Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I just read a letter to the editors from one of Exeter’s fringe claiming there was no leadership on the BOS and Matt always did what the Town Manager told him to do.  After I read this delusional rant I stepped back and understood how little Dennis Brady and Frank Ferraro know about what was happening in Exeter this past year.

Anyone who watched the selectman’s meetings on channel 22 could see how well the four members of the board interacted and worked together with the town manager and department heads.  The issues Exeter is facing just in infrastructure, is monumental and need the full cooperation of the board and departments.  If you had two board members who were hell bent on pushing to fire the town manager when there is no cause, there would be chaos in Exeter and a sizable lawsuit to boot; thankfully the voters saw that and decided to keep everyone in place.  Make no mistake getting rid of The Town Manager is exactly what they want. There are two things preventing this from happening, first they need three votes on the board, secondly the Town Manager has to do a fire able offense.

It is obvious that the next selectman’s race started when the loonies lost the last one a couple of weeks ago and Matt is once again the target; if he wants to run for his Selectman’s seat it will be in the next election.

Dennis Brady, who claims to have graduated from the Coast Guard Academy, obviously didn’t pay attention to his leadership classes because he thinks the definition of no leadership is when he thought Matt, didn’t show any leadership because he worked with the town manager, other selectman and department heads to continue to move Exeter forward while trying to keep the taxes down. Matt’s definition of leadership is similar to mine, “leadership is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way as to make them look forward to the trip”; hey Dennis, have a nice trip.


We had an old saying in the Probation/Parole Department, “when in doubt, scream and shout”.  This has to do with the warrant article to have a receptionist answer the phones at the Town Offices.

I haven’t found anyone who likes answering machines or answering services, me included.

With cooperative management the Town has a new and I think a better system than they had.  If you remember the group in Town that is out of control in their attacks on the selectman and Town Manager, were attacking on financial audits that needed to be upgraded for quality and timeliness.  The Town Manager made a case that he needed additional staffing and the receptionist’s position was transferred into the finance office.  From what I have heard that move has taken care of much of the problems in that section of the town administration.  Then the Town automated their phone system explaining how to access the various town departments with a live person, Town Manager’s Secretary, on the end of the line if you need help.  I called the Town Offices just to see how the system worked and ended up on the line to talk to a real person and I did, the system works very efficiently.  If the new catch phrase is innovation, then it has been achieved; the number to the Town Offices is 778-0591 for anyone who wants to check this out for themselves.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

MY MY!!!


We have to switch gears from the local loonies to the state level loonies.  The latest going around with the remnants of the once respected House Republican Alliance is that they are circulating a letter for signatures, to Gene Chandler; the minority Republican Leader, requesting that he removes Shawn Jasper from his Republican leadership post. It was always my personal opinion that in any dealings I had with Jasper I always felt he was untrustworthy and should never be put in any republican leadership positions.  I thought Gene learned his lesson the last time.

Evidently Jasper offended the Free Staters who have taken control of the HRA and they want him removed.  What Chandler isn’t aware of is HRA is supposedly going to make a move of removing him from his position and replacing him with none other than Bully O’Brien.  If you remember Bully is the former speaker that brought down the whole Republican agenda in NH, put the Republicans once again in the minority and to add insult to injury threatened to finish off the Republican survivors of the past election if they didn’t do exactly what he says.  Again, my opinion is this will be a touch and go situation because I don’t think Gene has as many old guard Republicans in the House to back his play or defense against the Free Staters.

Has anyone heard how the little band of jolly Free Staters are doing about getting NH to secede from the union?  You just can’t make this stuff up.

WOW boys and girls isn’t this what every Howdy Doody fan wants running their agenda and state.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, Concord is no longer about good representation it is about, money, control and power.