Friday, July 31, 2009


I think it is just human nature to want to feel your better or you can do something better than anyone else. At least that is what I learned taking psychology classes at St. A’s. As long as you’re comfortable with yourself that is what is important; even if others think you’re an arrogant elitist political ass. There might be a place for people like this; we just need to put politics side and join together in a bi-partisan manner to find the place.

A political elitist isn’t always someone who has a lot of money; but, it is almost always someone who just thinks they are better than you, know more than you do and should be leaders because of their perceived social standing. What it is, is simply an arrogant I’m better than you attitude and not always associated with financial standing.

We can see that in both political parties. The democrat and republican leadership and financial backers don’t really think you’re a credible candidate unless you can write a check for $100,000 to a million $ to fund your campaign; the size of the check depends on the office you are seeking. The more money you have the more money you can spend on spin doctors, to rehab your image, or to buy and mail those phony little glossy mail/handouts with our high school pictures on the front. Isn’t it interesting to see how candidates are chosen?

How many people do we all know who are just honest, straight forward and caring? People who have worked hard their whole lives to be successful and never forgot where they came from; people whom we respect for what they’ve done, who they are and how they treat other people. No matter what job they have or how much money they make, are just good, honest, and hard working. Their attitude allows them to be part of the working class of Americans who make up the majority of the voters, not the political elitist who are trying to be king makers by controlling who will run or who the political machines will anoint.

It is happening in both parties. Isn’t it time that the voters put aside the king makers and take back the political process?

I’ve heard talk of wanting to start a third party. I will give Governor Sununu a chance to clean up the republican mess, bang heads and bring the party back to the working class voters and the true republican philosophy of “people before politics”. When we could trust the people we elected and respect what they stand for; not the income tax evaders, crooked politicians, the elitist or those who can’t keep their pants up.

I guess I’m just a traditional sort of guy looking for a little honesty, integrity and caring for the voters who elect them.



During the last political campaign we were inundated with cute little catch phrases like, “change we can believe in”, and “yes we can, yes we can”. I still laugh at this and use those phrases to poke fun at the opposition. But what is interesting is I see striking resemblances between the old Bush administration and the Obama administration only the staff is not as competent.

I was always a supporter of Senator Bob Smith, I counted on Bob as a friend and he could count on me as a loyal supporter. Bob cared about people and helped all, no matter what political party. He was noted and was probably the best elected official for delivering constituent services. He could get the job done. He made some mistakes along the way; but, because of his love for his constituents he could be easily forgiven.

Somewhere along the way he crossed swords with G.W. and he was pushed out of office by the republican national establishment.

What do we see now? Bam Bam attacking blue dog democrats, in their districts, because they did not like his socialist health care plan (or lack of one).

We have a president who appears to have deep rooted racial prejudices, which caught many of his cult followers by total surprise. I don’t know why, when you spend 20 years listening to hate filled racist sermons from a hate filled racist minister, it is not hard to connect the dots.

Now we connect the dots to being mentored and raised by the most crooked political machine in the history of our country, the Chicago machine; please take a minute to figure this one out on your own; then our president is looking to Saul Alinsky, a devout socialist radical who advocates overthrowing the capitalist system in the US and you can connect the dots again.

The “we can’ts” are coming into play. We can’t afford this change. We can’t believe this change is good for our country or our families. We can’t allow a radical socialist change to our health care.

WOW, I feel better already.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I do not believe anyone should be without health care; not in this country and in this day and age. The problem comes with who is going to pay for it and who is going to administer it.

Obama, who hasn’t proven he was born in the US yet, wants to do the job. What, I am going to let not only a government bureaucrat and avowed socialist call the shots on my health care needs; I don’t think so.

With the government screwing up whatever it touches these days and the voters starting to realize the emperor has no clothes, we only have to hold out for a couple more years (if we can) before we can bring about the badly needed change that everyone was hoping for.

If the numbers are still true that most of your health care spending takes place in the last 6 months of a person’s life, and the pressure to stretch health care dollars by the feds being stretched to the limit by an expensive bureaucracy the decisions will have to be made to let grammy and grampy or even younger people with a diagnosed terminal illness to be made comfortable until the end; in other words trying to save them vs. saving a buck. With government intervention, it will be plain to see which way the decision will go.

