Tuesday, June 28, 2011


In his desire to be a bully O’Brian poster child the latest intellectual statement from bully JR. is that with all the budget cuts those in need can simply go to churches and non profit social programs to get the needed money to help, doesn’t he understand we are talking about mentally handicapped and severely disabled.

Well if you’re so out of touch as JR. is you might have missed that even the food banks are broke with the churches rising up and saying they don’t have the money for this. You have to remember this is NOT down shifting because the speaker and JR. say so. How can anyone with an ounce of brains think that the private social service programs and churches can pick up what the state is dumping in the abdication of the states responsibility????

This is one of the best examples of how out of control the current legislative leadership group is.

When the voters of Hudson realize what a prize the legislature won when they sent him to Concord, I think they will make some changes.


Bully has learned a new phrase “hyper drive”; I think he learned it from his last D.C. meeting with the right to work thugs. Although bully’s tinsel teethed mouth piece claims he never met with the RTW thugs, no one in Concord is buying it. We can’t believe anything that comes out of the mouths of this leadership team anyway so why start now.

I call them thugs because of reports that they are calling female legislators that do not support RTW, in the late hours of the night and calling them, “union whores”. That is the new approach to convincing people to support their cause, how utterly disgusting, remember the lunatics are running the asylum.

Bully keeps claiming that if we pass RTW it will put our economy into “hyper drive”; at face value this is ridiculous for the state of NH. Some economist claim NH is doing better than most other states and we are on the right economic path with the right balance of government and private sector involvement to move steadily ahead out of this recession. The best thing Mr. Hyper Drive can do, based on his Free State approach, is to stay out of it, don’t screw anything up, and take credit for what is happening. Oh, and stop watching science fiction space movies, hyper drive is a little much.


So why are they calling on Bill Binnie to help them out? It seems the party is being controlled by free staters, or a radicalized wing of the Tea Party movement; let them raise the money. They are only going to use it to attack republicans that disagree with their crazy agenda of wiping out government and promoting anarchy.

It is interesting that at least some free staters are not using their real names; WOW I wonder why that is?? I hope we hear more about this in the future and let’s all thank Craig Benson for this mess, real good move Craig.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


The budget has passed the house and senate with the governor weighing his options and letting it become law without his signature. I was curious why he didn’t veto it and fight against the over ride and was told that it was a tactical decision not to allow the budget to be re-opened for further damage to the state than what has already been done; it made sense and I believe he made the right move.

A number of controversial bills passed also and it will take a year to see how they work and what needs to be done to fix or repeal them.

Once again the speaker did not have enough votes to call the RTW bill, 474, to a vote. He thought he did when some of our votes, late in the afternoon, had to leave to go to work. That was the bad news; the good news is so didn’t his votes and once again he came up short so the vote was not called. We had 5 votes absent from the start so we couldn’t afford to lose many more and we didn’t.

Each session day, for the last few weeks, one of the unions has been hosting a barbecue on the front area of the state house for those legislators who are fighting RTW. It has been well attended even by the RTW people looking for a free meal. They call the public workers thugs, union bosses, etc; but, when it comes to a free meal they have no honor and let’s all be friends. I guess it tells you something about people.

It should be quiet for a few days, other than the speaker pressuring state reps to stay in line for RTW; I think there will be some calls made from the anti RTW groups to try to convince people that this is not an issue with NH and not a good issue for NH.

As issues develop I’ll do my best to keep you informed. I’d suggest that you go to the NH Secretary of States web and look at the new LSRs put in for legislation for the next session, enough said.

The damage to the State of NH this session will be corrected after the next election, I just hope people can make it until then.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


The longer the speaker holds off on the Right to Work Vote, the more the loonies are attacking those who are not supporting them. To say these people are nasty is an understatement. I explained to some of the better reps that a number of years ago the state hospital had almost 3,000 people in the institution and now they is about ten percent of that. With what is going on in the legislature and the RTW issue I think I found those who have been missing.

