Friday, March 7, 2014


For a number of years we had a water and sewer committee, which Griset was on.  Then the Board of Selectman, on a majority vote, voted to put a very qualified person on the Board the Board threatened to resign, and the leader was Griset.  The board did not rescind their vote and the Committee resigned.  A year or so later the Board re-instituted the Committee and did not accept Griset’s request to be placed back on the Committee.


 Griset then showed up at a selectman’s meeting demanding all kinds of information, notes and the same numerous RSA 91-a requests he uses to harass the Board and the town manager.  To his credit Don Clement told Griset at a public and recorded Selectman’s meeting that he had come before the board on prior occasions and presented misinformation; he further went on to say that Griset had sent letters to the newspapers and presented misinformation and Selectman Clement would not vote for Griset for this commission or any other, in essence calling Griset a liar; the Board of Selectman did not vote to put Griset back on the Water and Sewer Committee.


Go back a few years when Griset was trying to get a deed cleared so he could build his “dream house” he went around town convincing people that the town should sell him land for a $1.00, that is right a $1.00, at town meeting so he could build his dream house.  The town believed him, as did Matt, myself and the voters, and then voted him the land for a $1.00.  Once again he broke his word and sold that land for a hefty profit.


Now he is pushing hard to tear down the dam now I don’t know if that would dry out his wetlands and make them sub-dividable so he can sell that land too.  What I do know is a lot of people aren’t buying that he is trying to save the fish and the environment by tearing down the dam and they are trying to figure out what is in it for Griset.




I am disappointed by the Exeter River Study Committee.  I have read their report and it looks like they worked very hard at pulling together information they gleaned from other study committee reports that have been done over the years.  I remember being told by a town official that there was a report done that said if you open the gate at the dam it would only drain the river about 2”; at face value we already know, what I knew as a kid that information was wrong.  Opening the gate will drain the river completely down if you leave it open for a full for 24 hours.  So as far as study committees go, fool me once shame on you; I think you get the picture.