Wednesday, February 11, 2015



People lie because they are liars; they make mistakes because they make decisions.  This is not a difficult concept to understand.

At the last deliberative session and after about a two hour discussion on the Epping Rd. TIF Warrant Article 14 came up on the election (names placed on the budget recommendations committee).  Nelson Lourenco stood up to make a motion and that was for him to step down and appoint Frank Ferraro in his place.  A single vote on that motion passed and a second vote was taken to place that warrant on the March ballot.

I was out of the room when that happened, probably just as well.

After I found out what happened alarm bells were going off that this may have been an illegal vote.  I might be wrong; but, I did check with some parliamentarians who agreed with my assessment that it was illegal.

In our opinion the right way to do this was to take a vote to accept Lourenco’s resignation and then vote on putting Ferraro on the budget committee; so what we did was two issues with one vote and that was the vote on the motion.

If I am right I do not blame any of the town officials or the voters.  After the TIF discussion I think everyone’s eyes were glazed over.  I do blame Lourenco and Ferraro for the underhanded tactics to get Ferraro on the budget committee when he probably would not be voted into or appointed to that position.  A short time before this Ferraro was at the mike professing to support “the process” and they conspired with a small group to violate “the process” and hoodwink the Exeter Voters.

There is a way to correct this and that is at Town Meeting in March is simply to vote NO on article 14, which votes on the names of people going on the budget committee and if article 14 fails, then the selectman would have to appoint the members of the budget committee.  The budget committee members and the voters should not be subjected to this type of FREE STATE MANUVERING NONSENSE; this is the kind of actions that the Free State group does to win an issue they can’t win any other way.

I have the greatest respect for the Town Moderator, the Town Clerk, and all the people that work hard to make democracy work in Exeter including the voters; but, the blatant actions by these people who’s strategy is to take advantage of them and the voters is inexcusable.

I will be voting no on article 14.