Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We need to congratulate Patrick Abrami for getting the coveted Bill O’Brien endorsement for State Rep, in fact O’Brien’s Committee sent out at least two expensive mailings in support of Abrami.  Even though Abrami’s disingenuous attempt at hiding his loyalty  towards O’Brien at the last Stratham candidates forum was transparent at best with Abrami trying to talk his way out of the question about supporting O’Brien I was surprised it would become so apparent before the elections.  I think the last person to get this endorsement was Newt Gingrich whose numbers were at about 25% and a week later after the endorsement was around 12%. 

 In the last election, two years ago, it was reported to me that Patrick was going door to door bad mouthing Matt and me.  I called him on it, he denied it; in my opinion when you catch a liar lying they will try to lie their way out of it.  I didn’t pursue it and let it drop.  Then in this primary it was reported back that he was up to his old tricks again denying any support for O’Brien and lying about Tim Copeland.

 The sad truth is there is not much to pick from running in Stratham for the Stratham district, you have Tim Copeland who shines, and that is about it.

 Tim, Matt and I are the only Republican candidates that I found that were not endorsed by the NH Republican Liberty Caucus.  From what I’ve seen this group is the crazy wing of the Free Stater’s and their plan to take over NH and turn it into an anarchist’s utopia of non government.

 In my opinion, in politics you only have your word, your reputation for honesty and your ability to tell the truth.  If you lose these then the only thing you can fall back on is your loyalty for Speaker O’Brien.