Tuesday, October 28, 2014


The problems with elections are the candidates are challenged to tell the truth.  If you are like me you are probably getting sick and tired of all the misleading TV ads and mailings covering a whole spectrum of political issues all trying to convince us, the voters, that the candidates have us in their desire to do a good job and look out for us.  As soon as they get elected it is the old saying of mind over matter, they don’t mind and we don’t matter.

After all the millions of dollars on the ads and mailings, this election can be boiled down to two issues: if you like President Obama and his policies keep him, vote Democrat.  If you want him out and let our country try to heal the wounds and problems he has created then vote Republican.  People will argue that he has another two years on his term; but, a Republican Senate and House will cripple his ability to promote his polices and will probably tie him up in impeachment proceedings.

 Nothing complicated about this election it is either one way or the other.

 A lot is being said on national news about how the democrats are running away from Obama, I don’t believe it; as soon as the election is over, if the democrats keep the senate it will be, “we sure pulled that one over on the voters”.  In other words the Democratic desertion of Obama is not credible and after the election it will be business as usual.

The votes that will be going against the Democrats this election I don’t think has to do with partisan politics; but, more of an ideology difference.  If the Democrats go down in smoke and flames the handful of Republican insiders that control the party will try to convince us that was all about message, organization, etc, etc.   There are thousands of Republicans in NH that believe they didn’t leave the party the party left them and vote for the issues not the party; they do not seem to be anxious to jump back into the party ranks until some real changes are made.

So Mr. President, it is all about YOU!!

Saturday, October 18, 2014


The polling numbers for the State and Federal candidates are quite interesting.  It appears that the voters in NH do not like any of the candidates; the candidates’ positive and negative numbers are running almost neck and neck.  This simply means both Democrats and Republicans seem to be in a quandary on who to vote for; couple this with the hundreds of thousands of dollars going into negative campaign adds (which has a tendency of driving down voter turnout) and we might have an unpredictable election.

The Republican establishment can read numbers like the rest of us and, I’ve been told, have been putting the word out that if you are a Republican and don’t vote straight party then you are really not a Republican and should be thrown out of the party now doesn’t make for a cordial recruiting poster.  Vote for me or I’ll kill you, I think that is how dictators influence elections.

 There is more than one reason to vote for a candidate, intelligent, qualified, and not nuts; but one quality that I look at (as well as the others) is will they embarrass us as elected officials.  Will they represent the voters and taxpayers or will they blindly support their party leadership? I have had several calls from around that state talking about how the infamous Bully O’Brien is calling the Republican State Rep candidates to garner their support for another speaker’s race.  The last time he was speaker he brought down the whole Republican agenda and cost us the majority in the legislature.  I have a concern that our candidates will become “Billybots” and we will have a legislature that is divided and cannot work together.

 Just looking at the Republican candidates running for State Rep in Exeter I end up scratching my head.  I know three of them, Laurenco and Griset who have been endorsed by the political wing of the Free Staters, Ferraro who the voters have already had enough of and the other two candidates I have never heard of.  Nicholson seems like a nice guy, he actually said hello to me once.  Looking over the primary election votes, there appears to be 300 Republicans voting that did not vote for any of the Republican State Rep candidates. Exeter has not been a welcoming town for Free Staters with their anarchist views and controlling agenda.

In the U.S. Senate race Shaheen put Scott Brown on the defensive by attacking him for not supporting women’s issues.  He had to spend thousands of dollars showing that he really does support abortion, contraception, etc, etc.  He is now in trouble with the religious right and also the pro gun groups because of his prior anti gun stand and he could be in a political pickle. That pretty much puts him in trouble with the conservatives.

The only thing that will save the Republicans is the intense dislike there is for Obama; politically he is a one man wrecking crew that has done political damage to his own party as well as our Country.

If the election were to be held tomorrow who do I think would win? Let’s hope the voters; but, I’m not sure.