An interesting issue that people are only now starting to think about is abortion. For ten years now the litmus test to be a “real republican” was if you support abortion or pro life. Now the issue is do you support RTW or not. The passion, anger and animosity is unbelievable. The people who are doing are not republicans; but, are the radical fringe groups that have a little power and no positive leadership.

I have been hearing that many of the republican financial backers are not kicking out much money because they know republicans are not running the show. Any republican with an ounce of brains sees the party being dragged down to the lowest political and moral level we have seen.

It is only my opinion and I have been running and working on political campaigns since 1972, that the rino’s that are in office right now are going to get bounced out of office like a basketball during the next election. In fact who ever runs against them is not going to have to mount a big campaign based on issues they will only have to show they supported the current speaker and what he has done and is doing. Forget all the issues like RGGI, educational funding, Northern Pass, clean air, water etc. It will only take “you supported bully O’Brian”; I have said in the past that session will be career ending for about 125 or more rinos.

When you get your local tax bills look and see how much money these people have saved you? I believe this budget will cost shift not only onto the communities but to those individuals who are working in the public sector.

The election is a long way off and there can still be severe damage done to the State, fortunately we have a small group of real republicans that are digging in there heels and still trying to do the right thing.

This is like a Zombie movie only I’m in it.

Monday, June 13, 2011


During this maniacal leaderships fight to promote the "right to work for less" bill, the lines of legality and propriety have been crossed; the ruthless attacks against Matt and the over the top "Massachusetts Political Tactics" have just about run their gamut.

I have heard that many believe this leadership is actually more of a cult and rumors are that the Bully O’Brian leadership cult is frustrated their last attacks against Matt have failed, the failure is due to the lack of credibility of the accuser, and the fact Matt is well known by the old time true republicans. They see things at face value; they know the truth, and the motivation behind these attacks. We were very pleased by the number of house members that came forward in support of us on this issue. A large number of republicans stated their disdain for this attack and the leadership team that made it. Not what they voted for when they elected a Speaker and for the first time a Majority Leader.

We have all heard the saying when in a hole stop digging, that message never made it to the third floor of the statehouse. Word is the third floor bully squad feels the need to try again to get at Matt,seems people are standing their ground even more solidly now, not what the intended effect was. The theory is if it looked like they would destroy their own the others would fall in line. Guess they weren't around when Senate President Eaton attempted the same trick. Someone should send them a note on what happened to Eaton. It was certainly a first but not the kind anyone would ever want on their record. I can say this, if they attempt to defame Matt again, they will elevate this to a new level. This leadership has a record of attacking those who dare to think and they attack again if the person continues to thing for themselves again. This is why so many voters think they have issues, just look at the last special election in the Speakers home town. Even warranted a mention of the facts on Sundays Meet the Press show.

I have talked to a number of state reps already about the promises that were made to them aboutif they would change their votes or take a walk when the vote came up. Money for their campaigns, better districts in the upcoming redistricting plan and putting them back on committees they were removed from for previously voting their conscience or better committee assignments. They tell me all they have to do is one of the above so the vote outcome will change to the Speakers position on the bill known as Right to Work. Its not working because these people believe they need to represent their constituents, all their constituents. Some outside the statehouse have questioned the legality of such offers when they hear such offers have been made.

Do any of these promises fall into the below statue for violations? Our attorney seems to think so.

Section 640:2
640:2 Bribery in Official and Political Matters. –
I. A person is guilty of a class B felony if:
(a) He promises, offers, or gives any pecuniary benefit to another with the purpose of influencing the other's action, decision, opinion, recommendation, vote, nomination, or other exercise of discretion as a public servant, party official, or voter; or
(b) Being a public servant, party official, candidate for electoral office, or voter, he solicits, accepts or agrees to accept any pecuniary benefit from another knowing or believing the other's purpose to be as described in subparagraph I(a), or fails to report to a law enforcement officer that he has been offered or promised a pecuniary benefit in violation of subparagraph I(a).
II. As used in this section and other sections of this chapter, the following definitions apply:
(a) "Public servant'' means any officer or employee of the state or any political subdivision thereof, including judges, legislators, consultants, jurors, and persons otherwise performing a governmental function. A person is considered a public servant upon his election, appointment or other designation as such, although he may not yet officially occupy that position. A person is a candidate for electoral office upon his public announcement of his candidacy.
(b) "Party official'' means any person holding any post in a political party whether by election, appointment or otherwise.
(c) "Pecuniary benefit'' means any advantage in the form of money, property, commercial interest or anything else, the primary significance of which is economic gain; it does not include economic advantage applicable to the public generally, such as tax reduction or increased prosperity generally.
Source. 1971, 518:1, eff. Nov. 1, 1973.

