult for domestic companies to produce goods in their country, they will produce them in other countries, with a non US workforce. Who do we, if we need to, blame? I think we need to start with government and their desire to be everything to everyone. Let’s impose socialism on a capitalistic society and take away the incentive to work, produce and grow and complain about how we need to take care of those who can’t find a job. Remember the old saying, something to the fact of “give a person a fish and he’ll have a meal, teach him to fish and he will be able to feed himself and family for a lifetime’? (Close but no winner on remembering the saying)

Monday, November 30, 2009


The battle over the new proposed government insurance program is getting heated up. In fact it does not appear to be about health insurance anymore; but, more about politics. If you support the government run health insurance do you support Obama? If you don’t support it does that make you a republican?

What is known, is it doesn’t appear that anyone in DC knows what they are doing or talking about. First of all insurance companies do not provide health care; they pay for it. The insurance rates to providers, doctor’s, hospitals, specialty etc, are negotiated with those providers. The insurance companies negotiate the lowest fee payment schedules with the providers, then tack on a decent amount for profit and charge you.

The dummies in DC are talking about the quality of health care when they should be talking about the quality of payments for that treatment plus big bonuses for insurance CEO’s; apples and oranges. Because of their apparent lack of understanding on how the system works I have serious questions as to the quality of the final work product.

If the government was serious about reducing the cost of health care delivery, they would revamp the medical malpractice laws. Secondly they would promote tax credits for health care delivery alternatives like free standing clinics for non life threatening medical issues, flu, sore throat, the dreaded ear infections for children, aches, pains etc; $50 payments vs. $800 emergency room visits.

They should not provide health care coverage to illegals. If that happens the US (that’s you and me) will be footing the bill for anyone who makes it to our shores for free health care and we will pay for it, driving up the price; bad idea.

Now looking at it politically, and deciding what poll you look at, the majority of Americans don’t want their health insurance tinkered with. The democrats say, “No we need to fix it, it is a crisis”. Everything with the Obama administration seems to be a crisis. If it is such a crisis why is it that it won’t take effect until after 2012, the next presidential election?

The best way to handle it is to leave it until the midterm elections and let the voters decide by electing candidates that will either fight it or pass it. That way it will be up to the voters to support socialized medicine that will be paid for by new taxes and ripping off Medicare to the tune of $500 million, or the old system that needs fixing.

What we do know is people do not like politicians messing around in their personal decisions such as health care or health insurance.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


There is a very contagious virus going around; but, no one can diagnosis it, it is a stealth/secret virus. It is mostly carried by politicians and it is transmitted by biting them in the butt. The behavior of the politicians is they all want to do things behind closed doors or in secret. The cure is daylight and sun shine.

For example, the board of selectmen, had a closed door session and by consensus voted in a $112,000 pay raise for the town department heads. Out of all fairness they have been working on this for almost 2 years. They implemented it at the worst possible time with no thought of the financial times the taxpayers are going through and lost sight of the financial ball. When it was discussed about putting the issue on the regular agenda for discussions and a public hearing, one selectman said, “There is no legal requirement to do that”. How stupid can you be, this was a hot button issue the requirement is that the voters don’t want issues like this done behind the scenes.

It took one selectman over a month to get it on the agenda; unfortunately the notice for the hearing was on page 3 of the News Letter in the second story of the “Around Town” section. The agenda for the selectman’s meeting was misrouted to the conservation commission then the night of the meeting, for whatever reason, the meeting was not broadcasted. It was recorded and played at later dates, but, not that night.

Matt brought the issue up to put it on the agenda, Bobby and Bill were resistant. Bill brought up that the board all agreed to the pay plan by “consensus”; Matt shot right back, “maybe we made a mistake”. At some point Bobby said there was no legal requirement to vote on this. It was put on the agenda and discussed and is half way to being put to bed.

Congratulations to Matt for bringing it in the open for public discussion and input; also, to Al Bailey for his tenacity on keeping town government open and honest.


If I made a plan to screw up a special interest funded get together I couldn’t do it any better than what happened in Exeter on the gambling promotion where all the local state reps were invited. They were wined and dined and told how wonderful the gambling would be for the state.

This was a Maggie show and the press was not invited. The Exeter News Letter wrote an article about this; Oh the press are now invited we have nothing to hide.

Right now there is a “black Friday sale” on state senators by the gambling interests, if you get to Concord before 11 am they are 3 for a dollar.

The Strafford County state reps that went to one put on for them were not as smart as the Seacoast reps. Strafford reps got half a meatball sub and pasta salad. The seacoast group got brazed lamb in cider sauce, fish and crab stuffed mushrooms. Senator Jackie Cilley sponsored the one for Strafford. I think Jackie grew up in a working class family and counted pennies; Maggie is with the Phillips Exeter Academy, more upscale. I read somewhere that the cost for the shin dig in Strafford cost about $7 per person while the one is Exeter cost $20; money is a wonderful thing and can buy anything and almost anybody.

Welcome to the world of special interest politics.

Is the state party AWOL on this issue? I think people need to know where the republicans are on this.

Monday, November 2, 2009


We are rapidly approaching the holiday season where families gather for thanksgiving, then Christmas and New Years. As we get ready for this holiday season we have thousands of young men and women around the world helping countries to walk towards the light of freedom.

As they sweat in the deserts of the Middle East and freeze in the cold mountain winters of Afghanistan each and everyone one of them is thinking of us, their loved ones and families.

In the quiet before battle they are wondering, as we ready for the holidays, if we appreciate what they are doing and are we thinking of them, do we miss them, is our love for them still pure and faithful, thinking of wives and girlfriends; maybe as they are reloading M-16 magazines, counting and issuing grenades, stacking boxes of machine gun ammunition or re-sand bagging their defensive positions.

What we are doing seems so inconsequential and miniscule compared to what they are going through. To us the traffic at the mall during the holidays is a pain, winterizing our homes for winter and budgeting for our heating bills, is a drain but that is our world.

What about the special ops recon troops that are preparing to go into enemy held territory? As they organize their equipment and try to figure how much equipment they will need for the expected time of the mission.

Then when they complete the mission, get de-briefed, take a hot shower, wash the camouflage off and think about the people they killed and maybe a friend they lost. They don’t want to talk to anyone; they just want to reconcile their feelings. They’ll think of home and feel very lonely because in combat, your world is violence, killing, deprivation and death. They need an anchor in reality to keep from slipping away from the world they came from; because this is the world they are now living in.

How do we know what they are going through? Many of the kids in the military are sons, daughters or grand children of combat veterans who made this trip many years ago. Even if they are not related to us by blood, they are related by experience; experience that bonds us by the pain, suffering and loneliness that we combat veterans have lived through.

As the holidays approach, even during these financially tough times, buy a gift; maybe a few food items, a bag of candy left over from Halloween (I’ll guarantee they’ll share it with their friends or children in their area), or a simple letter of appreciation and gratitude. It will make the separation from those they love a little less lonely. There will be drop off points in the area to leave items for “the kids” who are making these sacrifices.

Lee Quandt is a former State Representative from Exeter and Army veteran that served 37 months on combat tours between1965-1971

Monday, October 26, 2009


The political season is heating up early. All the major candidates are cranking up their fundraising machines and getting their managers in place. Your different political factions are trying to be king makers and choosing what candidates to support and not to support. No matter what party you claim it hasn’t changed in the almost 40 years I’ve been involved and seen it first hand. Now that I’m getting older I can’t get all that excited when the political bugle blows.

The trouble with this is if you become part of a group or machine then that is who you’re beholding to. Not the voters and tax payers that elected you. With a philosophy like this you can see why I don’t garner a lot of support from the political machines.

What about the concept of running on your own merit, or on your own message and ideas.

