Sunday, December 25, 2011


Just recently speaker Bully O’Brien was on TV talking about what HE wants to get done in the next legislative year. Some of it is to once again push Right to Work legislation, repeal gay marriage and I thought his position on gambling was confusing; he was also less than clear when he was asked if this was his agenda or the voter’s agenda. Another interesting comment was when the interviewer told him he had a reputation for “it is your way or the highway”, he really didn’t want to answer that one and said something in a low voice, “I don’t know about that”. That’s interesting the rest of us know the answer to that one.

As far as RTW is concerned that fight was the nastiest, most heated and debated issue I have seen in years. Bully, you lost because you did not understand the house and the diversity in the house. How can you intimidate people who don’t want anything more than just doing the right thing in serving their constituents? How do you bully people who don’t want a chairmanship or a bogus title in leadership? Only in government can you push an agenda, lose and come back and push the same agenda and expect to win; that gives bureaucrats a bad name and makes them look dumb before the voters.

What is happening in the State House is what happens when those in charge lose touch with those who put them in office; I don’t believe it is anymore complicated than that. A good example of that is the redistricting plan, as well as some of the examples mentioned above. We had a republican caucus to get briefed on the plan, actually got paid mileage for going to the briefing and a few days later the republican leadership throws out the plan we were just briefed on, switches it with another plan we didn’t know anything about and pushes the second plan with a lot of state reps complaining about it claiming they will not vote for this plan. I believe it will take a lot of threats and promises to bring enough votes to the table to pass this.

We are also going to be facing a bill that allows guns on college campuses. Some argue that would prevent some of these mass shootings others claim it should be left up to the individual colleges and institutions to make their own policies and rules and government should stay out of that process; so much for keeping government out of our lives.

Monday, December 19, 2011


I have received numerous calls to support/endorse a presidential candidate and have refused them all. I do not think there are any out there that peaks my interest.

With Mitt Romney I have three choices: I could vote for Mitt the conservative, Mitt the moderate or Mitt the liberal; wow that gives me three choices for a single candidate.

With New Gingrich, whom I personally know and like, I could get a free stator supported conservative. Unfortunately, his campaign manager, a free stator spent some of last year attacking republicans who disagreed with his agenda of the Free State movement.

John Huntsman came to NH with an identity problem, first a true conservative who supports Right to Work, then a self confessed moderate. OK John when you figure out who you are please tell the voters.

Ron Paul has some good ideas; but, seems to have these ideas out living him. I think he sounds a little strange while promoting some good ideas, unfortunately we have to elect a person with ideas, and they go together.

Rick Perry gets unfairly slammed for one or two memory lapses, Rick; I only wish I only had one or two. He made a splash when he came to NH only to get booed from the balcony when he addressed the house.

Michelle Bachman, she belongs in a Petri dish for further study, she is one strange person. Newt, at the debates, either refers to her as a liar or dumb; since she has two points to ponder she gets confused. Keep it up Michelle, your making your constituents proud.

I know I won’t vote for Obama so I either leave that part of the ballot blank or write in Matt, only because it is an easy name to remember.


Much easier to choose only because there are fewer candidates. If you look at it from a republican union members stand point, there are no candidates currently running whose is appealing. All the republicans are trying to swing far right for the primary while the democrats are trying to come back to the middle; what the dems don’t seem to grasp is the liberal wing of the party has a tendency to pick the primary nominee.

Many people are waiting to see what Mark Connolly; former Securities Director is going to do. I don’t know of anyone that has his reputation for integrity in the current state government environment.

What I can tell you is, no matter how flattering it might be, Lee Quandt is not in the race; I might have been dropped on my head as a baby but recovered.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


I guess that depends on what you’re trying to hide and how your parents raised you. For example there was a self promoting article in the Manchester Union Leader about how the current house leadership team has brought jobs in to NH by the wonderful job we are doing. Well, I thought it was only a few short weeks ago Bully and his cult followers were touting Right To Work was going to bring all kinds of jobs, etc, etc and more etc.

It was argued, truthfully, that the NH economy, not as good as we would like it was improving and doing better than most of the country. In other words our economy was improving as we were fighting over RTW. Now that RTW was finally defeated, the economy is still moving forward and upward so it is obvious that the Koch brothers, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and bully O’Brien lied to us.

I guess, in their mind, it is ok to lie when you need to win the arguments and mislead people with the fabricated facts. When confronted with the real facts the cult simply denies reality; that is bad because when you start denying reality the next step is to lose touch with reality and some of the cult is showing signs of just that.

People who did not support the speaker on RTW have been removed from their committee assignments and positions and being redistricted to districts where they may not be able to get elected in. All the while the cult is threatening to get everyone who disagrees with them. The good news is, I suspect they will be fighting for their very own political survival. There is an army of educated voters that will be joining together with those of us that will identify the areas that need replacing.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


I know most of you do not know Gary, and some maybe lucky; but Gary has long been a good and trusted friend, both in the legislature and out. He is one of those rare representatives that will give his word and keep his word.

Gary is from Weare, NH and has been a state rep for about 10 yrs off and on. He takes great pride in representing his constituents and is a conservative republican. He was, until recently, chairman of the Fish & Game Committee, which he spent countless hours researching issues studying bills that have gone before the committee.

He is no longer the chairman of F&G, although a supporter of Bully O’Brien, Bully fired him from his chairmanship because Gary voted against Right to Work in support of working middle class NH.

Along with Gary three members of the majority leadership of DJ Bettencourt were asked for their resignations from that leadership group; then, after asking for the resignations DJ said he wouldn’t accept them. All of this is like being on a merry go round doing 60 mph; it is enough to make a sane man crazy and a healthy man sick.

On top of this the out of control free stators are pledging to throw all of those who voted against RTW out of office. I was told one of the crazies who admits to being a non republican free stator, went to the Republican State Committee demanding that the state party throw all those who didn’t support RTW out of the party or not support them in the next election; I also heard his request was rejected by the party HQ’s.

To add insult to hypocrisy, a miniature free stator who signed up to get elected as a republican and is a little dingy (in my opinion), was claiming that Gary had lied to his constituents when he ran by voting against RTW. I do not ever remember in any of my conversations with Gary did he ever support RTW and told everybody who asked him what his position was. Gary’s loyalty to his constituents and his integrity while being part of a leadership group that has no integrity cost him a job that he really liked.

I’ve invited Gary to become part of the Quandt party that puts people first, keeps their word and serves with pride; the party is getting larger and we think that the so called House leadership (or lack of it) should tend their resignations and lets get the state back on track to serve all the people of NH and not just those who are trying a power play to take over government from the people.