Friday, November 9, 2012


Almost two years ago I gave a warning to the house Republicans that if they persisted in these attacks on Unions and Union Republicans it would cost the Republicans between 85-125 Republican seats in the next election.  Since many were first termers, and some nuttier than a fruit cake and part of the O’Brien cult, they didn’t listen; now many,  are on the outside looking in.  For me I’m happy and feel relieved that, what felt like, the weight of the world is off my shoulders.

Ovide was warned about his right to work stance and losing the union republicans, most of which are conservatives.  So let’s take a quick look at what don’t you get issues; absolutely don’t attack women, don’t attack working class people on non issues, like right to work, don’t attack gays and lesbians and don’t call the Catholic Bishop a pedophile pimp, and above all don’t act stupid.  So much for my advice to the new legislature.

Many people are blaming O’Brien as the architect of the stunning Democratic sweep and talk about the past two years of his leadership; I look ahead of the pending 10 years of his asinine redistricting plan.  The redistricting, although vehemently denied, took into consideration who disagreed with him and “screw your enemies while trying to protect your friends”.  The plan was to redistrict out people while trying to protect others (his supporters).  I always thought when you redistricted you tried to be fair and if you can’t be fair, stick it to the other party.  Well they out did themselves, by making, or trying to make smaller districts, they wiped out the Republican base; talk about the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.  Seeing this convoluted plan early on I was one of the people who brought suit to stop it and send it back to the drawing boards.  O’Brien sent an early shot across the bow of the Supreme Court that he was having second thoughts about supporting the courts coveted reorganization plan.  When the court sustained the plan part of the decision stated that the court needed to tread lightly on anything political; I’m of the opinion they were intimidated by the legislature.

Now on to the Democrats, in my opinion which this blog is, left to their own devices have a tendency to screw up worse than the Republicans.  I have the greatest respect for them and how they won this election; but, they don’t have time to gloat with another pending fiscal crisis coming and the needs of the state becoming to the forefront even more than in the past in its multiple needs.  I suspect the democrats will embark on raising revenues and we’ll get ready for another political swing.

The future of the state rests with the legislature and they are now as out of balance as when the Republicans were in charge.  The new speaker of the house will set the tone and direction the legislature will take in addressing the problems.  Right now for the Democrats the choice is either Dave Campbell out of Nashua, a moderate or Terri Norelli from Portsmouth, a liberal.  Many Republicans are going with Campbell; the liberals will go with Norelli.  What has not been approached is who the union supporters will go with.  They can make the difference; but someone has to ask them.

Republicans are dragging out the same old faces and names for minority leader.  Gene Chandler co-chairman of the O’Brien’s reelection for speaker committee.  Laurie Sanborn has no real chance and not all that popular or respected.  Pam Tucker=O’Brien and always claimed when, as Deputy Speaker, never knew what was going on.  When confronted with decisions the speaker made would always say, “They never talked to me about that”.

We need new faces, new ideas and a new direction for the Republicans in the house and the current candidates do not fit the bill.