I’ve talked to some terrific candidates for state rep who share my philosophy of people before politics; candidates who will stick by the message of you first. They have each sacrificed for their country, state and provided loyal dedicated service to their communities.

I think you and I will find it refreshing to support independent thinking republicans who will provide a fresh perspective to serving you instead of loyalty to any political groups or any self interest.

The voters are better informed now than they have been in the past, they know what to look for in an honest person who wants to run for public office for all the right reasons. Candidates who won’t tell you one thing and go to Concord and do what the machine wants, hoping you won’t find out about it.

More people claim to be undeclared rather than to a party. Both political parties have come a long way in disenfranchising voters on both sides of the isle. So when the time comes I think integrity, philosophy of dedication to you the voter and fiscal conservatism will be the message to you.

Many people have asked if I am going to run again and for what office. I haven’t made up my mind and will within the next couple of months. No matter what I do I will run to do battle over issues that are important to you, not the political structure or the special interests.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Tim Copeland’s story has been and is being told as I write this. Tim is a retired NY City homicide detective bureau chief who retired from NY and moved to NH and worked as a liquor investigator for the state of NH. He is a fiscally conservative republican and a selectman in Stratham. During a traffic stop Tim’s car was rear ended by a pickup truck that was involved in a high speed chase with the state police. Tim had to be cut out of the vehicle and was more dead than alive when they got him to the emergency room. Tim sustained many and serious injuries, broken bones, severe head and brain injuries; you name it Tim damaged it.

After a long period of convalescence and physical therapy, which he is still going through, he started working part time as he healed; doing light duty for the liquor department.

Tim and his doctors and rehab people realized that he probably could not go back to work fulltime and would have to put in for a medical retirement. At that time he was getting full health insurance coverage by the state for his wife and children.

Two months before his medical retirement came through he was fired by the liquor commission, which left him with no health insurance and no income from his job. I looked into the case and found no reason to fire him; in fact his immediate supervisor had nothing but praise for his professionalism, work ethic and dedication to the state and his job. Rumor has it and it has not been verified yet, the state 3d party lawyer working for the worker’s comp carrier was the one who did it.

After exhausting all of his avenues to finish the settlement of his worker’s comp case Tim contacted Bev Hollingworth our governor’s councilor. I have been to hearings before the council and Bev did more than an outstanding job representing Tim’s interest before the council. She stood her ground, never gave an inch in public discussions and hearings with the various department heads and attorney’s.

Bev’s support and commitment to Tim’s cause was, I think, over and above what her salary line pays. She really showed a commitment to the cause of doing the right thing, for the right reasons for her constituents.

I am falling short of endorsing Bev for reelection; but, when an elected official works as hard as she has for Tim, or any constituent, I think it deserves respect and recognition.

One of the benefits of being a very independent republican and not part of or supported by the establishment, I can call them the way I see them.

Thanks Bev for being there when your constituents need you.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


A Little Good News, Some Mixed News But Even More Bad News in Concord: by Jeb Bradley

The recent release of New Hampshire’s revenue receipts simultaneously offers glimmers of hope while raising even more concerns about the State Budget enacted in June.
First the good news: The “Rainy Day Fund” which is the State’s hedge against economic downturns ended the fiscal year with $56 million more of a cushion than anticipated. Governor Lynch froze new hiring, deferred equipment purchases, and curtailed out of state travel to produce these savings.
Despite the fact that Governor Lynch and Democratic Legislators approved an overall spending increase in 2007 of 11.17% and in 2009 of 10.48%, the Governor’s executive orders curbed the worst excesses of the Legislature’s spending blitz that has increased expenditures from $9.36 billion to $11.5 billion during that time.
This $56 million in the Rainy Day Fund will be a critical one-time buffer if the State loses its NH Supreme Court appeal of the JUA (Joint Underwriting Association) lawsuit. This lawsuit comes from a budget provision attempting to simply “take” $110 million from a fund designed to keep a lid on physician’s medical liability insurance costs. The State’s attempted money grab has already been ruled in violation of both the State and Federal Constitutions by the Superior Court.
The mixed news is that business tax revenues were only 4% lower than expectations. While it is preposterous to call any shortfall good news, in comparison to last year’s business tax receipts that were off by 25%, being 4% below expectations is a slim glimmer of hope. However, it's also a warning that if the trend continues the State will face a nasty budget deficit.
Despite the good and the mixed news, NH is far from out of the budget woe woods as the bad news dwarfs the good. Other revenue sources are badly underperforming, despite many taxes being increased in the budget. Receipts from the rooms and meals tax, communication tax, and real estate tax are all down by about 9%. The interest and dividend tax is down a whopping 25%. Even tobacco taxes are down slightly. In the three months since the budget was enacted revenues are down a total of $26 million or 6.4%. Should this trend continue the deficit will only grow.
Now that the state employees union has rejected the proposed contract that would have implemented 19 furlough days, Governor Lynch must begin a series of layoffs to save a mandated $25 million. Whether he will run into roadblocks if the union files a grievance for each position eliminated or political roadblocks from his allies in the Legislature – these savings may be questionable.
So with all these budget monkey wrenches, it is certainly understandable that its authors are quick to claim that the national economy is to blame and that revenues are likely to rebound when the economy turns around. But that is a cavalier attitude based on wishful thinking rather than rational evidence.
NH’s unemployment rate just jumped to 7.2% which means nearly 25,000 people have lost jobs this year. As bleak as that is, the national numbers are worse --- much worse. Since the federal stimulus legislation was enacted in February, 2.7 million Americans have lost their jobs and the national unemployment rate is at a 26 year high of 9.8%. The human toll of these numbers is staggering for individuals, families and businesses struggling to stay afloat.
Some pundits have tried to argue that things are getting better as only 263,000 Americans lost their jobs in September vs. 741,000 in January. While true, any signs that employers may be thinking of adding jobs in the future is at odds with the evidence. Job losses continue, while overtime and the average length of the work week both fell. Employers don’t need to hire anytime soon and consumer spending which drives our economy continues its retreat.
So NH Legislators who voted for huge spending increases --- not to mention the property tax hikes from cost shifting and 61 additional tax and fee hikes in the last two budgets --- are desperately praying for a rebound in the economy to produce the revenue they need to balance their budget. Voters should not hold their breath waiting for miracles.
Instead what Democratic Legislative Leaders are planning is a TAX SUMMIT to discuss new and innovative ways to separate taxpayers from their hard earned dollars. Will these leaders recommend an income tax, a sales tax, a tax on mortgage refinancing, an entertainment tax, or new levies on New Hampshire businesses? Every one of these taxes or others could be on the table at a time that 53,330 New Hampshire people are out of work.
After hiking spending 23% in the last two budgets, raising property taxes and 61 other tax and fee hikes one would think that Democratic Legislative Leaders appetite for new and varied taxes would be satiated. Most NH voters are shaking their heads wondering if a SUMMIT to REDUCE SPENDING is too much to ask for. Isn't it time for the Democrats to turn off the tax hike spigot and focus on fiscal discipline?
As tough as things are for families and businesses across NH, they will get much worse if taxes continue to climb to meet revenue shortfalls. Then we will have to re-title this blog to "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"!

Jeb Bradley for State Senate 645 SOUTH MAIN STREET WOLFEBORO, NH 03894

Friday, October 16, 2009


MMM MMM MMM, democrat Donna Schlachman say the democrats have saved the day; MMM MMM MMM.

In a recent opt ed piece presented by Donna Schlachman and written by a ghost writer was in the local newspaper touting the typical liberal propaganda of how the democrats have saved the free world with their fiscal responsibility; oh, and how the republicans are all evil. Republicans are not evil, they might be having a problem pulling the party together and sometimes some are not too smart; but, they are not evil. I know I have to deal with them on a daily basis. Oh, by the way, we are trying to build up trust in the party but that is proving elusive.

