Saturday, February 19, 2011


Well I think you know the rest of the little ditty. The two 900 pound greedy gorillas had their fight and it looks like Exeter Hospital came out on the losing side. They are going to have to trim their rates down from being the most expensive hospital in the state (and probably northern MA) to the most expensive but with a little less profit; ok, boo hoo, hoo, my grieving is done, over it and I’m all better now.

Let’s look at the reality that the newspapers don’t know how to get to. First of all on one of my earlier blogs I predicted this was how it was going to turn out, an agreement in place at the last minute. I don’t have a crystal ball; but, only experience in dealing with insurance companies, hospitals and their lobbyists in Concord. It is all about greed and both sides had huge cooperate egos and neither could afford to lose out on this contract.

I had met early on with the insurance commissioner and described my thoughts on how this was going to turn out, and he pretty much agreed. Since that was a private conversation I felt it should stay that way among other things we discussed. If you remember the insurance commissioner was the one (he oversees and regulates the insurance industry in NH) who, at my and Matt’s request jumped in and helped Exeter after the huge hail storm. I knew Roger, a retired VN Army Colonel, holds his cards close to his vest; but, does care.

Although Governor’s Councilman Chris Sununu got good publicity for offering to be a mediator in this problem, I felt it was not governments place to get involved in private or corporate contract negotiations. Basically, Anthem’s response was, “go away kid you bother me”, or was that W.C. Fields, after awhile they all look alike. In Anthem’s passion to prove how tough they were, they lost sight of the fact that they have about a 20 million dollar contract to administer the State of NH health insurance plan, which I think Chris Sununu might be voting on as a councilor. Now you can start to see why politics is like soap opera, you never know how it is going to turn out until the last act is played out and the last act is not played out yet. Chris, please be gentle.

Plague on both their houses for the way they caused fear and stress in the hospital patients; but, also the Anthem subscribers. I have never seen such a total disregard for the people who thought they could trust each of them to do the right thing; never forget that human greed is one of the most powerful emotions we have and unless your willing to do or say anything to win, please don’t get involved in the fight the other side will almost always win.

Friday, February 18, 2011


At a recent selectman’s meeting there was quite an outburst from one of the regulars at the public comment part of the meeting. In part, my professional relationship with selectman Bob Aldrich was brought into question and I think it needs to be responded to.

I think Bob has done a very good job as not only a selectman; but, as vice chairman of the board. Bob is EXCELLENT on budget numbers; in fact Bob is a numbers cruncher, a very valuable position on any public board, Bob is the administrative type. Matt finds Bob an easy person to work with and a great source of knowledge. Both Matt and I have respect for Bob, not only as a person; but, a dedicated public official who works very hard for the people of Exeter. As a public elected official you cannot please everybody all the time; but, when you make decisions that are based on the best interests of the town, at least the sane members of the community will respect you. Bob has earned our respect by his hard work, dedication, and respect for the town of Exeter and its taxpayers. When or if, Bob runs for reelection I would be happy not only to support him; but, work on his campaign if asked. I don’t think there is any wiggle room on my relationship or respect for Bob.

Unfortunately, we have a fringe group that has nothing good to say about anybody or anything. I would like to cut a deal with them, if they stop lying about us, we’ll stop telling the truth about them.

At the last deliberative session this fringe group was stomped on when everything they proposed was killed by overwhelming numbers. This same group has been bad mouthing everyone that disagrees with them, Matt included and has two candidates running for selectman in the hopes of beating Matt and gives them more control of the town. This group has nothing good to say about Exeter or some of the people in the town that disagree with them have proven to be a dangerous element to deal with. They are coming across as a small out of control group; I’ve seen this in some groups in Concord where they attack anyone who disagrees with them, it is too bad to have one in Exeter. Whether this group gains traction in Exeter is up to the voters; but, right now John Childs and Matt might be the only line to hold not allowing these people to take control of Exeter.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The deliberative session is behind us one more time. The use of the new high school was just perfect, the seats were comfortable, it was warm, the rest rooms were very easy to get to and the refreshments were right on the spot. In other words it went the way people wanted it to go.

Some of the observations I saw were quite interesting. I saw about 200 people there and they knew what they wanted and didn’t want. The elected boards were all shot down handily, even after plenty of discussion and debate. The voters weren’t buying what a small group was pushing in their attempt to take over some functions of the town. We have a couple of issues; one being taking authority away from the board of selectmen and the other issue is changing the process that is used to appoint boards. Many people seem to feel that they didn’t want to change the process of how boards are appointed and some didn’t support the people wanting to make the changes. Another interesting observation is that no one ever quits a board in Exeter they leave because they put in enough time, several different reasons, the budget committee members didn’t quit, they resigned. The water sewer didn’t quit they resigned to protect their families from potential law suits; but, many of them wanted to get elected to the same boards they quit/resigned from. I think I’m getting old; they didn’t make a lot of sense to me.

Another issue was whether the voters could change the warrant articles at the deliberative session; they used the passage the day before of HB 77 that said you couldn’t change the substance or subject matter of the warrant article. The governor signed the bill on Friday and we were all trying to figure it out on Saturday.

I checked on this bill and talked to the bill writer who told me the intent of the bill was to prohibit amending a warrant article to say, “To see”, and that would be the warrant article. By not defining subject matter or substance, it was apparent the Exeter voters acted properly in how they amended the warrant articles.

Sam Bruno did an exceptional job of explaining the Comcast contract and the rates of 3% on just your television bill, so if your cable TV costs you $100 (just on your TV-not phone or internet) the cost would be $3 extra. Sam went on to explain the benefits and expanded coverage that the town seems to want. When Sam was done explaining the program there was no question that the opposition was putting out misleading and in some cases false information. I would just like to say thanks to Sam and quality shows, Sam your quality.

It was interesting to see each time Frank Fararo got up and spoke more votes seemed to go towards Matt and John Childs in the upcoming selectman’s race. I was taken back at the number of people that came to me asking what they could do to help Matt in the election, they were most encouraging. I really got the feeling that the fringe group has burned up its credibility and people were tiring of their constant negative tirades and a conspiracy behind every decision attacks on the town, the citizens will only tolerate this haranguing for so long and reject those who are doing it.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Elliot Hospital Has a Clinic in Raymond!!!

To those who are worried about losing their health care provider in the Anthem/Exeter Hospital Fiasco the Elliot Hospital has a well stocked clinic in Raymond to deal with any ones health care needs.

Although I still believe the two warring entities will still reach a contract agreement there is an alternative just up the road; the following information is for anyone who is interested in a stabilized health care program:

Elliot Pediatrics and Primary Care at Raymond
Located in the Raymond Shopping Ctr., 15 Freetown Road, Raymond, NH
Phone number 895-8000

Elliot’s Raymond office is currently accepting new patients of all ages.

Elliot’s providers include the following three physicians who are all board certified in both internal medicine and pediatrics and one nurse practitioner:
Jason Emmick, MD
Nancy Husarik, MD
John Klunk, MD
Karen Fradette, APRN

If patients are interested in learning more about Elliot’s providers and their practice they can either ask for the Practice Manager, Julie Brayall or Practice Coordinator, Melissa Long at the above practice number.
If patients would like assistance selecting a physician, they can contact the physician referral line at Elliot OnCall at 663-4567.