Sunday, July 11, 2010


Well, we continue doing it to ourselves. The Nashua Telegraph, Kevin Landrikan’s column had an article about how Judd Gregg was able to use his office to stop a Bill Binnie fund raiser and got it turned to a Kelly Ayotte fund raiser. We all know Kelly is an establishment candidate, recruited and supported by the NH. Republican Party establishment; but, this is outrageous and show why so many republicans are going independent.

I’m not worried about the exodus because those who go independent are still followers of the republican philosophy of less government, less spending, educational competition and believers in you as individuals not cattle or sheep to be herded around by those who think they are smarter, richer and better than the rest of us. It is going to take a little more time before the establishment realizes they are about 30 yrs behind the times in trying to control the political process and candidates.

After being attacked and threatened by some members of the political establishment, mostly coming out of Stratham, more and more people are realizing that the political establishments in both parties are losing support. They are also losing respect and this can cause control freaks to panic and continue to dig a deeper hole. I don’t now who said it; but, the old saying of “if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging” comes to mind. The bottom line is, you get it, I get it, and the establishment doesn’t get it.

I sincerely thank those people who understand the problems with the establishment and thank you all for your continued support of our efforts to bring about change from within.

Matt and I are gearing up for a tough primary and are looking forward to the challenge of once again, running as republicans with out the support of the king makers. Our philosophy of “people first” is going to be in the for front of our campaign.

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