About the only thing that (whomever wrote this for Donna) has factual is the fact that there is a 76 million $ rainy day fund. The state has turned to financial Pelosi because of the mishandling of the needs and priorities of the liberals in charge.

If you believe the state is in good financial health, stop reading because you won’t believe what I’m going to say anyway.

The democrats have done one of the stupidest moves they could make by attacking the state employees. After 10 months of trying to reach a contract and constant threats from the governor and democrats of “750 layoffs if you don’t agree to what the state is dictating”, taking away bumping rights, the governor requesting 25 million in additional personal cuts from the legislature and then hiding behind them as the legislature mandated these additional cuts; no governor you requested them and can’t hide behind them because we all know better.

After all of this the employees could go no further with the negotiaons and the best deal the association could get was put before the state employee members. I was flabbergasted, after 10 months of threats and intimidations by the governor and the democrats, the employees had enough and voted against the contract language. Some members even said, “I know I will probably get laid off; but, I will see these people at the polls.

Right now the state has 1,357 vacant positions, for a total savings of approximately (up to) 98 million $ in savings. I’ve been told we have about 76 million more that could be saved by getting rid of consultant/private contractors.

While Donna and the democrats lost sight of the political and economic ball and constantly threatening the employees with another 750 layoffs the whole program got away from them. They probably should have paid more attention to this than their crazy liberal social agenda.

If 750 more layoffs take place, than more than 20% of our state employees would be gone, programs cut and services reduced to un-safe levels at the prisons and untenable levels in our social service programs.

The almost good news is that Donna and the democrats are taking credit for only lying off 250 state employees and re-arranging another 50 or 60 for transfers or pay reductions. They never needed to lay off 750 employees, that was a threat and the bluff was called; BUSTED!

What the governor and democrats don’t realize is that the state employees run the state, pay bills, plow roads, process the hiring of other employees through personnel, take in money, pay out money, in other words they make the state run. Who knows more about how an organization works than the employees. It is like the old saying in the military, “if you want to know what is going on ask a SGT”. So when your employees come to you with proposals for huge savings and you reject them, and by the way threaten them with more layoffs if they don’t give in to your way what does that make you; how about the south end of a north bound horse.

You will hear how the liberal democrats try to reach out to the republicans, does it sound like it? They are trying to change the facts and trying to change and divert the discussion away from how bad they stuck it to the state employees, how they screwed up the budget and how bad they’ve screwed up the state.

The republicans share some responsibility in this mess; but, only a small amount. They have not done a good job of getting the word out as to what has happened and what is going on.

MMM MMM MMM the democrats are not doing so good, MMM MMM MMM.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


In a recent editorial, Democratic State Senators Deborah Reynolds and Lou D'Allesandro attempted to explain to the citizen's of New Hampshire why they felt it was appropriate for the State to seize 110 million dollars from the Joint Underwriting Association Fund. They argued that since the State created the fund in the public interest, any excess funds belong to the State. Citing that this is being done, "for the public good," both Senators endorsed the actions of the State and the Governor. To better understand how this has come about, we need to go back to June of this year when the democratically controlled Legislature, along with Governor Lynch, passed a state budget that could potentially devastate the economic well-being of NH.

The JUA was established by the State of NH pursuant to administrative rules issued by the NH Insurance Department in 1975. This fund was created because by the mid-1970s physicians throughout New Hampshire had great difficulty purchasing affordable medical malpractice insurance. This had a dramatic effect on New Hampshire consumers and health care providers who experienced a lack of needed health services. Successfully implemented, this fund has experienced both deficits and surpluses over a thirty year period.

In response to the state's difficult economic times (After increasing spending levels by 6% while states are cutting their budgets an average of 2.5%), the democrats decided to seize $110 million from the JUA Fund to balance excess budgetary spending for 2009, 2010, and 2011. In response, the JUA filed a lawsuit against the state claiming that the State of New Hampshire was unlawfully taking the money from a fund that it had no legal rights to. In July, the Belknap County Superior Court blocked the State from seizing the monies from the JUA Fund indicating that the confiscation of private funds in this manner was unconstitutional. The state responded by appealing the decision to the New Hampshire Supreme Court. The state argued that any charitable group that is exempt from taxation, such as the JUA, is liable to state government. Therefore, the fund's "excess" assets were subject to government taking whenever the State saw fit to do so. The State appealed the Superior Court's decision, and oral arguments begin mid-month.

The Senate Republicans warned Speaker Norelli, Senate President Larsen, and Governor Lynch that the passage of a budget dependent upon $110 million that belongs to the members of the JUA would be devastating to the economic well being of this state. Governor Lynch endorsed this budget, signing it into law knowing that these precarious proposals would be subjected to lawsuits endangering the budget as a whole.

True government leadership would have held the line and spent only what was necessary, just as thousands of New Hampshire citizens have. True leaders understand that they are stewards of the people's money, and that the people expect them to lead by example. If democratic leadership had held the line on spending, as Republicans suggested, there would have been no need for the money in the JUA Fund and hence, no costly lawsuits.

In a recent press conference, Senate and House Republicans called on Governor Lynch to work with the Republicans and take an initiative towards a "Plan B" budget which would be designed to handle a impending fiscal crisis if the Supreme Court denied the state's taking of privately held JUA funds. While developing his proposed budget last fall, Governor Lynch directed each department head to submit their cost-saving recommendations for their departments, keeping in mind that they had to fall within 97% of the current year budget levels. We agree with the Governor that the Commissioners are in the best position to make these types of recommendations when developing an alternative plan. We believe that the Commissioner's suggestions are a good place to begin when planning a fiscally responsible budget.

Republicans have not heard from Governor Lynch, nor has he revealed his "Plan B" to New Hampshire's citizens. Adopting a wait and see attitude is not the way to handle this impending fiscal crisis. We have an opportunity to work together to come up with an appropriate budget. Republicans understand the need to work together to guide the state through these tough times. We understand that only by doing so will we come up with a plan based on lower spending, so that we can weather these difficult financial times. We also understand it requires all of us working toward the same goal.

Senator Reynolds and Senator D'Allesandro stated in their editorial that, "this is exactly why state lawmakers are elected, to benefit their constituents as a whole," and we agree. We are elected to make good decisions on behalf of our constituents, and to be fiscally responsible with the State's money. We need to remember that when we are sworn into office, we swear to uphold the constitution. Let's all come to the table together and work to create a budget that meets the needs of all NH Citizens, is constitutionally sound, and reflects New Hampshire's long standing tradition of fiscal responsibility.

By: Senator Sharon Carson

Senator Sharon Carson is serving her first term as State Senator for District 14. She is a member of the Election Laws and Veterans Affair Committee and the Executive Departments and Administration Committee.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Just recently our lost in the fog senator went off on a tirade about how the economy is in the worst recession since the great depression and how the republicans are not helping the situation by bringing out how bad the liberals have screwed things up.

The old political saying if you lie enough and keep telling lies people will accept those lies as truth. The fact is the republicans in Concord did try to work with the democrats on budget matters; they did try to reduce spending to keep spending in line with revenues and were voted down each time. Now in the last two budget cycles (4 years) the democrats have been in control of the governor’s office, the senate and the house. The first two years the democrats increased spending by a billion dollars and raised 18 fees and taxes. The second two years they raised the budget by another billion dollars and increased 38 fees and taxes in the face of tough economic times. Hello, have you ever heard of reducing spending?

While the liberals were spending their way into the history books, the republicans were saying, ‘slow down there cowboy’; but, fell on deaf ears.

While Queen Maggie (given the name after she pushed for a $100,000 renovation of the ladies room by the senate officers giving her an Italian marble throne) was ranting about the lack of republican support the governor’s office was holding a press conference talking about the money they found, or came in, and things were not as bad as they thought.

