Friday, October 29, 2010


The following is a press release from ISAF Headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan. I don’t really know what they do; but do know that is where my daughter Alexa is stationed. She is on her 8th tour to Afghanistan, her first 7 were flying and she drew a ground tour on this one.

Alexa was instrumental in promoting and organizing a soccer match between the ISAF women and the Afghan women’s soccer team. In the middle of a war that our troops are fighting and the politicians are fighting over, Alexa asks the Afghan women’s team, “hey you guys want to play soccer”?

As I have seen in the news and told by veterans that there are parts of Afghanistan that if you’re a female and try to go to school you will be killed. If you wear anything other than the traditional dress, you will be killed, in other words if you’re a woman in Afghanistan, it seems it is awful easy to get killed.

What I’ve heard is that the captain of the women’s team is about five feet tall and a college student studying a finance/economics program at a college in Kabul and most of the soccer players are either college or high school students. One of them told ISAF that they wanted to show the world that they aren’t afraid anymore and they want the world to know they are sick of war; many of them were born during some kind of war and know nothing else,many of them have lost friends and family.

They seem to be like “kids” or women that know what they want and not afraid to push for it, the end of war and peace to their country.

The ISAF team is a composite team of people from different countries most of which grew up playing soccer and thought this was a great idea. All the generals bought into this idea and the game was on.

With only about 3 weeks to turn the NATO team into a team the training began, about 3hours a day after work, which can run 12 shifts, if they can’t sneak away for the team.

Finally the big day arrived today. The game was covered by about 25 international news organizations and many ranking officers from NATO. The Afghan team had beaten the Pakistani team and was up for the match. The teams went back and forth, up and down the field and stayed scoreless for a long time. Both teams started out not playing as good as they wanted and improved as the day went on.

Both teams did an excellent job with the Afghan women able to get one goal while holding the ISAF team scoreless.

What appeared amazing is that the vendors that were selling at the bizarre were (all men) rooting and cheering for the Afghan women. This is generally unheard of in that culture.

I tried to get Alexa to admit that they let the Afghan women win to rule out any honor killings, should they lose, and Alexa assured me it was a fair, hard fought game and they all had a wonderful time.

Just think of the ramifications; why would we send special ops troops into the mountains to kill the enemy, spend billions on sophisticated weaponry and drones, etc. When soccer balls are so cheap? Hey let’s stop shooting at each other for awhile and play soccer.

I say this tongue and cheek and only kidding; this is what the world would be like if it was run by women, no more wars, lower grocery prices and they will probably find an end to world hunger. It is getting to sound better and better all the time.

I can also tell you that we are very proud of our young Captain, that was born, raised and educated right here in Exeter, she truley one of Exeters own and also brings pride, not only to our family, but also to our community.

The press release follows.

International Security Assistance Force – Afghanistan

Committed to the security, reconstruction and extension of governance in Afghanistan


Afghan National Women’s Football Team, ISAF Women
Set to Face Off

KABUL, Afghanistan (October 25) – Kabul-based media are invited to attend a football match here at ISAF headquarters between the Afghan national women’s football team and a pick-up team of women from ISAF on Friday, October 29, 2010 at 1:00 p.m.

Leadership from the Afghan women’s team, who requested the match, envisioned the exhibition game as an opportunity to practice against friendly international competition in preparation for future tournaments.

When approached, ISAF members were eager to support the Afghan team.

“We admire the courage, tenacity and fearlessness of these Afghan women,” said US Air Force Capt. Alexa Quandt, an ISAF women’s team member and event coordinator. “They are truly an inspiration with their perseverance and dedication.”

The Afghan women’s team, founded in 2004, played their first international match against Pakistan in August, 2007. The team is the first all-women Afghan soccer team ranked by FIFA, the world soccer's governing body.

Since then, the team has continued to seek new challenges to hone their skills and demonstrate their resolve to continue playing the game they love.

“Afghans should be proud of their women’s football team,” said Brigadier General Chris Whitecross, ISAF Communications. “This match is a great way for them to showcase their skills against friendly competition.”

Media interested in attending must arrive at the ISAF main gate no later than 12:15 p.m.

WHAT: Football match
WHO: Afghan national women’s football team vs. ISAF women’s team
WHEN: 1:00 p.m. Friday, October 29, 2010
WHERE: ISAF Headquarters"


Pat Abrami and I had a long talk and have cleared the air and put aside any disagreements or misunderstandings. As we grow older we understand that grudges and ill feelings do not extend our lives. I have always respected Pat and understand his steadfastness in doing the right thing for our constituents and with his health care knowledge will be an asset to our constituents.

Remember I said at the last candidate’s forum, if people have their hearts in the right place to do the right thing, the only part of the equation to answer is how we get there.

There is a lot to respect with our republican candidates; they all bring something to the table and have strong leadership abilities to lead and guide us through the next few years of what is shaping up to be very tough economic decisions. People like Pat, Frank, Ron, Joanne, Tim and Michele do have the abilities to do this. If elected they will all need political guidance to get to that other 50% of the problem, which is the solution.

I saw them struggle through this campaign, now if they win, they will need to be molded as a team to become affective representatives and Matt and I will be working with them to move our constituents agenda forward (of course this is if we all win); but that will be up to the voters.

I do have an area of concern, no longer about our candidates; but, if the republicans show up on Tuesday, Nov 2d. The independents, god bless them, can only carry the fight for so long. We will need main stream republicans to step up and stand with us.


