Tuesday, July 16, 2013


At a recent selectmen’s’ meeting Frank Ferraro got on his hypocritical high horse and was talking about a selectman publically stating he played silly games and how he follows the law and that is not silly games.  It has become obvious that you and your free bagger friends are just trying to smear the BOS in preparation for the next election; I think the voters have seen that, much to your loss.

Frank, you missed the point, it has nothing to do with following or not following the law, it has to do with you stabbing other selectman in the back, bad mouthing them behind their backs and playing games with your free bagger friends.  To add insult to injury I actually had someone tell me they do not watch the selectmen’s meetings anymore because of you and your small group of supporters acting nuts at the public comment section. The voters in Exeter are just watching and realizing what the problem is on the BOS and I feel confident they will fix that in the next election by removing you.  I suspect when that happens you will break down and cry, because that is the sensitive sort of guy you are, but; you’ll get over it and the Town will function all the better.

It is almost as funny as Griset’s letters to the editor, all of which are starting to look like home work assignments from an anger management counseling program.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Just recently there has been an uptick in the lunatic fringes activity.  We recently had a very strange young man, who we affectionately call a California Drama Queen, go before the selectman, make strange accusations and follow up his psychological rants with letters to the editor.  Evidently someone accused him of being a member of the lunatic fringe and that set him off again.  I never thought he was a member, I always thought he was on the board of directors. He just needs to remember if he doesn’t act crazy nobody will think he is crazy.

Then at the last selectman’s meeting the Town Managers secretary had the day off and there was a screw up on the agenda posting.  Evidently that was her job and there were errors made.  The lunatic fringe started making accusations for lack of transparency, shenanigans and some very strange stuff.  All over what appeared to be a simple mistake that the selectmen had nothing to do with, it was the town managers issue.

The lunatic fringe is still trying to jockey for pole position for the elections in March.  They didn’t learn from the last election that the Exeter voters are fed up with them.  We just need a couple of good, mentally stable candidates with a proven record of representing the voters and taxpayers of Exeter to come forward and sign on the dotted line.

My prediction is this group will be rejected again, in the next election, based on their psychological shortcomings as well as their message.

While the nutties were acting nutty, Matt opened the discussion on putting the LGC repayment money towards our property tax savings and asking the school district to do the same and the board thought that was a good idea.  Congratulations to Matt for keeping his eye on the ball and not losing sight of the ball and not letting the nuts get through to him and the other board members.