Tuesday, December 18, 2012


There has been so much going on whenever I sit down to write something else happens.  Let’s start with the cohesive Republican agenda:  The former speaker, O’Brien, has put in another right to work bill.  What he says is that it is to find out who votes against it so they can be targeted in the next election.  What he is really saying is let’s find what Republicans won’t support it so the fringe groups can attack them in the next election. 

It was pretty plain to see that O’Brien brought down the whole Republican agenda in the last election and now he’s looking at finishing off the survivors.  So let me see, by some standards, that is cohesiveness, and the so called big tent. Wake me up; this nightmare has to end sometime.

The Democrats are reveling in their last election victories, and they should.  While the Republican train derailed and turned into a brawl the Democrats just had to promote themselves and they did that very well.

The Freestaters, some of whom, ran as Democrats in Democratic Districts and Republicans in Republican districts are still sensitive about being told they will do or say whatever it takes to win; OK, whatever.  We can all say they will not do or say whatever it takes to win; WINK, WINK.

There is sadness in the air and we all feel it for the kids killed in CT.  Kids who were so happy during the holiday season, presents under the Christmas Tree, parades to go see, houses decorated with all their beautiful Christmas lights and loving parents who kissed them goodbye when they sent them off to school that morning with the last words spoken were, “I love you and have fun in school today”.  The horror will live with us for a long time to come.  Kids, whether your kids, my kids, the kids next door are still kids and in a certain way belong to all of us so we all felt the loss and feel the mourning.  I guess it is OK for a man to cry sometimes.

It wasn’t the guns that killed the children anymore than it was the car the shooter drove to get him to the school.  It appears this young man had some serious mental health issues with warnings that he should never be alone; it has been my experience that people like that should be institutionalized.

Another point of discussion is the slow moral decay that has been taking place in our country since the 60’s.  The attitude of “if it feels good do it” and “what’s in it for me”, is the permeating feeling in our society.  Add that to the fact that most of these problems kids, or adults, come from split homes with no positive role models and we are starting to see the problems arise.  The new computer games are violent, bloody and de-sensitizing to killing and other people, same with TV.  What I’m trying to say is we need to revaluate ourselves, our society and the direction of our country.

This is not just in the “other guys” neighborhoods, it is right here in Exeter.  I know people who are politically active and I believe are crazier than an outhouse mouse; that is not illegal, only when they act crazy, then they cross the line.