Thursday, October 28, 2010


One of the under rated candidates running for State Rep is Ron Dupuis. Ron is an honorable person who once served in the house from the Derry area. Ron moved from Derry to North Hampton a number of years ago and did the honorable thing and resigned his house seat because he left his district. Many state reps wouldn’t do that and hang on until the next election and not run; Ron isn’t like that.
While in the house, Ron did a good job and was very conscientious and fiscally conservative.

I am hoping Ron gets elected because we need his experience and fiscal conservatism to get NH back on the right fiscal footing.

He’s a good choice.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


November 2d, is getting closer and the political picture is becoming clearer. First of all the democratic state rep candidates for our district (district 13) are some of the friendliest and best candidates that have run for these seats in a long time, that is to their credit. The republicans are divided and appear to be lacking a clear message or vision for the future or they are just not articulating it.

GOVERNORS’S RACE: John Lynch is the embedded politician with the backing of a bunch of special interest groups from gay marriage to the various police groups with the power of the incumbency. He is going for an unprecedented 4th term. On the other hand we have a feisty John Stephen who I don’t think is impressed the Lynch’s support, record, or polling numbers. As best as I can figure the polling numbers are closer than we think, in the 6 or so point range, which is quite good at this point in the election. It only takes 3 days to win or lose an election. Stephen can win.

GOVERNOR’S COUNCIL RACE: Bev Hollingworh is well thought of, respected and is in a job where she doesn’t have to vote on gay rights, budgets, abortion, gun rights, etc. She just keeps the governor on the straight and narrow and is another conduit for her constituents to state government. She does not play politics and represents her constituents irregardless of their political party; she is caring and respected. Chris Sununu is a smart young man with a recognized name and has a hard time attacking Bev’s record of constituent support and just being liked. I think Bev will hold onto her seat.

STATE SENATE: Although Russ Prescott has been doing an admirable job campaigning and holding his own in candidate forums, Maggie has matured as a speaker and politician and is going to be tough to beat. I’ve been told that insider polls show Maggie is vulnerable; but, the question is too who. I think Maggie will hold on to her seat.

STATE REPS RACE: Where do we start? The democrats have the best field of candidates they have had in years. The republicans are struggling for control of the party, process and candidates. In other words divided and looking like rookies, Oh, I think they are. Although both Matt and I are running for state rep, we are not part of the tri’town debacle and have a totally different philosophy of our constituents first. It is always hard to take on the entrenched establishment and realize if we can’t get bought off, scared off, what is left, try calling us names. If that doesn’t work, tear down our signs and call us more names. Matt and I are running our own campaign independent of the establishment; the voters are our campaign staff and call the shots and the direction that we will go.

There are some good people running for state rep that are republicans; but, they are too new to the process to know how to think independently. BEST GUESS: 4 and 4, 4 republicans and 4 democrats in this race. The democrats are predicting 8 & 2; but, I think it will be 4&4 or 5-3 with 5 republicans.

As the races tighten my predictions might change based on proposed voter turnout and I will try to stay on top of the projections.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Politicians seem to be afraid of those people who identify as “Tea Party Followers” or supporters. If I’m paying attention they are disenfranchised republicans and moderate to conservative democrats who have had it with the political machines. They do not like where both parties have taken our country and state.

By their very purpose in life political machines are like government bureaucrats, trying to expand their power and influence to feed their feelings of self-importance. As people are coming to realize they don’t care about us; but, simply want to use us to feed their egos and feelings of self importance.

I was talking to some democrats and they couldn’t believe why the republicans have so much infighting and attacking each other. Obviously, they have been hearing the same things that Matt, I and our supporters have. I guess when you tell the establishment to bug off, they have to try to hurt you so anyone else who sees the problems within the political structure power brokers and king makers try to make sure the rebellion comes to an end.

If you noticed the democrats haven’t been wasting a lot of time attacking republicans, on a local level, because they know they don’t have to because we have a toxic venomous group attacking other republicans. So it is no longer important to promote republican principles and ideas, it has to be choreographed by the political power brokers. What you are seeing is the last gasps of antique thinking and emergence of people who are no longer listening to them.

Maybe it is just the people I talk to; but, most say they care more about the candidate and their message than they do who what party they belong to. Once the republicans adapt to this political change they will be able to come out strong. The democrats, in my opinion, have not been able to stand alone on the issues. Their candidates are being fed the standard line cool aid and everyone knows their arguments cannot defend their political positions. For whatever reasons they cannot admit that they screwed up the state and federal government and are just being fed info to justify what they did. The voters can see through this and it will cost the democrats major votes. If they are unwilling to realize and admit what caused the problem it is going to be hard to work with them to fix it.

The republicans will probably win by default, no matter how dumb we act or who attacks who. Where the problem lies is will they work together should they get elected. The answer will probably be no, the newbie’s will follow the republican platform and leadership right over the cliff. In other words, as one of my supporters put it, every nut that signed up will win. She actually made me chuckle for quite awhile over that one.

Exeter-Stratham and North Hampton have a tendency to buck the political trend and vote for the candidate and the message instead of the party so I would be quite cautious in having victory parties before the votes are counted.

I think the break for the district 13 states rep races will be somewhere around 4-4 or 5-3, breaking even or in favor of republicans. I’m still watching the state senate race and the governor’s council race.

I believe the voters will stay with the candidates that have the best message and who and what candidate and message the voters relate too.

Friday, October 1, 2010


For anyone who has sent Matt an email and didn't get a response here is why. Matt's lap top has been down since July and now that it is up and running he had over 3,000 emails going back to July. Most of which got deleted so if you wonder why you didn't a response you know why; please resend your emails to and he will get to them. Matt was trying to answer his emails off of his blackberry; but, that didn't work out very well. He is up and running and waiting for your discussions.