The health care system in this country is not broke, it is just too damn expensive and this is caused by a number of factors, greed being one of the biggest. First we are all being soaked by the insurance companies; secondly we are getting hosed by the hospitals. The quickest way to deliver quality, affordable and accessible health care delivery is to continue to promote lower cost alternatives; independently owned surgical centers charge about 30-40% of what hospitals charge and do a better job with lower infection rates. Independently owned walk in clinics, down south they call them “doc in the box,” for more routine issues. For major medical issues you will need hospital support; but, on the less severe procedures or minor issues these alternatives work and you can realize major savings of 40-60% off what you would pay hospitals.

As consumers, there is a disconnect between medical and financial. If we need to have a knee worked on you will know up front how much it will cost. In a hospital we don’t know how much it will cost until we have it done and get the bill. If you don’t have insurance or a high deductible a surgical center is the way to go, and up to 60% savings is worth a call. The two best surgical centers in NH are BASC which is the Bedford Ambulatory Surgical Center in Bedford, NH and Northeast Surgical Center in Newington, NH, both independently owned and separate entities.

Small businesses might be able to get lower insurance rates if they require their employees to try the alternatives before the more expensive hospitals. This is a hard nut to crack; but, money controls the system and that is why we all come out on the short end of the stick. We can all save money by shopping around, I’ve done it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


People who pursue politics (elected offices) are usually egotistical who cherish the attention or feelings of power. There are those exceptions who become involved because they feel they can make a difference and, through public service, feel they can help people. Unfortunately, those who feel they can do good are getting fewer and fewer.

Case in point: Right after the state budget was passed the democrat leadership in the state sent out letters to the local papers putting a positive spin on a screwed up budget and some of our local state reps signed on. They were touting how wonderful the dems did in crafting “the toughest budget in state history”. That was pretty profound since none of them were thinking for them selves and just did what the democrat leadership told them to do and followed the crazy social agenda. One first term state rep had only been a rep for 6 months and wouldn’t know a tough budget from a tough sirloin.

The fact is the liberal democrats were so busy fooling around with re-arranging the social makeup of the state they lost sight of the budget. While they were promoting transvestite issues, gay marriage and medical marihuana, the voters and taxpayers got slammed in the budget. About a billion $ increase in spending, increases in 38 taxes and fees (last year they only increased about 22).

I asked a friend of mine on house finance if the budget will hold up for at least a year and he told me we would be lucky if the budget made it through until September. The budget was out of whack by over a hundred million dollars the day the governor signed it. We might find some relief in Obama bucks; but, that will be a one time fix and we will find a tougher budget next time.

So when the political leadership in NH wants to pull the smoke and mirror routine about how wonderful they are, please, at least question them and do a little homework on the issues. Remember politicians lie, try to deal with the ones that at least want to tell the truth.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009


It is getting discouraging listening to the news; the republican big shots having affairs on their wives. None of then will ever catch up to the Kennedy’s or Barney and his gay lover running a male prostitution ring out of Barney’s apartment in D.C. or Studd’s having a homosexual affair with a teenager. It is things like this that cause elected officials to lose credibility with the electorate.

I can understand the pressure and loneliness of politics; but, if you expound the position of the religious right, then keep your fly zipped and realize the grass is not always greener in the other person’s yard.

I was watching an Obama speech about a month ago and the crowd was all worked up and someone was yelling, “I want to have sex with you Obama”. I couldn’t tell if it was woman’s or mans voice. I guess it really doesn’t make a lot of difference now days; but, I’m sensing a generation gap or rampant stupidity. No problem, I’ll figure it out.

When the voters lose respect for a political party they go independent until they see leadership, common sense and morality, then they’ll come back. I believe the majority of people want to respect the people they vote for and believe the elected officials care about them; but, with the political phoniness it is getting harder and harder. Both political parties are facing a third party challenge if they don’t clean up their act and realize who elected them and who their loyalties belong.

