Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Bob has got a temper and sometimes a little pig headed; but, he is the only true conservative running for U.S. Senate.

Bob is truly the only old guard Republican we have left in NH that has the experience, knowledge, Republican we can find in NH.

When Scott Brown ran for the U.S Senate in MA, many of the Tea Party conservatives  from NH gave him money and went to MA to go door to door, work the polls and put a lot of time into his campaign.  A month after he was sworn in the Tea Party admitted they made a mistake because he was liberal in his votes. 

Who is going to convince us, if elected, he won’t do the same in NH?

Brown is the establishment’s choice and has been anointed for the Republican nomination.  That sticks in many of our craws.

Bob Smith has done more for the Republican Party in NH than any of the other candidates and when he couldn’t be manipulated by the Republican establishment he fought back and has been on the outside ever since.

What has happened in our country in the last six years has not only been an embarrassment; but, I’m concerned about surviving the Obama leadership and arrogance for the next two years.  That is why we need people like Bob who will stick with his principles and ours too in the midterm elections to counter this.