Sunday, October 11, 2015


As the greatness of our country is coming to a close under the Obama administration and all the Republican Presidential Candidates talking about bringing our country back from the brink of destruction, it all sounds good; but, it is getting boring and repetitive, when you hear candidates talking about “safe zones” and “no fly zones” over Syria, run the other way.  Unless you’re willing to go to war with Russia over a country that is not, has not, and will never be our ally.  In fact I don’t think it is much better than a large kitty litter box.

This is a part of the world we will end up fighting.  While we were negotiating a treaty which would make for a better life for the Iranians, the Iranians were staging protests advocating killing Americans.  Have you ever heard of anything as stupid as that?  In my opinion the Obama administration couldn’t negotiate toilet paper off of a toilet roll.

We have members of the Muslim faith calling for Ben Carson to withdraw from the presidential race because he made a comment that he would not support a Muslim for President; what he actually meant to say is if they allowed the Koran to override the US Constitution. The Muslims claimed that Carson was religiously intolerant; well ladies it is not the Christians who are lining other Christians up along the ocean and cutting their heads off so their blood will flow to Italy and Europe.  The war on women, I think in the Koran you can still stone women to death, or the Muslim teenager whose father killed her because he found condoms in her possession (honor killing is advocated in this religion). 

Is it too late to save the Middle East, my only question is too save them from what?  I am not anti Muslim; I am anti militant Muslim who will not swear allegiance to the US Constitution.  When Obama made the stupid statement that “the United States is no longer a Christian Nation”, that said it all.

How do our Republican candidates plan on dealing with this?  Some want to sound tough and talk about the safe zones and no fly zones, some like Trump just want to pull out and supply our allies, Fiorina wants to build up numerous brigades of the military without knowing what we need for brigades and the others just throw out ideas that are unworkable.

Our leadership in this country whether it be Presidential, the Senate, or the House of Representatives is in total chaos.  Our military has been bled dry not only in equipment but also manpower; we are no longer able to carry the fight to a foreign country.  Putin sees that and is filling in the vacuum; Russia is building up their military, China is building up their military, the US is handing out two or three free cell phones to welfare recipients.

“I WILL FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE THE UNITED STATES”!!  Well numb nuts you sure have.