Sunday, July 22, 2012


There is growing rumors that the Democratic leadership doesn’t want to see the bully out of the house. It is hard to believe; but, if this is true then there is a case to be made that the Democratic leadership is putting politics above people; that is no great surprise they play politics the same as the Republicans do.

The theory is that keeping O’Brien in office will help the Democrats win seats; in other words O’Brien is being used as a democratic recruiting tool, unfortunately it is working.

Talking to statewide Republicans, people who follow politics (and vote), claim O’Brien is a dirty word around the state. They are also afraid that he is bringing down the Republican Party in NH. Some of the political hoity toities do not want to admit it; but, it appears to becoming more recognizable in political circles. The sad thing is, many saw this coming and just kept drinking the cool aid admired the emperor’s clothes.


I was reading an article today about the free stators fighting with the Occupy NH group and Occupy NH does want anything to do with them. The one thing that the free stators are good at is infiltrating legitimate boards and commissions then trying to move up to state politics like the legislature. It looks like Occupy NH nipped them in the bud. We can see that on the local levels, budget committees, planning boards, ZBA boards and gun clubs. It looks like the word is getting out at how destructive the free stators can be to the legitimate political agenda of a state and especially NH, we have to keep in mind their purpose of coming to NH is to take over and turn us into their idea of a no government utopian state.


Rumors will be rumors and the latest are very interesting. As if Republican State Party Chairman Wayne McDonald doesn’t have enough head aches with the bully bringing down the party, new rumors are rising. The biggest is that there is a small group of House Republicans talking about giving the Democrats a number of committee chairmanships if the Democrats are in the minority and are willing to support a, yet unannounced, Republican speaker candidate. They are hoping that O’Brien wins his local race for state rep and runs for speaker. If O’Brien is in the house and runs for speaker again the Democrats have a bargaining chip, if he loses then they don’t.

No matter what party was in charge of the house, neither party has given up chairmanships in the past while the logistics is mind boggling. If anyone does this will it mean we invite the Democrats to our majority leadership meetings?

My advice to the Democratic House Leadership is do not do this it will only hurt the house and an argument can be made that you do not care about good responsible government only trying to get back the power and control that the voters took away from you in the last election.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


There is no question politics in NH is a contact sport. Complete with varying teams that are mentally handicapped to physically handicapped. It just depends on which team you want to play on.

For example, we have two republicans running for governor, neither one seems to be all that appealing to the voters. Ovide has name recognition for losing all of his campaigns while Smith is known for running Cornerstone Policy Research, using this organization to attack those Republicans that disagreed with his philosophy; it is rumored that Smith is heavily supported by former governor Craig Benson.

On the Democrats side we have Maggie from PEA and then Jackie Cilley who got her start in a third floor tenement with mill worker parents in Berlin, NH. The choices are clear and defined if you’re a democrat.

If you are one of the thousands of NH Republicans who are also union members the choices are even clearer, both Republicans have no use of us and seem to be supporting Bill O’Brien who union Republicans have no use for. My big question is how do you get elected when you start out with, up to a 300,000 vote deficit when you get done counting family and friends? I guess you have to ask New Gingrich, after getting endorsed by O’Brien saw his poll numbers cut in half in NH. Newt didn’t want to listen either.

As a life long Republican I have a philosophy that we can beat the democrats; but only after fighting the republicans.

On a national level we have Obama and Romney. Again we have a decision, should we stay home on Election Day or hold our nose? Obama will not show the public his college records and Romney will not show all of his income tax returns. These two are like drinking warm beer.

Mike McCarthy, a super state rep and close friend, told me the republicans are like a non winning football team who can’t win because they keep tackling their own players; how true how very true.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


We often think that pervert is used to describe weird sexual things or people so inclined. What we too often miss is how certain people with blatant insecurities lie and twist the truth and facts to try to bully other people into either doing or not doing something. In my opinion Olson is a political pervert and needs to do some fact checking when he makes false claims.

What the Republican (Rhino) Liberty Caucus is doing is perverting the Republican message that Republicans have used in NH since I got into politics in 1972. They do articles claiming THEY are the only true Republicans in the state. No they are either Free Staters or Free State supporters who have done a good job at destroying the Republican Party in NH with their crazy anarchistic ideas of dismantling government.

If you don’t agree with them they’ll attack you for not being a true Republican, a Republican in name only (rhino). It would be nice if they would just go back to where they came from.

NH Republicans are fiscally conservative, socially split on some of the issues dealing with abortion, gay marriage and those issues that belong to the individuals. We understand that there is a need for government, they don’t. They want some kind of Free State libertarian society without rules. They don’t need police, fire fighters or teachers. Real Republicans understand the need for what we have; we just need to limit its growth.

In my opinion Richard Olson fancies himself as some kind of political figure that uses the Granite Grok or Granite Crock as I call it to intimidate anyone who disagrees with him or the cult following that makes up the Liberty Caucus.

Friday, July 6, 2012


In another unbelievable move of extremely poor behavior the speaker had a press conference today in his office at the State House and allowed all of the Concord Press Corps except Ann Marie Timmons from the Concord Monitor.  I guess the Concord Monitor does not buy into the speaker’s tyrannical smoke and mirror style of politics.

 This asinine and immature act of stupidity was caught on camera when Shannon Shutts Bettencourt allowed everyone else in but the Concord Monitor.  Bully and his leadership team are acting like little kids who refuse to invite other kids to their birthday party so they can hurt their feelings.

If anyone knows Ann Marie Timmons who is a political reporter for the Concord Monitor, she is like the Mary Poppins of the press corps, just a kind, super fine person and to be treated this way in public is an absolute disgrace to the O’Brien speakers office and an embarrassment to the hard working State Reps and staff who work at the state house.

I think we just keep track of this type of behavior and let the voters decide in the upcoming elections.

On behalf of those State Reps who are professional and caring, I want to apologize to Ms. Timmons for this cruel and abusive behavior on the part of the speaker’s office and staff.