Tuesday, June 19, 2012



I guess we should start with the Hep C outbreak at the Exeter Hospital.  The rumors are running wild as to how it was caused, who caused it and how many people are infected.  Not helping seems to be the conflicting information coming out of our State Public Health Department.

First they thought it was equipment then they claim to have a suspect medical provider that was stealing drugs and injecting them into themselves then the patients or swapping syringes that the person used.  One of the reasons the health department knows this is how it happened is because this is what is going on around the country.  The only way the AG’s Office will get a conviction is if someone saw the medical provider do any of this or they have a confession.  Merely having a medical provider with Hep C is not going to send that person to the block.  There are a number of rumors about how this disease was spread; but, from the last meeting held at the High School with public health didn’t reveal  a lot of new information

I had a heart procedure done at the Exeter Lab, a number of years ago and I can say without qualification that Dr. Tom Wharton is one of the finest surgeons you’ll find; I had and have the utmost confidence in his ability and procedures.

It is frustrating when it seems there is more misinformation than information with an awful lot unanswered questions.

I had a lawyer tell me that each one of these medical malpractice claims is worth about 1-2 million $’s each.  When you think this all through to the end, health insurance=high risk pool, about 150% of your premium to increase; life insurance probably not.  This is not a good way to go through life.  Should they have a person who injected people with hep c, many years in jail would be fitting.


Exeter now has four state rep seats with eight people running for them, four republicans and four dems.  I look at the candidates of both parties and see the same attitudes that have recently contaminated the state house.  When the democrats were in charge they blindly followed their leadership over a cliff and got thrown out on a monumental scale.  No matter what they say during the campaign the democrats want the power back with a big majority so they don’t have to deal with the republicans while the republicans want to keep power and not deal with the democrats.  After awhile the faces all start to look alike.

Matt and I are going to stick to our basic independent, “you before politics”, approach.  Working with constituents to resolve their problems is what we enjoy most, not abortion battles, school squabbling about who gets what money and or fighting with a leadership group that can’t tell the truth.  It is all about you, not us.

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