Tuesday, June 25, 2013


This was a facebook posting by Rep Gary Hopper about NH's SEA involvement in the NH anti gun campaign.  I don't think it needs anymore explanation right now; but, in the near future.

Monday, June 3, 2013


We all know that when politicians are campaigning they sometimes will say or do anything to get votes.  When Governor Maggie was running she was saying how, if elected, she would tell her department heads to give her budget numbers that were 3% less than what the Republicans gave them in the last budget.

When Bully was running for State Rep in the last election he said he was going to cut spending by 400 million $’s.

Well it looks like the state is about 300 million $’s short in the budget, depending on who you listen too, which is probably about Gov. Maggie was talking about for numbers.  But now that the numbers are probably close to what she was talking about the world seems to be collapsing with the lack of money for this program and that program.

One of the problems seems to be that NH is lagging behind on coming out of the recession, in short the revenue projections are down.  If the department heads are not careful they will start taking money out of the 2d year of their two year budget to cover shortfalls in their first year’s budget.  You don’t need a degree in economics to see the problem.

It is still too early to call the shots on the proposed budget; but, it is clear that reality is setting in.


The rumor is Bully O’Brien is going to run for Congress in the somewhat liberal 2d CD, the seat is currently held by Annie Kuster.

That means that every Republican that Free Bagger O’Brien screwed over can now have another shot at him.  Republican from around the state will show up to hold signs for his opposition in the primary.

Anybody that doesn’t believe in a living god should rethink their position.


I have been hearing that more and more Free Staters are complaining that they made a mistake in coming to NH.  Evidently they feel they were sold a bill of goods and thought they were going to be welcomed with open arms, only to find that when they are identified, they are being rejected by NH Citizens.

Some of the people who openly admit to being Free Staters are very smart and just nice people; but, like in the NH Republican Party the nuts are the ones bringing down the whole program.