Wednesday, November 18, 2015


As we watch the major news networks the one thing that stands out is the total lack of US Leadership and common sense.  It seems our misguided president is more concerned with political correctness and the proper names for our terrorist enemies than he is about protecting our citizens.


The last Democratic Debate looked more like Moe, Larry and Curley in a three stooge’s skit than potential leaders for our country.  I’m trying to figure out if climate change/global warming killed and wounded almost 400 kids in Paris; I know I’m just a dumb assed farm boy but the answer will come to me shortly.


I am starting to see a political pattern that is building for the next election and I would not have predicted it until now; but, it looks like there will be a Republican sweep from the president down to the local elections.  The Republicans have not done a good job leading; but, I believe the voters will give them a pass because of Obama.  More and more people who were neutral on the Muslim issue with Obama are now saying he is either a Muslim or took huge sums of campaign funds from them when he ran for president.  The other factor is people do not believe a thing he is saying; when you lose your credibility in leadership you’re done.


If the Democratic voters continue to make excuses for Obama and continue to blame everything on Bush, they will all go down the tubes.  The voters are more interested in the next election and are proving to anti establishment, in both parties.