This was almost as good as a candidate’s night in Exeter during the last election when Maggie was trying to deny there was a $250 million dollar deficit when that very day the governor’s office was saying there was.

This is like a Star Wars movie, “there is an imbalance in the force”. This is also what happens, either on a local level, state level or federal level, where there are no checks and balances. Liberal democrats go nuts with power and crazy liberal programs, republicans try to keep spending and government expansion down and taxes go up. As the battle rages, the taxpayers lose, at least until the 2010 elections.

The fact remains, the democrats have had total control for 4 yrs, the budget has gone through the roof with wild spending (two billion dollars in 4 years) and we are left holding the tab.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Governor Lynch who I nicknamed “Turn around John”, has gone off the deep end in his treatment of the State Employees. First of all I call him “TAJ” because when he first ran for governor against Craig Benson, part of TAJ’s campaign was how he turned around a failing furniture company to a profitable status. Now with the help of Maggie Hassan he has, after being elected governor, turned a healthy financial state, into one that is in the process of going bankrupt.

The State Employees has been treated worse than private sector. TAJ went to the legislature and with Maggie’s help pushed through a bill requiring personnel cuts to the tune of 25 million dollars. Then TAJ starts the state employee contract negotiations and keeps hiding behind the 25 million $ cuts that “the legislature mandated”, that he requested. The state employees brought more than the 25 million cuts to the table that TAJ requested and each time was refused to negotiate on those cuts. The message was clear; you will do it my way or suffer large amounts of layoffs.

The so called negotiations appeared to be one sided from the beginning. With not the usual give and take. We are all seeing a side of the TAJ that the state has not seen before. The end result is we are now seeing a governor who cannot lead and cannot manage; this isn’t good.

One issue that is overlooked is that NH doesn’t pay into the unemployment compensation fund, we are self funded. So when state employees get laid off the money they are paid comes from the state budget general fund, which is about broke. The private sector employees are funded, during layoffs, by a payroll tax their employer pays, not so the state. In fact the state has to pay the unemployment fund 110% of what the cost is to pay the unemployment pay to the employee, the extra 10% is an administrative fee.

It actually gets better because there are triggers built in to the fund that when it drops to a certain level the amount paid into the fund by private employers is raised; the payroll tax is increased. This means that the laid off state employees go to the unemployment office and collects unemployment benefits that the state, which is broke, has to pay 110% of the cost for which will raise the payroll tax to private businesses for employees they never hired or laid off. The state will borrow the money off of the feds with the requirement that the borrowed money must come out of the general fund.

When ever you’re in a budgetary battle you wonder who is telling the truth and who is not; most of time the answer is both all at the same time. In this case the answer is clear the state employees are. The state just released their periodic report on vacant state positions for a total of 1,359 empty positions for a biannual savings of over 150 million dollars; by the way the 1,359 figure is about 10% of our state work force.

So why are the governor and the liberal democrat leadership trying to screw the state employees so bad? First of all they are still drunk with power that they cannot handle. Secondly, I’ve lived through tough times in my 27 years working as a State Probation/Parole Officer and watching politics. What a governor does, and I don’t care what party they are from is to cut deeper than they have to so they can build up a surplus and show everyone how wonderful they are as administrators. You are the losers by loss of services and paying business paying higher payroll taxes.

There will be a day of reckoning for these politicians and it will start in the next election cycle. Turn around John and I want to get ahead at anyone’s expense by mine Maggie will have some “asplaining to do”.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


What’s going on politically? The answer to that is a lot. First of all Maggie seems to gone to ground and stopped bragging about what a wonderful state budget “she came up with”. In fact the state budget cuts about $280,000 a year from payments to Exeter for the next two years. The other bad thing is it is about $250,000,000 out of whack. Julie Gilman wants to build a warm up shack with toilets at the Exeter railway station that is only going to cost us $70,000 in matching funds if the program grant goes through. The town wants to hire more staff when people are still losing their jobs and can’t pay their taxes. Does anyone see a financial pattern developing of lost revenue with increased spending? On a local level what does this mean to you? When we vote for and elect liberals our taxes go up, when our taxes go up we complain, and then in the next election we vote for liberals. Let’s break this nasty agenda of increasing our tax bills and start voting for people who care more about you then themselves, now wouldn’t that be a change.

On a state level the republicans seem to be looking for someone to run for governor. Since I couldn’t talk Al Bailey or Jim Knight into it, both more than capable than what we have right now, the slot is still open. The democrats in power, as well as some republicans, really stuck it to the state employees. Your retirees that are under 65 are paying up to $130 a month for their health insurance. Prescriptions went up from a $4 co-pay program to a $10-20-30 program. Co pays to doctors went up 100%. Some argue if you retire before age 65 you should pay that. Well what about those employees who were forced to retire because of medical reasons due to injuries on the job and were forced into medical retirement? The people who least can afford the increases are paying the most. Thanks governor for your understanding and fairness.

There are approximately 35,000 state employee votes just waiting for the next election to go against those democrats and republicans who voted for this. You see in our minds it isn’t just that we have to cut back on spending because of tough times, the state employees got screwed by the very person who they got elected because it is more popular to lay off employees than to cut some of the super liberal programs that the democrats funded. As state employees we have lived through tough time and budget cuts and they are tough; but, we all know we have to chip in, this year it more nasty than usual. The good thing about America is if you don’t like who is in office you can always vote them out. Growing up there was an elderly person of French ancestry who use to say, “give dem da boot”, ok here comes “da boot”.

Speaking of the 35,000 state employee votes, they are looking for someone to support for governor and the finger is getting pointed (in a respectful way to Senator Bob Clegg from Hudson). Bob has growing support because of his simple, honest and direct approach to dealing with people. Bob has not always supported unions; but, he has never lied or misrepresented what his feelings are. Wouldn’t it be great to elect someone who doesn’t lie, keeps if fly zipped, is a fiscal conservative and comes from a honest working class background? I think so; but, if this is the kind of person you would like to represent your interests, give Bob a call and see if you can nudge him a little. Darn, all those qualities in one republican candidate are too good to be true. By the way Bob, Matt and I are friends and worked together for years in Concord. The friendship is based on trust and respect, a good way to make and keep friends.

Bob Bestani from Newmarket is running against Frank Guinta from Manchester for the 1st congressional district, held by Carol Porter. Bob was at the recent Scamman chili fest and gave a short speech about his take on world finances, a little about his massive qualifications on international finances and what his vision was for NH and the US. Afterwards, since he teaches at Stamford, I asked him if I could get CEU’s for being in his class. I don’t think he thought I was smart enough to pass the course because he told me no. Frank did his stock speech of how he was elected mayor of Manchester and kept down taxes and crime; it was more of a speech about Frank and not the State or the country. My money is on Bestani if he continues to get his name out and meet people.


There is a movement underway to remove the Exeter dam and let the river drain. There is some local support as well as a drive from the Department of Environmental Services. There are all kinds of reasons; but, none of them make sense to those of us who live along the river.

By removing the dam the hundreds of acres of wetlands and wildlife breeding areas will be wiped out. The river will become a mud flat from all the silt and solids that have settled over the years. For over 200 years the river was used a dump and I cannot estimate what it will cost to clean up old toilets, bicycles and who knows what that will have to be cleaned out. Oh, don’t forget the smell that will permeate along the river and down town area that is now covered by water.

One of the problems is the Town lied to us when, after a number of local floods, the town refused to open the gate at the dam to lower the river before a storm. At the time and the lie was, opening the gate only dropped the river two inches. I was even told that the town had a study done that proved that point. When I was told this by a selectman I asked him if it was too late to get our money back because the report was full of Pelosi.