I want to, from the bottom of my heart, thank Donna Schlacman and Tim Copeland. They not only have great courage but integrity. While others, even in our district, were running for cover or blindly following the current leader ship team, Tim and Donna stood up against the lies.

This will not be forgotten and thank you.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Recently Shawn Jasper made some of the craziest allegations that, his leadership member nemesis, Matt Quandt would go to lunch and come back intoxicated and was removed from leadership. This is about as true as if someone were to tell untrue, off-color jokes about Shawn Jasper. Well I wouldn’t believe either one.

About 4 weeks ago Matt went to DJ Bettencourt, majority leader, and resigned his position; this decision was festering with Matt for longer than it should. DJ came to me and asked me “what is wrong with Matt”? I told DJ that Matt was very insulted by something that happened in leadership and to give Matt a couple of days to calm down. DJ told me he did not want to lose Matt and I said he is one of the few you can trust and DJ agreed. Later Matt told me that DJ had sent Matt a text that “resignation not accepted”. At a later point, if my memory serves me correctly, Matt and DJ had a conversation and agreed to talk again after the right to work issue was resolved. About 2-3 weeks later Pam Tucker the Deputy Speaker from Greenland left a voice mail on Matt’s cell phone that since he resigned he had a new seat.

Matt had been struggling with this decision to leave leadership and many friends, colleagues and his father (me) were encouraging him to leave. Matt had a strong and long friendship with DJ and knew that he was one of the few people that DJ could trust and Matt felt a loyalty to protect his friend. Matt saw that Bully O’Brien was taking over the majority office and appeared to running the operation; so he quit and the following was the press release that got leadership so upset:


CONTACT: Lee and/or Matt Quandt, (603) 772-3417


Extreme House Leadership’s Overreach Costs Them Legislative Support

CONCORD, NH – Six-term State Representative and House Deputy Majority Leader Matt Quandt (R-Exeter), along with House Whip Tim Copeland (R-Stratham), have resigned their leadership posts in a sign of opposition to Speaker of the House Bill O‟Brien‟s extreme anti-worker agenda.

“I submitted my resignation more than two weeks ago,” said Rep. Matt Quandt. “It was a difficult choice to make, but it was the right one. When I was approached about joining House leadership, I was very clear that I would continue to support the rights of New Hampshire‟s workers even as a member of leadership. At the time it was accepted, but it is evident now that pro-worker Republican views like mine are not respected under this leadership team.”

Rep. Quandt‟s resignation was at first rejected; he received formal notice of acceptance of it yesterday evening. Quandt‟s father – Rep. Marshall “Lee” Quandt, also of Exeter – had previously been removed from a key position on the Finance committee after he defied House Speaker Bill O‟Brien and publicly called for the removal of a midnight amendment abolishing the rights of workers to collectively organize.

“Our family is made of staunch Republicans,” Matt Quandt said. “We are not here to blindly follow a leader who is rejecting those values to please a group of transplants who have no understanding of New Hampshire tradition.”

“My wife and I are proud of the decision Matt made,” Rep. Lee Quandt said. “We didn‟t raise him to be a bully. The speaker was obviously raised differently.”

Rep. Tim Copeland, a freshman legislator, also rendered his leadership resignation this week.

“I‟m a retired state worker and know first-hand what these attacks on workers will mean to middle class families in New Hampshire,” Rep. Tim Copeland said. “I cannot sit by and participate in a leadership team that is bent on destroying the strong labor force and good benefits that we have in our state. I cannot condone the incredible disrespect that Bill O‟Brien has shown to other members of our caucus who are trying to represent their constituents.”

