Saturday, January 21, 2017


This was given to the Stratham Selectman's Office, the Marine who sent it did not want his name used in my blog; but signed the letter to the BOS.  If you're not a combat veteran you wouldn't understand.

To whom it may concern,

   I am a combat Veteran who served with the 3rd Marine Division, 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, Alpha Company in Vietnam. I've been a resident of the Town of Stratham for the past thirty-five years and have an engraved brick installed within the Veterans Memorial at Stratham Hill Park.

   My comrades and I experienced heavy combat. Within my Battalion we lost 223 men Killed In Action. As of 2003, of the 223 men, 29 bodies still have not been recovered and brought home.

   Fourteen of those 29 men still listed as MIA/BNR, (Missing In Action-Body Not Recovered) were from my Company, Alpha Company.

   If there is no room within the Stratham Veterans Memorial for the POW-MIA Flag which represents my Brothers, still Missing In Action, than there is no room for me. Because of this lack of respect shown for the POW-MIA Flag and my Brothers, I view the Veterans Memorial as a place of no honor.  

   Therefore, I request that my brick be removed immediately and not reinstalled until the appropriate honor and recognition of my lost Brothers is allowed within the Veterans Memorial at Stratham Hill Park.

Monday, January 16, 2017



I am very proud of the voters, taxpayers and Military Veterans in Stratham for fighting back against a very poor and disrespectful decision, by their Board of Selectmen, to not allow the MIA/POW Flag to be flown at Veterans Park in the Stratham Hill Park.


 The citizen petitions, and they’re several being circulated, have been garnering names and disbelief as to why they can’t pay respect to those who have died and unable to be recovered.  Now it just seems to be a battle of wills from the Selectmen against the voters and taxpayers of Stratham.  The big question is, are there enough signers and voters to start replacing the Selectmen?  Elected Officials very rarely win a battle with the voters in the long run.  Will this be the second loss for the selectmen, the first being the water vote and now this?


It is also very disappointing to see the local newspaper not getting a real feeling for what is going on and the issues being fought over.  The Seacoast Newspapers have been having a problem with readership and will probably lose more over missing the meaning of this issue.


PETER WIGGIN has done a remarkable job of communicating this issue, and has shown the love and respect the WIGGINS, the first family of Stratham, have for doing the right thing, and the wonderful people of Stratham have heard the message. It is not just the veterans fighting for this, it is the wives, husbands, sons, daughters, grand children and grand parents signing these petitions they are carrying the fight.  There is a very large, but, quiet veteran’s population in Stratham each with untold stories and missing friends who, are supporting this effort



Thursday, January 12, 2017


Donald Trump is constantly bombarded by questions concerning his spirituality, alleged Christian beliefs and so forth.

He was recently asked if he could quote any Bible verses.  He replied,

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.  Deport him and you do not have to feed him again."

Trump 20:16

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


I read an article in the Exeter News Letter abouth the refusal of the Board of Selectmen to allow a POW Flag to be flown at their Veterans Park (a park that was designed and built by Pete Wiggin) so I gave Pete a call to find out what was going on and this is his unedited reply.  I am going to comment on this in a second blog; but, these are the facts.


It was good talking with you the other day. I am forwarding the answer to your question regarding what my "Impassioned Stand" consisted of in the news story which occurred in the December 23rd article in the Exeter Newsletter entitled, "Selectmen stand by decision not to fly MIA/POW flag".

I thought it best to forward this in a simplified bullet format for ease and clarity of understanding regarding the controversy.

A follow up story specific to the veterans concerns is to occur in the Exeter Newsletter following my filing of the Citizens Petition with the Town of Stratham. That should occur in the next week or two.

Editor Paul Dietterle has assured me that reporter Allyson Johnson will be able to complete her previous reporting which was considerably edited due to the Exeter Newsletters privacy concerns for the veteran interviewed.

Following are the subjects I talked about at the meeting :

I spoke specifically to the issues related to ALL those men and women listed as Missing In Action MIA.

I did this with the permission of, materials and information given me by two Veterans of the Vietnam War. One a resident of the town the other a non resident. I emphasized the importance of the Stratham Veterans Memorial to ALL veterans who have sacrificed in so many ways for our country.

I appeared at this meeting for the sole purpose of representing these two combat soldiers and their concerns.

The non resident Veteran had given me a letter to present to the Selectmen expressing his thoughts and concerns. This I did. I also described to them his personal experience on the field of battle, described in the letter, which he felt necessitated his involvement as a non resident with the controversy here in Stratham.

He also gifted me a South Vietnamese flag in recognition of my past efforts for this cause. This I exhibited to the Selectmen. None could identify it so I explained its importance to them.

The resident Veteran, a former Marine who served with the 3rd Marine Division, 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion in Vietnam was actually present that night and spoke with the reporter separate from my presentation. It is that interview which I understand will make up the follow up story following my filing of the Citizens Petition.

He had previously supplied me with a five page list of his Battalions casualty statistics. These I presented to the Selectmen.

The list included those Killed in Action (KIA). Two Hundred and Twenty-Three men.

The list included those Killed in Action, Bodies Never Recovered (KIA) (BNR). Twenty-Nine men.

I followed up this presentation with the most recently released statistics from Washington of those listed as Missing in Action (MIA) for the individual wars. They are as follows :

World War I, 3,344. World War II, 78,503. The Korean War 8,032. The Vietnam War 1,651.