I have lived on the river for almost 60 years and watched the river get drained to something close to a stream and that usually took about 24 hrs to do that and 36 hrs for the river to refill after the gate was closed. When that happened people could not get to their boats because of the muddy silt and in general it was a mess.

My prediction is, if the dam is removed the campgrounds on the river will suffer because people will not be able to use the river for swimming, canoeing, fishing etc. It will directly affect wildlife issues, including migratory bird breeding and fishing areas.

Leave the dam alone, manage the gate to prevent flooding, lower the river once or twice a year to let nature clean it out and do the “ nature thing” and everyone will be happy.


As we move forward on the health care debate it is almost impossible to follow the debate. We have gone from “health care is broken” to the insurance companies are evil capitalist money grabbers. The argument seems to rest on what the pollsters say people will buy into or think is true; the action words are think is true.

It appears that a growing number of Americans do not trust the federal government and with good reason. In short Obama is in trouble and the glitter has come off “the hope of change”. Part of the problem is he hasn’t come off the campaign trail yet and settled into being president. I have a simple understanding of this and that is he knows how to be a candidate but not president; so we don’t have a real president only a real candidate and a growing number of people are seeing this and do not trust him. This is what is happening to the health care debate.

Let’s remember that hospitals set the rates for health care. Insurance companies set the insurance rates. These come about by direct negotiations between the insurance companies and the hospitals/health care providers arguing over what the lowest prices the hospitals/health care providers will take as payments from the insurance companies for each procedure you have to go through. There are a lot of games played in between, even after an agreement is reached and a contract is signed. What we have dealt with in the legislature is the insurance companies not paying their bills to the hospitals in a timely manner, repeatedly claiming the hospital/health care provider used the incorrect code for billing purposes and generally just fooling around to delay payments.

As far as hospitals go the trend seems to be not about health care delivery; but, re-imbursement rates and payments. I’m sorry but the patients come second CEO bonuses come first. Hospitals put large sums of money out to the NH Hospital Association to lobby for the hospital issues, PR people and then they hire private lobbyists that know their way around the Concord political scene to push through special issues.

We are not dealing with brand new special problems dealing with health care; what we are dealing with is the age old problem of greed. Remember the famous question I asked at a health care study committee, “why is the cost of health care so expensive in the Seacoast” because people in the seacoast can afford it. Very revealing answer and truthful, no pussy footing around, right to the point.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Budget Storm Clouds Looming--Latest News & Notes from Jeb Bradley

The ink is barely dry on the New Hampshire budget signed into law by Governor Lynch on June 30. Only 2 months have elapsed in the 24 month spending blueprint, but problems Republicans warned about are intensifying like a hurricane ready to make landfall. More ominously, a Plan B strategy dealing with budget problems is not even discussed in the polite company of Democratic legislative leaders. In fact the chair of the House Finance Committee said publically a Budget Plan B is not even necessary.

Here is why Budget Plan B is more urgent every day. Tax revenues are well below expectations. When the budget was negotiated among House and Senate Democratic leaders, a funding gap between desired spending and available revenue was papered over when budget negotiators inflated revenue expectations by $75 million in the dark of night. Observers warned this $75 million was optimistic. Two months into the budget, those warnings are reality. Action needs to be taken now but Democratic leaders seem smug with happy talk that the budget will magically balance.

Here are the facts: July’s revenue was $4.7 million below expectations. August was even worse with total revenues $17.6 million below expectations. Rooms and meals was $3.7 million under estimates – even after the tax was increased from 8% to 9%. Tobacco taxes were $2 million less than predicted – even after a huge 45 cent increase on a pack of cigarettes. Business revenues were off by nearly $3 million.

To be fair, the July and August $22.3 million revenue hole needs to be taken in the context of not being historically large revenue months. However, September’s revenue figures will be a bell-weather as many businesses and individuals make estimated quarterly payments. If September underperforms and continues the July / August trend, New Hampshire is staring down the gun barrel of a very large revenue deficit. And no one should forget that the $22.3 million hole comes despite 38 new or increased taxes or fees in this budget.

Revenue deficits are only one part of the problem. The state is in a losing streak in court cases. Superior Court Justice Diane Nicolosi ruled in favor of the New Hampshire Health Care Association and blocked the State from keeping $9 million that nursing homes claim they are entitled to. Belknap County Superior Court Justice Kathleen McGuire ruled that a budget provision, which transferred $110 million from a fund controlled by the Joint Underwriting Association to the State’s General Fund to balance the budget, is unconstitutional.

Justice McGuire’s well researched, clearly written and completely unambiguous ruling, held that the politicians who supported this proposed $110 million transfer, are in violation of both the ‘takings’ and ‘contracts’ clauses of the New Hampshire Constitution and the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution.

While the State has appealed Justice McGuire’s decision, nobody in Concord ---- except the Democratic cheerleaders who proposed this $110 million sleight of hand transfer ---- believe the state will win the appeal.

A third lawsuit is about to be filed by the New Hampshire Municipal Association over the budget downshifting of state expenses to towns and cities. The Municipal Association has estimated the downshift will increase local property taxes by $90 million which is why nearly 150 towns and over 50 school districts will join this lawsuit.

In the face of mounting budget problems, Democratic legislative leaders have spent the summer barn storming across New Hampshire on their “truth and responsibility” tour. These leaders are claiming that state spending has been reduced by 1%. If the assertion was true – the Democratic architects of the budget would deserve credit.

But --- it is always easier to fall for the narcotic of believing your own spin rather than focusing on facts. Again, here are the facts. Total state spending increased by nearly $1.1 billion or 10.48% according to the non-partisan Legislative Budget Assistant (LBA). Putting that spending hike in context, it is critical to recall that total state spending increased by 11.17% in the previous budget according to the LBA.

The responsibility part of the tour by Democratic legislators must be intended to remind voters they have an obligation to dig deeper into already thin wallets to pay for this explosive growth in state spending at a time people fear they will join the 50,000 unemployed New Hampshire citizens. Thus Democratic leaders plead that the 38 new or increased fees or taxes are somehow responsible.

There is scant recognition in Concord how bleak our budget picture is. Nor will it improve until the national economy starts to grow out of ruinous deficits, bad debt, bailouts, government takeover of companies, and the bloated stimulus that has actually increased the unemployment rate to 9.7%. Most experts believe the jobless rate will climb to over 10% before things begin to turn next summer. These stark conditions should compel Democratic leaders in Concord to develop Plan B immediately.
That is precisely why Republicans called upon Governor Lynch to release the results of his call nearly a year ago for agency heads to produce budget plans that spend 3% less than their department did in previous budgets. That is the responsible way to confront a growing budget deficit—with spending cuts.

Our parents always taught us to say what we mean and mean what we say. Unfortunately, the more Democratic leaders tout “truth and responsibility” in regards to their budget, the more they mean taxes. The House Speaker recently said she was open to an income tax. Perhaps that’s honest. But it should be a stark warning to everyone who wants our state to remain a low tax haven – that income tax proponents are lurking. And the only way to fight an income tax is with fiscal discipline and spending cuts.

Friday, August 28, 2009


There is a truism in politics that if an election goes too far to the right the next election will swing too far to the left or too far to the left the next one will go too far to the right. I think that is what is going to happen in the next two election cycles. I’ve seen too many situations where unchecked power is corrupting and I’m seeing it now on the federal and state level.

Unfortunately I believe the Democratic Party has been infiltrated by the liberal socialist element of our country. The Republicans have always had a fringe element of nuts and maybe I just have gotten use to dealing with and fighting with them.

What I see is a dismantling of the American historical structure of government and the economy. I also see the present government treating us like idiots and those who see it and disagree are all labeled as right wing extremists by the left wing socialists. What is even scarier is the evangelical fanaticism of the left in their blind obedience to Obama. I try to look at things objectively so I can understand what is going through someone’s mind. What I see in DC is scary.