In the last election we elected some of the worst possible people we could to represent us; liberal socialists who are pushing an ultra liberal agenda. They kept millions in lchip money (save trees) while cutting back on social services for people in need. Everyone will feel the pain, was the battle cry; I know of state reps and senators who have handicapped children. One claims they take no outside money to take care of their child, another claims that she is a professional women with a career and needs the funds, another takes money and complains about the amount the state wastes on these programs. How much of spreading the pain did they support in this recent budget? We will never know because how much a person gets for assistance and especially if it is for a child is confidential.

The budget the state just passed is over $100,000,000 out of whack as soon as the governor signed his name to the bill. It looks like Exeter has been shorted almost $300,000 per year for the next two years this=higher property taxes or substantial town employee layoffs if cuts can’t be made in other areas.

In this budget everyone will feel the pain, or will they? If liberals like to spend money and make everyone dependant on government and liberals like to elect liberals who like to spend money then it only stands to reason that liberals like to give their money to government through 38 new or increased taxes and fees that the liberals did in Concord. I don’t like to spend money for government because, in large part, it is a waste on incompetent bureaucrats.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


A $119 million or larger hole in the budget?
Court rulings this month might bring the Legislature back

Yesterday was the first day of a new fiscal year and there is already concern the state budget might be short $119 million.

A $11.5 billion budget was passed by the House of Representatives and Senate last week and signed into law by Gov. John Lynch Tuesday. Monday, a Superior Court judge froze $110 million budgeted as revenue pending a hearing on a claim by the New Hampshire Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriting Association. Tuesday, another Superior Court judge froze $9 million to which the New Hampshire Health Care Association is laying claim. The plaintiffs in each of the cases say the money is not the state's to spend; in one instance that there is money belonging to present and past policyholders and in the other that the $9 million belongs to New Hampshire's nursing homes.

On its face, the claim of policyholders in the malpractice fund — seems valid. The nursing home claim and that of the state sound like dueling laws.

Judge Kathleen McGuire has set July 10 as the deadline for dispositive motions in the matter of the malpractice fund and replies must be submitted by July 17. A final hearing has been set for July 21 and McGuire is expected to issue a final ruling by the end of the month.

McGuire ruled on Monday saying: "The funds at issue will not in any way be transferred prior to the final order of court."

Tuesday, Judge Diane Nicolosi ruled in favor of the nursing homes, saying they have a valid argument that they should have received the money before Lynch's order to transfer it. The nursing homes are citing one law, Lynch is relying on a different law.

The state Supreme Court should prepare for a brief summer session to hear the appeals, no matter which way they go, and lawmakers ought to be ready to return to Concord on short notice, probably in August.

John H. Sununu, the chairman of the Republican State Committee, a former governor of New Hampshire and the father of former U.S. Sen. John E. Sununu, sounds downright gleeful these days. The GOP hasn't had a hook like this to hang its hat on in more than a decade.

Sununu came close to calling Lynch a would-be thief in a statement released by the GOP state committee Tuesday.

"Unfortunately what we feared would happen has begun to happen," Sununu said. "Republicans in the House and Senate warned Governor Lynch that the $110 million he is trying to steal from the Joint Underwriting Association to balance the state budget would likely be tied up in litigation."

Clearly, Sununu's tongue is as sharp as ever. At the moment he is the only Republican capable of getting statewide attention.

Lynch is on the edge of being put in a box. If Judge Nicolosi's order on the $9 million stands up and Judge McGuire finds in favor of the medical group laying claim to the $110 million surplus in malpractice funds, and those findings are upheld, a $119 million hole in the budget will have to be repaired.

What is the likelihood of a summer session of the Legislature? It depends on how the challenges go. While Lynch and Company might be able to cut a $9 million branch from the fiscal tree, beginning the biennium with a $110 million deficit will give renewed hope to the advocates of expanded gambling in the form of video slot machines and those lawmakers who insist an income tax is the only path to fiscal stability.

So it may be that in August, less than two months into a new fiscal biennium, that the state is in a hole at least $119 million deep. What other surprises are in store for the next two years and coming months of a developing election cycle?

James E. Rivers
House Republican Office
107 North Main St.
Concord, NH 03301

This is the worst budget put together by the worst legislature in recent memory. The democrats are trying to put a positive spin on this horror show, sorry it won't work.