Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I believe it is becoming clear that the Republican political fabric is torn.  Matt and I saw this a few years ago when we decided to run for State Rep as independent Republicans.  People would ask us what an independent Republican was and it was easy to explain; that is someone who subscribes to less government, less spending and to keep your nose out of people’s personal business. 

It is a Republican who serves his constituents and not the ever changing political agenda, motivations, and elitist power brokers who want to control the party and their own agenda.  Republicans who believe that people come first and the party agenda comes second (or third or fourth).

Just recently Free State supporters in Belknap County want to have another Republican Party made up of just conservatives, who defines conservatives, they do.  That is not as bad as the Free State group that wants NH to secede from the Union.

In Auburn there is a Republican State Rep who just posted on line that she believes that the bombing in Boston was actually done by the US Government; if you remember there were Democrats that argued that George Bush was behind the planes flying into the towers, so both parties have them.

Exeter has not been spared in this contagion of craziness.  The town is wrapped up in a fight over should we have a receptionist or do we want to be more efficient in making it easier for you, the taxpayers, to have easy access to the town departments.  Personally I don’t like recordings or push 1 or push two; but, at least everything is still in English.  Do I like these systems, no; but, I think in financially tough times it is probably cheaper than paying the equivalent of a Wal-Mart greeter about $60,000 a year with benefits to guide us through the town office building, when we have easy to read signs that seem to be working well.

This issue will not go away easily because it is being pushed as a political issue being used to beat on four of the Selectmen by a fifth selectman who claims the other board members either don’t listen to him or don’t respect him; I can sympathize with him because Rodney Dangerfield had the same issues.

For those of us who use to be main stream Republicans, what is the difference between a radical, a nut or a main stream public servant?  That will be defined well before the next election.

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