Monday, May 13, 2013


I have been told this picture was sent to Senator Ayotte on Mother’s Day from the Londonderry Democratic Committee on their website.

These are some of the pictures of victims of the shooting in Newtown being used to promote a liberal political agenda.
I have been active in Republican politics since 1972 and thought I have seen it all; but, nothing as low as this, no matter what party or what candidate, this is most despicable.

Sunday, May 5, 2013



It was good to see the current Republican State Party Chairman and two prior State Party Chairman come out and chastise the State Rep from Auburn for her remarks about the government being behind the Boston Marathon bombing.  Two prior chairmen referred to her, I believe, as a “nut case”. The current State Party Chairman just disowned her and promised no support from the Republican Party if she decides to run again.

The Rockingham County Republican Party will now have to make a decision on whether to put up enough candidates to unseat her in the next election.

The assessment of her by the two prior chairmen is right on.  Although I welcome this timely assessment it is about two and a half years too late.  Unfortunately, she is not the only one in Concord that made us cringe when some of them open their mouths before engaging their brain.  Couple this last embarrassment with referring to women as “vaginas” and another State Rep that wants to purify the Republican Party in NH and you end up with NH being the laughing stock of the country right now.

If we are going to clean up the mess in the NH Republican Party it needs to go top to bottom.

In Exeter it appears that we have a selectman who is telling people that part of his job is to uncover what the other selectmen or members of town government are hiding from him.  Nobody that I know of is hiding anything except, perhaps, their lack of respect and trust for the 5th selectman.  What he doesn’t understand is if people do not trust you, and they have plenty of reasons not too, they don’t want to talk to you.  So far four members of the board have been too nice not to bring out what they think of the 5th, maybe they are saving it until they get closer to the election, I can only hope.

The warnings have been out there for a couple of years, as a party we are destroying ourselves with more and more people saying, “I didn’t leave the party the party left me”.  I’ve talked about this issue for a couple of years and now you can all see what the state has had to endure.

The good news for Republicans is Obamacare is a horror show and some insurance brokers and professionals are saying this will set us back for years to come and cost us a fortune.  If they are right and I have no reason to doubt them, this will cause the voters to reject the democrats in the next election, and no matter how crazy the Republicans look right now blindly vote in anyone who has an R after their name.

Matt and I have always been proud of our Republican roots and have not compromised on our conservative principles.  However, there have been times when we were not proud of our party and things that have taken place; we came to realize that with either party it is all about money and power and not about people.  Even in our beautiful little Town of Exeter, Dennis Brady and a small group of very strange people (who’s hiding whatever’s) tried to politicize the non political selectman’s race.  In a selectman’s race you look for leaders, not the name callers.

I can see some similarities between the Concord “nut cases” and what is happening in Exeter.