In an interview with the Portsmouth Herald earlier this year1, Rep. Copeland questioned the harsh approach taken by House leadership and spoke about overhearing the Speaker berate another legislator who was attempting to advocate for health and human services funding.

“It was embarrassing,” he said. “There was a group of school children a few feet away waiting to sing the national anthem and you could hear him shouting at her (Emerson). The children could hear it and the teacher with them could hear it. The teacher asked me, „Is this the way you do things?‟ and I said „It shouldn't be this way.‟”

Both Lee Quandt and Tim Copeland are members of the State Employees Association retirees‟ chapter.

Now this maniacal and toxic leadership group is attacking him with false and misleading information. At face value reps have about 45 minutes for lunch, how drunk can you get in 45 minutes even for a former 82d Airborne Paratrooper? Going out for lunch with your friends is a social event at the state house, they all have a drink with their lunch. If Matt kept coming back intoxicated why did not leadership counsel him, not a word? I am diabetic and very rarely drink; but, go out with Matt and our friends for lunch, diet coke for me, and cannot remember inappropriate drinking or behavior on the part of anyone. As a father and retired State Probation/Parole Officer if I saw any of this behavior as alleged I would have stepped in; no matter how old your kids get they are still your kids.

At face value these allegations are ridiculous and malicious. Matt and Jasper never got along as did I, we felt we could never trust him. We do not hang out with people we don’t trust or respect and have been kidded by lobbyists that if a lobbyist could sit with the Quandts it was a sign of honor and acceptance, they all kidded us about this.

This maniacal leadership approach is why Republicans are walking away from the party and the toxic leadership attitude is why we are getting more and more numbers to replace this group. This leadership group has dragged the Republicans and the party into a pig wallow that we are going to have a hard time getting out of.

Hey Shawn, WOOF, WOOF.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


We all like to remember our mothers or fathers favorite sayings and I can always, as a early teen, being lectured by my mother not to be a follower and get into trouble but be a leader and stand up for what I believe. What she was getting at is no booze, drugs, etc; the standard advice from a mother back then. What really stuck in my mind was another pearl of wisdom of who is the real fool, the fool or the one who follows the fool. There is a lot of wisdom in those simple words and most of us probably heard them growing up.

How appropriate they seem in today’s legislature. I think Matt, I and people like Tim Copeland are not fools because we are not followers in the game of thrones where threats, promises and what has been reported as bribes have been going on. Unfortunately, the people whom I’ve been talking to do not want to go forward with what has happened to or said to them. That is unfortunate because the only way to end this type of behavior is to expose it.

The right to work battle has gone off the charts of propriety. Our leadership team seems to be willing to say or do anything to win this fight. We were supposed to have the veto override on May 25th, at 10 AM., the speaker did not have the votes so he tried the following Wednesday at 9 AM and didn’t have the votes so now it appears to be on for next Wednesday at 1 PM. If he doesn’t have the votes by then the next vote will probably be called for a Sunday morning before people go to church. One person commented today that this is the most maniacal leadership team in the history of the NH Legislature. I don’t know how maniacal they are; but, I do know they are certainly different.

In the right to work fight the republican leadership enlisted, from what I have been told, Ovide Lamontagne, Jeb Bradley and John Stephen to call state reps that they know to switch their votes and become followers. I hate to say it because I like and have supported these people in the past that this is soooo going to come back and bite them.

Many of us old time republicans are wondering if there is an ounce of common sense left in the political process. I am sure the above mentioned future candidates think that the thousands of public sector and state employee republicans are going to come back to the party and support them. I have been talking to the various groups and it will not happen so I am going to find it interesting to see how you win a state or district wide election when you start out with a 350,000 vote deficit. There might be a trick to this math; but, I don’t think so. Matt and I have worked for years to bring these republicans behind republican candidates and have lost about 8 years of hard work.

Now it will be up to the voters to clean up what happened in the last election because more and more are saying, “this is not what I voted for”, and they will be right.