Saturday, August 2, 2014


If you want free humorous entertainment watch the Exeter Selectman’s Meetings on channel 22 Comcast. The lunatic fringe shadow government was in rare form with one of them, apparently, intoxicated and needing to lean on the lectern to steady himself, another one running for state rep was jumping up and down like he has  a physical issue and seemingly commenting on every issue that was discussed; evidently to get free face time to help him in the upcoming elections.  The third was trying to act sane in his presentation and is very sensitive about being grouped in with the loonies is not worth mentioning.


Dan Chartrand, the frequent target of their political rants, who is the next selectman up for reelection, was presenting a new pay plan for some of the town employees.  The plan was studied and recommended by an outside consulting group and the Town Manager.  Ann Surman, the cheerleader for the fringe voted against it as did the fringes mascot, Don Clement.  Their argument was that it needed more work; it had problems, etc, etc.


In the legislature the losing side of a legislative issue, when they had no basis to argue against a bill, would always say it is flawed, it has problems and it needs more study.


The plan was voted in 3-2 and will be in place soon.  If any of the town employees think they are being treated unfairly they do have an appeal mechanism; many times you don’t have to appeal a simple discussion with the Town Manager and a good argument as to why you disagree, may well resolve the issue.


So on a good night at the selectman’s meeting you might find the town drunk, the town nut and the town liar all in attendance providing entertainment by presenting their vision on how the town and the world should run.