Sunday, May 31, 2009



It looks like gambling will pass the senate this time. During the last senate race one of the differences that I pointed out between me and Senator Hassan was the over $100,000 she took from special interests. The truism is if you’re for sale the money will roll in. I do not particularly care for lobbyists in general because most of them lie. The ones I do like I respect them for telling the truth and enjoying working with them. In the last election the gambling interests placed large well placed contributions to a number of senators, ours included.

There will be a fight in the house, the house members have not been bought; just, too many of them to purchase. That fight will be interesting. In his typical limp wristed management style the governor has not made up his mind yet on which way he is going to go on supporting gambling. GIVE ME A BREAK, this issue has been floating around in Concord since last fall.

Our good senator, when she was first running claimed to be against gambling. Then she got bit by the Concord bug, took about $10,000 in gambling contributions and is now one of the big champions of making multi millionaires out of the millionaires who contributed to her by championing slot machines at the race tracks.

I suppose when one has extremely high political aspirations and forgets the people who voted her in, one needs lots of money to meet those aspirations. Personally I always thought more of you and myself than to sell out for personal or political gain.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Gossip has it that our local senator’s political aspirations are out of control and she told people at a meeting that she is running for governor. The other half of the rumor is that a State Rep from East Kingston will run for her senate seat. I always thought it was an election that determined who got elected and not an annointment policy. I am always leery of out of control political ego’s that put themselves before their constituents for their own political future. I could never do that and made sure that Matt, growing up, always understood that our constituents came first; PEOPLE BEFORE POLITICS was not just a phrase, it was a belief.

We had a saying in Vietnam that, “the farther up the tree you climb, the dumber the monkey’s you ran into”. The gist of this is the higher you go the narrower the limbs and less secure you are.

If you believe in public service than it is never about you, it is about the people you serve, they always come first. If you are a leader, with training and experience in leading, you will make decisions. By making decisions you will make mistakes, learn from them; analyze them and find out what went wrong and don’t make the same mistake twice.

Our country is facing a socialist democrat and feminist agenda. We have some women who think that only women know how to do things and always make the right decisions. I have tremendous respect for women and all they can do; but, I don’t believe there is a superior race or gender. We have three women running the state, Terry Norelli, Sylvia Larson and John Lynch, and we are in a hell of a mess.
Over 500 million in debt so they spend over $72,000 to renovate the ladies room next to the house leadership offices. I know that does not sound like much but it sure shows an attitude of me first and the hell with you. Oh, I almost forgot it was our local senator’s amendment to the budget that allowed this to happen.

I don’t care what party we talk about there is a total lack of common sense. Give me a good old Yankee farmer and give the socialist democrats their PHD arrogant know it all’s, and I will have a better chance of getting the job done.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I have never been a gay marriage supporter and probably will not change my position in the near future. I will tell you that during the last State election a local gay rights same sex marriage advocate went to Matt and said, “I can’t support you and your father because you don’t support gay marriage”. OK, no problem; but then the same individual wanted to run for local office and I would not support him. It had nothing to do with gay rights; it had to do with the individual.

It is interesting that if a person disagrees with same sex marriage because of how we are raised or our core beliefs these people are called bigots, or homophobes or whatever. If we object to the liberal socialists agenda being taught in school we are called uninformed, not progressive or right wing extremists. Oh and we should not say anything when elementary school children are required to read books about Mary has two mothers or David has two daddy’s.

In reality who cares? Who cares what people do in their personal lives? Just don’t stick the issue in our faces, claim that we cannot disagree on the issue and stop the name calling. If you want to throw names around those who do not believe in some of these whacky socialist agendas can call people names too.

There is a movement underway to take the word “bulls—t or BS out of our vocabulary and use the word Pelosi. You’re full of Pelosi. What Pelosi this issue is. Plus all of the choice names for homosexuals and other parts of society we may disagree with.

I actually had a discussion with a left wing socialist liberal and talked about the history of Exeter and talked about when it was a blue collar working class community and what a great place to learn values, morals, and the difference between right and wrong. I argued about all the change the socialists have brought to Exeter. In pure frustration the socialist I was arguing with referred to those times and those of us who worked to make Exeter the way it was, referred to us as “low class, low wage people”. She went on to tell me how much the liberal socialists have brought to Exeter and “enlightened us”. I wanted to tell her she was full of Pelosi; but, I like her and understood that she finally let her true feelings out. This was good for the sole and mental well being, even if I thought she was nuts. She just could not hold back her elitist attitude.

What people do not seem to grasp is NH is, or was, fiscally conservative and protective of individual rights. If you’re gay, ok your gay, good luck, have a good life and happy hunting. I’ll tolerate your life style if you tolerate mine.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


About a week ago I went to the Governor and Council meeting in Concord because a friend had a hearing requesting that a worker’s comp lien be vacated; only the G&C can do that according to statute.

The situation was he was almost killed in the line of duty performing his duties as a state employee. I am not going to use his name or circumstances since I do not have his permission to do so; but, the circumstances of how he has been treated by the state and Liberty Mutual, the worker’s comp carrier can only be described as reprehensible and despicable. I put this case evaluation in a letter to each one of the G&C Counselor’s before the hearing.

I discussed with the director of Administrative Services (she oversees the bureau of risk management), prior to the hearing that I believed she was being lied to. She as well as the governor seemed to be relying on an attorney who I have dealt with in the past and in my opinion found to be untruthful. The attorney is a contractor doing business with the state.

I do not think the G&C had seen a hearing like this in a long time. The opposition tried to portray my friend as a difficult person to deal with, un-cooperative, and just greedy trying to renege on a court agreement to pad his books.

The facts that my friend presented were clear, simple and straight forward. He was almost killed, sustained serious head injuries and a myriad of other injuries sustained in the line of duty as a law enforcement officer. That is when he and his lawyer tried to deal with Liberty Mutual on the workers comp part of the case; they were told that under no circumstances would Liberty Mutual deal with them. The only course of action was to go before the G&C.

The lawyer representing the state (the contractor I have dealt with on two separate occasions), throughout the hearing continued to try to cloud the issue and confuse the Council. My friend and his attorney effectively rebutted the misinformation. At the very end of the hearing the governor asked if there was a motion, Ray Wizoreck from Manchester made a motion to deny the petition for relief, Deborah Pignetelli from Nashua seconded it. There are five members on the counsel and those two were the only ones supporting the denial motion, it died. Our G&C counselor, Bev Hollingworth made a motion to pass the request and it was seconded by John Shea from Nelson and supported by Ray Burton. At that point the governor finally spoke; I was going to throw him a doggie treat until I heard what he was saying. What he told the counsel was that if the counsel voted to pass this petition he was going to negate the vote and the issue would fail, if the council voted to table it he would not object and justified it by saying he had questions about this issue. The request was tabled; the governor called a recess and bolted out of the G&C chambers into his office.

I personally thanked Bev Hollingworth, Ray Burton from Bath and John Shea for seeing through the lies and doing the right thing. A special note of thanks goes to Bev for championing a righteous cause, doing her homework and defending her constituent. She did an outstanding job and whether a democrat or republican deserves our thanks.

This leads us to the nasty underbelly of, many times, the dirty side of special interests as they influence the bureaucracy. What do we do when we catch department heads and lawyers lying? There are some remedies available to us and we are exploring them. I have requested a copy of the tape of the hearing and am trying to find a disinterested state rep that will put in a bill of address to fire the department head for lying. We also need to explore doing away with Liberty Mutual as the states worker’s comp carrier. Our State Employees deserve better. As far as the attorney goes, the option is to file a complaint with the Bar Association for his mis-conduct.