Friday, November 26, 2010


I don’t know if it is just me or when I watch the Exeter Selectman’s meeting there is a lunatic fringe that keeps coming in and attacking the selectman or the Town Manager. Maybe I’m the one that is nuts and they are normal, never rule out all the variables when you are trying to make a decision. If they want the town manager gone draw up a petition and present it to the board. But stop this haranguing that distracts from town business, is so wasteful of time, and let the board listen to constructive ideas to move our town forward. Don't misunderstand, there is a need for the voters and taxpayers, such as Mr. Bailey, to keep an eye on the process; but, some others need to take a break. This last meeting was a little too much.

Just for the record, I’m not all that happy with how Exeter is being run, we are spending much more than we need to keep our services and reduce our taxes. We need to cut spending, pay down our bond debt obligations and get ready for a new sewer treatment plant. Our need for infrastructure upgrades border on catastrophic in nature to the taxpayers; please keep this in mind.

Some were complaining about the cable contract; but, where were they on the transportation fees being placed on registering our vehicles? The voters seem to vote in every spending issue that goes before them on the warrant articles and then complain that their property taxes are too high. We are also in the mindset that we don’t have to cut back our local spending, we just need to complain to the state that we need more money in the revenue sharing area to make our local ends meet; remember the state has to balance their budget buy cutting spending.

A good test for Frank Guinta and Kelly Ayotte will be to find about 30-40 million in grants to fund our water and sewer upgrades that need to be done because the feds keep changing the guide lines requiring expensive upgrades.

We do need to bring back the water sewer commission. My request to the town is NOT to reappoint the prior members that quit when the town needed them. I do believe we have people in town with the expertise to devote full time to our water and sewer needs with out the political game playing that caused the demise of the water sewer commission.

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