The total for these wars is Ninety-One Thousand, Five Hundred and Thirty (91,530) presently listed as Missing In Action.

I then made an Impassioned Plea in hopes that this NEW information supplied by me to them and these numbers might have some impact on their former decision to NOT fly the POW-MIA flag within the Veterans Memorial. I explained how important the POW-MIA flag was to ALL veterans such as these and their families whose most iconic symbol, acknowledged nationally, is that flag.

My plea fell on deaf ears. As the article describes, all three now stand by the previous decision to not fly the POW-MIA flag on the single pole within the memorial.

At the conclusion of this meeting and its reporting, my 'Letter to the Editor' which also appears in the December 23rd issue now stands as much more representative of the contrasting views and facts related to this issue.

As such, it is not surprising that the resident veteran has requested of me that his brick be removed from the memorial. He feels that he can not with clear conscience be represented within a memorial that fails to represent the ultimate sacrifices of his Brothers. Many of who remain still, Missing In Action on the field of battle. In this I support him 100%.

It is my understanding that the resident Veteran has supplied additional information to the Exeter Newsletter as well as a letter from the town dated January 12, 2011 which will add significantly to the overall understanding and background of this most narrowest of views expressed by the Selectmen. I believe that this information will be well described in the follow up article by the Exeter Newsletter.

I'll leave it here for now. All the best and Happy New Year !

PS Lee, I am forwarding a copy of this, (exclusive of your contact info.) to the ENL, Union Leader Veterans Bureau and Tom of the Families of POW-

Friday, November 11, 2016



History does not appear to be a required course in schools now so we have a whole generation or two of young people who do not know or understand how our country was founded (the good and bad) and being taught by Socialist professors like the same that raised Obama.  So if they don’t get their own way they feel entitled to riot and destroy.


I know the liberals will go nuts but I accepted years ago that Obama is a racist; he can’t hide it that is how he was raised.  He single handedly picked the dormant scab of racism and by following Saul Alinsky’s teachings caused the major divisions that we have now.  He was calling Trump a racist as were the Democrats in the campaign, and talking about the KKK.  Where was the outrage when Obama and the HRC Democrats were endorsing the Black Lies Matter group?


This last election was a direct repudiation of the liberal agenda of elitism and condescending arrogance. I know the liberals (or progressives as they like to be called) don’t like being called out in this manner; but, it is overdue.  Some of the wannabe self proclaimed black leadership were on the news professing this election was a “white racist backlash” against a black president.  Only the liberals are stupid enough to believe this.  Obama was elected twice as president and this vote was not about his color; it was about his arrogance and his policies.  Remember when Obama said the United States is no longer a Christian nation and how the Muslims helped found our country?  That must have been why, in our early years, we had to send our marines and navy to Tripoli to kill them because they were attacking our merchant trade, enslaving our sailors and beheading them just for fun.  I guess they don’t teach that in school.


Our country was founded on our Christian beliefs and our belief in god, our founders acknowledged that one nation under god.  For any soldier that has been in true combat understands that sometimes his/her belief in god is the only thing that will help them get by.


If we do not understand where our country came from we will never figure out where we are going.


Saturday, October 15, 2016


This is based on Saul Alinsky’s eight steps from democracy to socialist society. 
Obama quotes him often in his book and Hillary did her
thesis on him. 



There are 8 levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a socialist / communist State.  The first is the most important


1.  Healthcare: "Control healthcare and you control the people" 

2  Poverty:  “Increase the poverty level as high as possible." 
Poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if the
government is providing everything for them to live.


3.  Debt: “Increase the National Debt to an unsustainable level." 
That way you are able to increase taxes,
and this will produce more poverty.

4.  Gun Control:  “Remove the ability to defend themselves against the Government.” 
That way you are able to create a Police State - total local control.

5.  Welfare: “Take control of every aspect of their lives (food,
livestock, housing and income).”

6.  Education:  “Take control of what people read & hear, and of what children are taught in school.” 

Religion: “Remove faith in God from the government and schools.” 

8.  Class Warfare:  “Divide people into wealthy against poor, and black against white.  This will cause  more discontent and make it
easier to tax the wealthy with full support of the voting poor.”
The bases are all covered!  And Now we are ripe for a "bloodless" overthrow of our government!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


I think I figured it out; poor Donald finally out grew his wild ways.  Maybe now that he is getting older you just can’t carry that much Cialis.


All this noise about what he said 11 years ago is ridiculous, although inappropriate doesn’t do a thing to move our country into the future.


Although he is a multibillion dollar construction worker, which seems to be where his sense of humor comes from it should be noted that he grew up rich and by some standards good looking in the entertainment field; that is a synthetic different world than you and I grew up in.  I don’t believe he had to go out and forcibly attack women like Bill Clinton did and had to.


It is obvious that Trump has lead the kind of life most guys would envy as long as we can separate what he does from what he says.


Any of the comments that just came to light were not said as a presidential candidate but more of an entertainer talking trash to another entertainer 11 years ago.  Hillary claims this campaign is in the gutter, she should know she took it there.


If there is a good point of all this nastiness it is to keep Trump reminded of just how vicious and nasty the Clintons’ are.  The secret service can attest, but, they can’t tell, just what a potty mouth nasty, nasty person Hillary is.


The major differences between the two is Trump can change.