Wednesday, September 23, 2009


What’s going on politically? The answer to that is a lot. First of all Maggie seems to gone to ground and stopped bragging about what a wonderful state budget “she came up with”. In fact the state budget cuts about $280,000 a year from payments to Exeter for the next two years. The other bad thing is it is about $250,000,000 out of whack. Julie Gilman wants to build a warm up shack with toilets at the Exeter railway station that is only going to cost us $70,000 in matching funds if the program grant goes through. The town wants to hire more staff when people are still losing their jobs and can’t pay their taxes. Does anyone see a financial pattern developing of lost revenue with increased spending? On a local level what does this mean to you? When we vote for and elect liberals our taxes go up, when our taxes go up we complain, and then in the next election we vote for liberals. Let’s break this nasty agenda of increasing our tax bills and start voting for people who care more about you then themselves, now wouldn’t that be a change.

On a state level the republicans seem to be looking for someone to run for governor. Since I couldn’t talk Al Bailey or Jim Knight into it, both more than capable than what we have right now, the slot is still open. The democrats in power, as well as some republicans, really stuck it to the state employees. Your retirees that are under 65 are paying up to $130 a month for their health insurance. Prescriptions went up from a $4 co-pay program to a $10-20-30 program. Co pays to doctors went up 100%. Some argue if you retire before age 65 you should pay that. Well what about those employees who were forced to retire because of medical reasons due to injuries on the job and were forced into medical retirement? The people who least can afford the increases are paying the most. Thanks governor for your understanding and fairness.

There are approximately 35,000 state employee votes just waiting for the next election to go against those democrats and republicans who voted for this. You see in our minds it isn’t just that we have to cut back on spending because of tough times, the state employees got screwed by the very person who they got elected because it is more popular to lay off employees than to cut some of the super liberal programs that the democrats funded. As state employees we have lived through tough time and budget cuts and they are tough; but, we all know we have to chip in, this year it more nasty than usual. The good thing about America is if you don’t like who is in office you can always vote them out. Growing up there was an elderly person of French ancestry who use to say, “give dem da boot”, ok here comes “da boot”.

Speaking of the 35,000 state employee votes, they are looking for someone to support for governor and the finger is getting pointed (in a respectful way to Senator Bob Clegg from Hudson). Bob has growing support because of his simple, honest and direct approach to dealing with people. Bob has not always supported unions; but, he has never lied or misrepresented what his feelings are. Wouldn’t it be great to elect someone who doesn’t lie, keeps if fly zipped, is a fiscal conservative and comes from a honest working class background? I think so; but, if this is the kind of person you would like to represent your interests, give Bob a call and see if you can nudge him a little. Darn, all those qualities in one republican candidate are too good to be true. By the way Bob, Matt and I are friends and worked together for years in Concord. The friendship is based on trust and respect, a good way to make and keep friends.

Bob Bestani from Newmarket is running against Frank Guinta from Manchester for the 1st congressional district, held by Carol Porter. Bob was at the recent Scamman chili fest and gave a short speech about his take on world finances, a little about his massive qualifications on international finances and what his vision was for NH and the US. Afterwards, since he teaches at Stamford, I asked him if I could get CEU’s for being in his class. I don’t think he thought I was smart enough to pass the course because he told me no. Frank did his stock speech of how he was elected mayor of Manchester and kept down taxes and crime; it was more of a speech about Frank and not the State or the country. My money is on Bestani if he continues to get his name out and meet people.

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