If a politician has to lie to get his agenda through, it is probably not a good agenda. For example when DC tells us we have to spend our way out of this recession. I always thought if you’re in debt, stop spending until you get your revenues in line with your expenditures. Both the state and federal government are doing just the opposite. I guess they know more about it than you and I do because we elected them. On the other hand I was asked, a long time ago, who is the real fool; the fool or the people who follow to and listen to the fool?

As a probation/parole officer I use to tell people I supervised that if faced with any situation, if it doesn’t feel or seem right, don’t do it. I think, to a point, this advice still holds true, if it doesn’t sound right, it probably isn’t.

The government already has socialized health care, it is called Social Security and it is doing well. WRONG: It is going broke. We have the VA and that is doing well: WRONG: At best it is hit and miss, remember in S. Florida where the VA hospital did numerous Colonoscopies and never cleaned the scope, between procedures.

Now let’s take a look at how this national health care program is being sold. First we are going to have a public option, which is the government run alternative to private insurance. Now that has been taken out, oops, then put back in, oops I think it was taken out, no they just changed the name to cooperatives; then Obama went to the religious community and invoked god into the discussion. Now he is naming the bill after Ted Kennedy. If Obama thought it would help get this bill through he’d name it the Lee Quandt National Health Act of 2009.

I think the DC crazy bug has bitten some of these people. The only hope that we have left is the 2010 elections, we have to bring (star wars phrase), “balance back into the force” by taking back the State Senate, the US Senate and the US House of Representatives and the State Legislature, that way we can keep stupidity in check.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I’m not sure what one of the selectmen is trying to do by pushing the message about our citizens and taxpayers falling on tough times and not being able to pay their tax bills/water and sewer bills on time. The innuendo is being pushed that those who have fallen on tough times are dead beats and trying to “game the system”. Although this economy is tough on all of us my family was lucky enough not to have fallen on times as tough as some and our bill is paid.

I am probably one of the most fiscally conservative people when it comes to spending taxpayer dollars you’ll find. I will spend money on stuff we need; but, not always on what we want. Tax dollars do not belong to anyone but the taxpayers, plain and simple and it is governments responsibility to spend as few of them as possible to keep government running, understanding that government needs that tax revenue to run. Let’s use Obama’s line, this is a teachable issue. As a town we need to cut back on spending because our revenue stream is not there. This isn’t the state where phony revenue projections are used to balance a bogus budget.

People can argue over the current way we raise our tax dollars, property taxes vs. income and sales tax; but, the bottom line is if people are having a hard time paying their property taxes they probably would have a hard time paying their income taxes because they don’t have any money.

Holding them up to public embarrassment and perhaps scorn is not the way to increase the money flow into our town coffers, in fact it is kicking someone when they are down. This is public information and people have a right to know who is not paying their taxes and can go to the town offices and see the info; but, this time it is a little different when the local paper puts it on the front page and we don’t see the same treatment for other towns. The question needs to be asked, “What is the agenda here and who is behind it”, because this is not how to collect delinquent tax revenues.

Exeter is a caring town, a tolerant town and a generous town to a point. Three million dollars is a lot of money to be owed and we all share in the fact that the town is down that 3 million; but, again we have a process to collect this and we should; but, if people don’t have the money right now, then they don’t have the money right now. We shouldn’t be putting them under more financial or emotional stress by holding them up for public embarrassment or ridicule.

We have a statutory procedure on how to deal with the non payment of property taxes and it doesn’t include intentionally embarrassing the taxpayers who are behind in their payments nor will it help bring in the payments due.

As a country we will pull out of this recession and as a community we will survive. For those of you who are having a tough time I can only say don’t give up, keep the faith and we will come through this OK. No matter if you’re a town official or not, this will give you a better understanding of what tough times are. I can’t say it will make you a better person; but, it will make you a wiser and more compassionate person.

Let’s stop trying to get cheap name time in the newspapers and understand that we are still in the worst recession since the great depression and people are feeling the pain, some are feeling a lot of pain, member(s) of the board of selectman need not capitalize on this for political gain.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Can someone tell me how many people are uninsured? Obama started out saying there were 48 million, then it went down to 47 million then in one of his last speeches it was 46 million then I heard another Obama administration official say it was 45 million. My god, the longer we wait the less the numbers and the cheaper it should be. It is like a reverse auction.

The republicans claim the number is about 5 million, which, depending on how they define uninsured, is probably an accurate number. The problem is government is government and politicians are politicians. Both lie, manipulate and work numbers to fit their arguments.

The people I feel sorry for are the ones who don’t question how these numbers come about and how did they arrive at them?

The current discussions and plans for reforming our health care or health insurance programs have gone right off the scale of common sense and meaningful reform. It is no longer even a question of whether we need reform; it is a question of trying to find who is telling the truth in the discussions. Obama has committed political capital in pushing through a reform. He is a very good speaker; but, frequently does not know what he is talking about without his teleprompter and even then the info is wrong, and gets off message easily. Those who have a praise a rock star mentality will go nuts because I said something negative about their hero who can do no wrong, say nothing wrong and do nothing right. One of the funniest emails I’ve read was saying the difference between god and Obama is god never thought he was president. President Bush was never classified as Roman Orator when he was in office either.

The political battle and firestorm surrounding health care and health insurance reform is now centering on trust. Who do you trust and who is telling the truth and who do you believe. Inherently, republicans do not trust government or bureaucrats neither did our founding fathers when they wrote the constitution.

Some of the rhetoric, at face value is invalid and our common sense tells us that: Government is going to save us money. I don’t think so.
Government is going to make the system more efficient. I don’t think so.
Medicare is more efficient. I don’t think so; Medicare is so racked with fraud and bureaucratic mismanagement it needs an over haul.
Government is not going to knock off Grammy and Grampy. If most of our health care spending is spent in the last 6 months of our lives trying to save us (many times in vain and this is very sad) then savings comes from a triage program that determines who can make it and who can’t and don’t spend the money on cases that government feels cannot survive; that is a savings and I am against it.

We could go on and on; but, the bottom line is there is no real bill ready for prime time so all of these discussions are just Pelosi (read prior posts).

Friday, August 14, 2009


Many of us, both democrats and republicans have worked hard over the years to make our health insurance program in NH fair, equitable and assessable. I don’t think there is any question that every person in our state and country should have access to health care. The problem that kept arising was who was going to run it and how was it going to be paid. Each time a proposal was put forth, even to look at, the insurance company lobbyists would come by and take well positioned state reps and senators out for lunch or make sure they bought a few $250 tickets to their fundraisers so they could talk in a more relaxed setting.

I must be one of those angry people who have had enough. Although there is some anger most of it is pure frustration. First of all when my fellow republicans were in charge nothing of any substance changed, we blew it and health care and insurance became a debatable divisive issue.

The democrats didn’t have control of the political process so they, and it is how the system works, threw stones and criticized the republicans posturing for the next election and nothing got done; again money and influence controlled the process.

Now we have Obama, who in my and many people’s opinion is a socialist, pushing a socialist’s political agenda, with health care and insurance being the issue of the day.

The issue of health care and health insurance has been trumped by whether Obama wins or loses a political issue or whether we republicans can stop or not stop that agenda. It is not an issue of right or wrong it is an issue of winning or losing. Politicians are watching the polls and tailoring their arguments to fit the mood of the day. This equals not getting any straight forward, simple, honest answers; only political rhetoric that sounds good with no meaningful answers or resolutions to our questions.

This bill will do this; this bill says that from the democrats. No this bill will kill our senior citizens and because of the lack of doctors will cause health care rationing from the republicans. What I laugh at is there is no bill; it is only the first round of ideas coming out of the House of Representatives on the way to the senate.

