Friday, June 5, 2009


The recently touted heroine of the homosexual agenda by our local newspaper has pulled another bewildering move. She voted against Charter Schools.

The NEA and educational establishment are against charter schools, home schooling or vouchers. I can’t count the number of fights I was in defending all three, even sponsoring a bill that protected home schooling parents in their dealing with the state on curriculum issues, and with the help of some friends got the bill passed. I don’t play political games; I have never considered myself part of the political establishment and not afraid to tell anyone to go to hell if I was fighting an issue important to my constituents.

When I was called about this issue I suggested to the caller to give the info to the local newspaper, if you haven’t noticed the news has been a little bland lately and since they already promoted Maggie to the heroine of the gay and lesbian agenda for saving the gay marriage bill, they ought to give special mention for being such a champion of the Charter School Program. When I was told about another one of her flip flops, I was for it before I was against it issues, I was also told that she was asked why she did this and her reply was she would fix it in a committee of conference. The information was given to the newspaper and it is out in the open.

The educational establishment does not want competition in any form and what may look like competition they already control it. The establishment does not want charter schools so they were able to get the amendment to the budget putting an 850 pupil cap on charter schools. I have been told there are about 1100 kids in the programs. The charter schools also need to expand to become financially viable and less dependant on government aid. So what are they going to do throw out a couple hundred kids? If you reduce the number of students you kill Charter Schools. What business is it of the state to tell you where you can send your kids for an education?

Now Senator Hassan got caught, once again, playing Concord Politics, she should try to save political face and correct the poor judgment she used when she again fell prey to the special interests and do what is right for the kids of our state. If you support children and education, then you support them. Not just public schools or SAU run Charter Schools; but, all children and parents in their quest for the best education they can get.

I can see a fight brewing down the road for legislation that will direct the educational part of our tax bill, almost $.75 of each dollar that goes to education to be diverted to alternate educational programs such as Charter Schools for those parents that do not want to use public education. The problem here is Charter Schools seem to be doing a better job than public education, for the kids who benefit from it, at half the cost.

It is only power and control that is causing us to be in this fight and for the good of the state and educating our children it is a fight we cannot afford to lose.


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