Sunday, August 30, 2015


When we hear more and more about the Iranian Nuclear Treaty we have to stand back in amazement and wonder how this came about.  Even when the treaty was being negotiated the Iranian leadership was promoting demonstrations calling for the death of Americans.


When Obama claims he isn’t a Muslim; if it walks like a duck and quacks, guess what, you’re dealing with a Muslim duck.  When they started the demonstrations the U.S. needed to get up and walk out and tell the Iranians that when they are serious about peace initiatives then call us.


Money is a wonderful thing and since Obama cannot, or would not, divulge where much of his campaign donations came from so it is easily specula table that it came from Muslim Countries and he is beholding to them.


The problem is our US Senate and House Leadership are cowards and unwilling to go after Obama.  The Senate Democrats and House Members who vote for this treaty are traitors to our safety and that of the friendly Middle East countries.  They need to be called out for being traitors, by name, and the voters need to keep having the traitor’s names put before them until they can be voted out of office.


There was even a man on TV collecting petition signatures to go to DC talking about giving Iran this treaty (nuclear weapons) and this would bring peace to the Middle East.  This guy looked like the long term effects of frequent marihuana use have taken its toll.


There is a voter movement in this country, in both parties, that have had enough.  Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have been riding this wave, although Bernie has been in DC for awhile the voters seem to trust him more than the Clintons; that tells me that there is still some common sense with the Democrats.


The Republican leadership needs to show some leadership and identify the treaty traitors and list them by name.  I believe there will be some major political changes after the next election; it appears the voters have had enough with both political establishments.


I keep asking myself how much more damage can Obama and the treaty traitors due to our country in the next 16 months and keep amazing me with the stupidity.






Sunday, August 16, 2015


I haven’t been keeping up with my blog partly because I’ve been on the go and secondly if I wrote on everything that has been happening I would not have time for anything else, so I have very much enjoyed being a bystander for a change. Thanks for all the phone calls you have me back on track.

I think we all watched the Fox News debate; I thought it was pretty sad when Fox finally admitted it was set up to trip up Trump.  To me it was obvious when Megyn Kelly didn’t seem to ask questions but seemed to make accusations.  I think Trump did OK in his usual Trump way, Rubio and Cruz did well also.

If there was a loser it was Fox News, I understand they got tons of bad email about how the debate was set up and handled, Kelly acted like a third year law student trying to interrogate a professional criminal, she just didn’t get the job done.  So her attempt at being a big player in national politics is a major failure; but, you have to keep in mind Trump is not an establishment candidate pick.

The one issue that most of the candidates agreed upon was to get rid of Obama care and not passing the Iran nuclear deal.  I don’t quite understand Obama’s love for Iran; but, he did give way the shop.  I strongly suspect he took major under the table political contributions from Iran for his political campaigns, why else would he sell out our country and that is what he did.

What Bam Bam’s administration has done is guaranteed that Israel wipes out Iran.  There is no way Israel will allow Iran, a country who consistently talks of wiping Israel off the map to get nuclear weapons to attack them, so good bye Iran and nice job Bam Bam.  This Iran treaty that was supposed to keep nuclear weapons from proliferating in the Middle East is a total sham and failure.  Already some of the other Middle East countries are talking to Pakistan to buy some, good job boys, I feel safer already.