The real fight will be in the senate because there are less members and they are cheaper and easier to buy; the special interest money will be flowing, honesty and integrity will once again be compromised and we will end up with something that totally screws up our health care, probably our economy, and we will be worse off.

Obama is more concerned about nationalizing our country than he is fixing what’s wrong. Politically speaking the Democratic Party leadership has become the leadership of socialism which conflicts with our countries very fabric. What the current political establishment is showing is that they do not want some of our socialist programs to fit into our capitalist society; they want the socialist agenda to take over and control our country and us as individuals. This is why Obama is losing credibility.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Health Care Discussion Way off the Mark

I have heard two true statements about healthcare in our country. 1. It is the best in the world. 2. It is the most expensive in the world. The reason it is the best is because it is one of the most competitive in the world, with a population willing to spend for research and innovation, and entrepreneurs who see health improvement as a worthy, as well as rewarding goal.

But it is the second part, the most expensive, that the President and Congress are not really addressing. With all the money that flows through our health system, it becomes a target for lawyers. When a doctor pays half of his income in liability insurance we know there are abuses. I heard statements by the President of Doctors’ Insurance Company. He said, “For obstetricians, it is not whether you will be sued, but how often in a year.” He also said, “ In court, it is not whether the doctor made a mistake, but how damaged the patient is that determines the award.”

Insurance companies also see a chance for big rewards. As lawyers drove up costs for health, no family budget could cope with the typical costs. So it became necessary to have health insurance. Insurance companies had many years of double digit increases to insure profitability. Doctors reacted with extra tests and procedures that had more to do with protecting themselves than with helping the patient.

So why are we talking about creating government insurance? The real solution is in limiting lawsuits. Some states have led the way by creating medical review boards, a less expensive way of reviewing the case for merit. Other states have capped the rewards. How can someone who never earned more than $500,000 in a working life, and only bought life insurance worth $50,000, somehow get ten million dollars for pain and suffering?

Here’s the dirty secret. The largest contributors to the Democratic Fund Raisers are the trial lawyers. The President is a lawyer, and it is the most prevalent profession in Congress. Don’t expect any of these lawyers or Democrats to point to the real problem, with even less chance that they will fix it.

Let me make an analogy. Let’s compare our health care system with an automobile. The public, the car owner, brings it to a shop, the government, and says, “The engine isn’t running right.” One mechanic, representing the US House, says, “No wonder, it’s the wrong color. It should be blue.” Another mechanic, representing the Senate, says, “You’re wrong. It should be green.” So they argue the color. The manager, representing the President, says, “Just make sure the tires are properly inflated.” The captive media, always anxious to glorify liberals, duly reports these discussions as if they are serious. All parties ignore the engine. Some of the public gets distracted from the real problem as well.

Look at some of the other players in this debate. The American Medical Association sees an opportunity to deny participation to all alternative practitioners, such as naturopaths, chiropractors, herbalists, and some others who sometimes are producing better results than standard medicine.
AARP, which many years ago became just another captive of the Democratic fund raising machine, shows its real colors by endorsing whatever Congress comes up with as another move toward socialized medicine. AARP hardly notices how real socialized medicine ignores the elderly.

This whole debate brings to mind only one word… CORRUPTION!

Ken Weyler is a former state representative from Kingston, NH

Friday, July 31, 2009


I think it is just human nature to want to feel your better or you can do something better than anyone else. At least that is what I learned taking psychology classes at St. A’s. As long as you’re comfortable with yourself that is what is important; even if others think you’re an arrogant elitist political ass. There might be a place for people like this; we just need to put politics side and join together in a bi-partisan manner to find the place.

A political elitist isn’t always someone who has a lot of money; but, it is almost always someone who just thinks they are better than you, know more than you do and should be leaders because of their perceived social standing. What it is, is simply an arrogant I’m better than you attitude and not always associated with financial standing.

We can see that in both political parties. The democrat and republican leadership and financial backers don’t really think you’re a credible candidate unless you can write a check for $100,000 to a million $ to fund your campaign; the size of the check depends on the office you are seeking. The more money you have the more money you can spend on spin doctors, to rehab your image, or to buy and mail those phony little glossy mail/handouts with our high school pictures on the front. Isn’t it interesting to see how candidates are chosen?

How many people do we all know who are just honest, straight forward and caring? People who have worked hard their whole lives to be successful and never forgot where they came from; people whom we respect for what they’ve done, who they are and how they treat other people. No matter what job they have or how much money they make, are just good, honest, and hard working. Their attitude allows them to be part of the working class of Americans who make up the majority of the voters, not the political elitist who are trying to be king makers by controlling who will run or who the political machines will anoint.

It is happening in both parties. Isn’t it time that the voters put aside the king makers and take back the political process?

I’ve heard talk of wanting to start a third party. I will give Governor Sununu a chance to clean up the republican mess, bang heads and bring the party back to the working class voters and the true republican philosophy of “people before politics”. When we could trust the people we elected and respect what they stand for; not the income tax evaders, crooked politicians, the elitist or those who can’t keep their pants up.

I guess I’m just a traditional sort of guy looking for a little honesty, integrity and caring for the voters who elect them.



During the last political campaign we were inundated with cute little catch phrases like, “change we can believe in”, and “yes we can, yes we can”. I still laugh at this and use those phrases to poke fun at the opposition. But what is interesting is I see striking resemblances between the old Bush administration and the Obama administration only the staff is not as competent.

I was always a supporter of Senator Bob Smith, I counted on Bob as a friend and he could count on me as a loyal supporter. Bob cared about people and helped all, no matter what political party. He was noted and was probably the best elected official for delivering constituent services. He could get the job done. He made some mistakes along the way; but, because of his love for his constituents he could be easily forgiven.

Somewhere along the way he crossed swords with G.W. and he was pushed out of office by the republican national establishment.

What do we see now? Bam Bam attacking blue dog democrats, in their districts, because they did not like his socialist health care plan (or lack of one).

We have a president who appears to have deep rooted racial prejudices, which caught many of his cult followers by total surprise. I don’t know why, when you spend 20 years listening to hate filled racist sermons from a hate filled racist minister, it is not hard to connect the dots.

Now we connect the dots to being mentored and raised by the most crooked political machine in the history of our country, the Chicago machine; please take a minute to figure this one out on your own; then our president is looking to Saul Alinsky, a devout socialist radical who advocates overthrowing the capitalist system in the US and you can connect the dots again.

The “we can’ts” are coming into play. We can’t afford this change. We can’t believe this change is good for our country or our families. We can’t allow a radical socialist change to our health care.

WOW, I feel better already.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I do not believe anyone should be without health care; not in this country and in this day and age. The problem comes with who is going to pay for it and who is going to administer it.

Obama, who hasn’t proven he was born in the US yet, wants to do the job. What, I am going to let not only a government bureaucrat and avowed socialist call the shots on my health care needs; I don’t think so.

With the government screwing up whatever it touches these days and the voters starting to realize the emperor has no clothes, we only have to hold out for a couple more years (if we can) before we can bring about the badly needed change that everyone was hoping for.

If the numbers are still true that most of your health care spending takes place in the last 6 months of a person’s life, and the pressure to stretch health care dollars by the feds being stretched to the limit by an expensive bureaucracy the decisions will have to be made to let grammy and grampy or even younger people with a diagnosed terminal illness to be made comfortable until the end; in other words trying to save them vs. saving a buck. With government intervention, it will be plain to see which way the decision will go.

The health care system in this country is not broke, it is just too damn expensive and this is caused by a number of factors, greed being one of the biggest. First we are all being soaked by the insurance companies; secondly we are getting hosed by the hospitals. The quickest way to deliver quality, affordable and accessible health care delivery is to continue to promote lower cost alternatives; independently owned surgical centers charge about 30-40% of what hospitals charge and do a better job with lower infection rates. Independently owned walk in clinics, down south they call them “doc in the box,” for more routine issues. For major medical issues you will need hospital support; but, on the less severe procedures or minor issues these alternatives work and you can realize major savings of 40-60% off what you would pay hospitals.

