Tuesday, February 18, 2014



While Frank is on his quest to win re-election to the Board of Selectmen the educated and knowledgeable voters in Exeter will have something to say about that. 

Frank’s inability to get along with people, his divisiveness and “I am the only one that knows what he is doing on the board”, has turned off people who have watched the meetings.  Frank’s vindictive lawsuit against the town manager, which he lost and cost the town about $10,000, is a sticking point with the voters.  That lawsuit was brought within a few days of the board not appointing him to a study committee in Concord; he nominated himself and no one would second it, he was visibly upset.  That lawsuit, alone, shows he cannot get along with other board members or the town manager and further reinforces the voter’s opinion of him.

He has tried to undermine the board, individual members, department heads and the town manager.  He cannot run on his record because it is not a good one.  At one point the board tried to work with him but after losing his credibility and back stabbing tactics the working relationship deteriorated.

After the board makes a decision, if Frank disagrees, he is on his “anonymous self promoting blog” telling how everyone is wrong but Frank and he can do it much better.

He has a core following of the lunatic fringe who he represents and keeps egging him on; but, over the past few years they have become transparent as to what their agenda is and that is to be a subterranean non elected group that wants to run the town.

As long as the voters continue to view Frank as an angry divisive individual he has real problems with his reelection.