Friday, May 21, 2010


Our core beliefs of limited government, fiscal restraint, low taxes, personal responsibility and individual freedoms are being pummeled by the Democrats. Our fight must start right now to save our state values!

The news from Concord could not be more alarming. Our state long known for prudent fiscal management currently confronts a $220 million deficit in this budget. The deficit picture in the next budget gets even worse – an almost unimaginable $600 million and counting as federal revenue disappears.

Given that backdrop – one might think that the Democrats who control the state Legislature would do what hard working families and small business owners across our state are doing: cutting expenditures.

Unfortunately that is not the case. In the last two budgets spending has increased by 23% followed by over 70 tax and fee increases including the job killing income tax on business owners, the LLC Tax, and numerous other taxes that have made New Hampshire less competitive.

Now it is time to pay the piper, but as I write this Concord Democrats are looking for clever ways to dig deeper into everyone’s wallet rather than trimming runaway spending. Under consideration are a Capital Gains Tax, an Estate Tax, the fifth increase in six years on tobacco and additional tax hikes on other tobacco products, increases in pet shop licensure fees, a new tax on electricity, hikes in the insurance premium taxes, and the old-standby, down shifting costs to cities and towns causing property tax hikes.

The Democrats who control the Legislature do not comprehend two simple facts: as a state we cannot continue this spending binge and hard working taxpayers are already maxed out.

The unemployment rate is out of sight and working families are struggling to find jobs and keep their jobs while small businesses across the state are fighting to stay in business.

What the folks who control the Legislature also don’t comprehend is the devastating impact these job killing taxes – especially business owner income taxes – are having on our economy. 52,508 of our friends and neighbors in New Hampshire are out of work. While national unemployment has begun to inch downward, ours has stubbornly stayed near its high. All these new taxes have already hurt our chances of recovery. Adding a Capital Gains and Estate Tax makes it ever more likely an income and sales tax are just over the horizon and these taxes will ensure that our economy continues to deteriorate while New Hampshire citizens remain out of work.

If you have been receiving these email updates over the year that I have served in the New Hampshire Senate you know what my top priorities are: economic recovery, cutting spending, repealing job killing taxes and curtailing the reach and control of big government into every corner of our lives.

It's time to say loudly and clearly that enough is enough!
If you believe as I do that we need to change priorities in Concord --- then I need your help. Please click here to visit my website and visit the Contributions page to make a contribution today.

Please consider donating $25, $50, $100, or even $250, $500, $1000 to my campaign for re-election to the New Hampshire Senate from District 3 in the Lakes Region and Mount Washington Valley.

Never has an upcoming election been so critical for our State’s future. Critical to assure we make tough spending decisions and reduce the growth in government.

Critical to assure we maintain our family values. Critical to assure New Hampshire does not enact a sales and income tax or new business taxes that will drive even more jobs away.

Thank you very much for your consideration and financial support. Together we can turn our state around in 2010.

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