As consumers, there is a disconnect between medical and financial. If we need to have a knee worked on you will know up front how much it will cost. In a hospital we don’t know how much it will cost until we have it done and get the bill. If you don’t have insurance or a high deductible a surgical center is the way to go, and up to 60% savings is worth a call. The two best surgical centers in NH are BASC which is the Bedford Ambulatory Surgical Center in Bedford, NH and Northeast Surgical Center in Newington, NH, both independently owned and separate entities.

Small businesses might be able to get lower insurance rates if they require their employees to try the alternatives before the more expensive hospitals. This is a hard nut to crack; but, money controls the system and that is why we all come out on the short end of the stick. We can all save money by shopping around, I’ve done it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


People who pursue politics (elected offices) are usually egotistical who cherish the attention or feelings of power. There are those exceptions who become involved because they feel they can make a difference and, through public service, feel they can help people. Unfortunately, those who feel they can do good are getting fewer and fewer.

Case in point: Right after the state budget was passed the democrat leadership in the state sent out letters to the local papers putting a positive spin on a screwed up budget and some of our local state reps signed on. They were touting how wonderful the dems did in crafting “the toughest budget in state history”. That was pretty profound since none of them were thinking for them selves and just did what the democrat leadership told them to do and followed the crazy social agenda. One first term state rep had only been a rep for 6 months and wouldn’t know a tough budget from a tough sirloin.

The fact is the liberal democrats were so busy fooling around with re-arranging the social makeup of the state they lost sight of the budget. While they were promoting transvestite issues, gay marriage and medical marihuana, the voters and taxpayers got slammed in the budget. About a billion $ increase in spending, increases in 38 taxes and fees (last year they only increased about 22).

I asked a friend of mine on house finance if the budget will hold up for at least a year and he told me we would be lucky if the budget made it through until September. The budget was out of whack by over a hundred million dollars the day the governor signed it. We might find some relief in Obama bucks; but, that will be a one time fix and we will find a tougher budget next time.

So when the political leadership in NH wants to pull the smoke and mirror routine about how wonderful they are, please, at least question them and do a little homework on the issues. Remember politicians lie, try to deal with the ones that at least want to tell the truth.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009


It is getting discouraging listening to the news; the republican big shots having affairs on their wives. None of then will ever catch up to the Kennedy’s or Barney and his gay lover running a male prostitution ring out of Barney’s apartment in D.C. or Studd’s having a homosexual affair with a teenager. It is things like this that cause elected officials to lose credibility with the electorate.

I can understand the pressure and loneliness of politics; but, if you expound the position of the religious right, then keep your fly zipped and realize the grass is not always greener in the other person’s yard.

I was watching an Obama speech about a month ago and the crowd was all worked up and someone was yelling, “I want to have sex with you Obama”. I couldn’t tell if it was woman’s or mans voice. I guess it really doesn’t make a lot of difference now days; but, I’m sensing a generation gap or rampant stupidity. No problem, I’ll figure it out.

When the voters lose respect for a political party they go independent until they see leadership, common sense and morality, then they’ll come back. I believe the majority of people want to respect the people they vote for and believe the elected officials care about them; but, with the political phoniness it is getting harder and harder. Both political parties are facing a third party challenge if they don’t clean up their act and realize who elected them and who their loyalties belong.

In the last election we elected some of the worst possible people we could to represent us; liberal socialists who are pushing an ultra liberal agenda. They kept millions in lchip money (save trees) while cutting back on social services for people in need. Everyone will feel the pain, was the battle cry; I know of state reps and senators who have handicapped children. One claims they take no outside money to take care of their child, another claims that she is a professional women with a career and needs the funds, another takes money and complains about the amount the state wastes on these programs. How much of spreading the pain did they support in this recent budget? We will never know because how much a person gets for assistance and especially if it is for a child is confidential.

The budget the state just passed is over $100,000,000 out of whack as soon as the governor signed his name to the bill. It looks like Exeter has been shorted almost $300,000 per year for the next two years this=higher property taxes or substantial town employee layoffs if cuts can’t be made in other areas.

In this budget everyone will feel the pain, or will they? If liberals like to spend money and make everyone dependant on government and liberals like to elect liberals who like to spend money then it only stands to reason that liberals like to give their money to government through 38 new or increased taxes and fees that the liberals did in Concord. I don’t like to spend money for government because, in large part, it is a waste on incompetent bureaucrats.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


A $119 million or larger hole in the budget?
Court rulings this month might bring the Legislature back

Yesterday was the first day of a new fiscal year and there is already concern the state budget might be short $119 million.

A $11.5 billion budget was passed by the House of Representatives and Senate last week and signed into law by Gov. John Lynch Tuesday. Monday, a Superior Court judge froze $110 million budgeted as revenue pending a hearing on a claim by the New Hampshire Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriting Association. Tuesday, another Superior Court judge froze $9 million to which the New Hampshire Health Care Association is laying claim. The plaintiffs in each of the cases say the money is not the state's to spend; in one instance that there is money belonging to present and past policyholders and in the other that the $9 million belongs to New Hampshire's nursing homes.

On its face, the claim of policyholders in the malpractice fund — seems valid. The nursing home claim and that of the state sound like dueling laws.

Judge Kathleen McGuire has set July 10 as the deadline for dispositive motions in the matter of the malpractice fund and replies must be submitted by July 17. A final hearing has been set for July 21 and McGuire is expected to issue a final ruling by the end of the month.

McGuire ruled on Monday saying: "The funds at issue will not in any way be transferred prior to the final order of court."

Tuesday, Judge Diane Nicolosi ruled in favor of the nursing homes, saying they have a valid argument that they should have received the money before Lynch's order to transfer it. The nursing homes are citing one law, Lynch is relying on a different law.

The state Supreme Court should prepare for a brief summer session to hear the appeals, no matter which way they go, and lawmakers ought to be ready to return to Concord on short notice, probably in August.

John H. Sununu, the chairman of the Republican State Committee, a former governor of New Hampshire and the father of former U.S. Sen. John E. Sununu, sounds downright gleeful these days. The GOP hasn't had a hook like this to hang its hat on in more than a decade.

Sununu came close to calling Lynch a would-be thief in a statement released by the GOP state committee Tuesday.

"Unfortunately what we feared would happen has begun to happen," Sununu said. "Republicans in the House and Senate warned Governor Lynch that the $110 million he is trying to steal from the Joint Underwriting Association to balance the state budget would likely be tied up in litigation."

Clearly, Sununu's tongue is as sharp as ever. At the moment he is the only Republican capable of getting statewide attention.

Lynch is on the edge of being put in a box. If Judge Nicolosi's order on the $9 million stands up and Judge McGuire finds in favor of the medical group laying claim to the $110 million surplus in malpractice funds, and those findings are upheld, a $119 million hole in the budget will have to be repaired.

What is the likelihood of a summer session of the Legislature? It depends on how the challenges go. While Lynch and Company might be able to cut a $9 million branch from the fiscal tree, beginning the biennium with a $110 million deficit will give renewed hope to the advocates of expanded gambling in the form of video slot machines and those lawmakers who insist an income tax is the only path to fiscal stability.

So it may be that in August, less than two months into a new fiscal biennium, that the state is in a hole at least $119 million deep. What other surprises are in store for the next two years and coming months of a developing election cycle?

James E. Rivers
House Republican Office
107 North Main St.
Concord, NH 03301

This is the worst budget put together by the worst legislature in recent memory. The democrats are trying to put a positive spin on this horror show, sorry it won't work.