Friday, June 20, 2014


 If I remember right when the nitrogen nuts were putting out all of their misinformation about nitrogen in the river killing fish and eel grass in Great Bay, they assured us that we would get the grant money to do this; as you already know they have been proven to have lied and we haven’t seen any grant money.  That information appears to be disproven by the DES.  In fact I was recently told that the grant to tear down the dam has been denied; I can only assume that is the truth.  We have already spent $61,000 in interest payments for the 2008 warrant article bond to repair the dam, so we can tack that on to the above figure for our tax bills.

 Where are these so called environmentalist like Frank (I don’t know what day it is Patterson) or Don (behind your back Clement); people who claim to be conservationist and are willing to wipe out hundreds of acres of pristine wetlands to promote a political global warming agenda while claiming it will be good for nature.  The only fish that will be coming back over the falls will be the red herring that have been fed the misinformation.

 Once again the voters in Exeter have been snookered (lied to or mislead).

 Unfortunately the town will not open the gate to drain the river for a few days to show everyone what the river will look like with the dam gone, if they did that then there would probably be another warrant article to not tear down the dam.

I think I might have a little more bad news and that is while talking to some of my friends who work for the state, I was told that the rule of thumb is to take the amount of money that has been requested to tear down a dam and double it for “incidental issues”, so are we actually looking for 3.4 million $’s to do this?  OOPS, I don’t remember that being discussed either.

 It is also interesting to hear that some people don’t want to tear down the dam until after the 2016 selectman’s race, that way Clement might run again, with the dam down he is a dead duck (with all their wetlands gone) so to speak.  That appears why Clement is hiding from the issue; he wants the voters to forget he championed the removal of the dam.  I think we will all remember as Chairman of the BOS he threw a hissy fit when the majority of the Board voted not to take the dam down.  Remember when Clement was Chairman of the Board, the leadership position on the Board, he was claiming there was no leadership on the Board; he was right there wasn’t.  I’ll save this for the next election.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water the state Republican Party does it again.  While claiming to be neutral in primaries the inside discussions are of those candidates they are supporting.  The rumors are clear, Scott Brown for U.S Senate, Walt Haverstein for Governor, and Frank Guinta for Congress.

With the word that Bill Obrien is running for speaker again we could probably throw him into the mix since the party stood by him the last time he was speaker.  That period of time was an embarrassment for all Republicans in the state.  He not only cost us the majority of the house, he single handedly brought down the whole Republican agenda and now he is getting ready to do it again. If I was the democrats I would be pushing his candidacy as hard as I could.

 Powers is an addictive thing.  When you look at tyrants you can see how much they relish it and love exercising it; this is usually to the detriment of everyone else around them.

What happened a couple of years ago is the legislature developed a cult who would not or could not acknowledge the truth; they just blindly followed what the Republican leadership told them.  These people no longer listened to what their constituents wanted, failed to be representatives or what was good for the state, they did what Obrien told them to do and we lost the house and some good representatives who got swept up in the wave and voted out of office.

 Unfortunately the Democrats have not been stellar political performers and now they are facing a reverse wave which will probably give the Republicans a majority, albeit a smaller one than the last time we held the house with a majority.

The state party knows what is going on and is trying to get all Republicans to stand behind the Republican banner and put aside the internal fighting that has come to ear mark our Republican efforts to be the majority again.

 Whenever our leadership puts them and their love for power first, they lose sight of those of us they need to win.


That’s Stupid.