Monday, January 19, 2015


I have been watching what is going on in the world and I am totally amazed at the stupidity, not only in the US, but by our allies.  Quite frankly there is just too much to write about or comment on. 

First, I believe the US is going to get hit and hit hard by a terrorist attack. We are so politically correct it is going to get us killed.  There should be travel restrictions to certain countries, including the US and if there is a hint of terrorist activities the passport should be revoked and the person not allowed back into this country again.  If Muslims that come into our country do not swear and agree to follow US laws and our Constitution they should not be allowed in; laws in our country are governed by the constitution, the courts, and legislative bodies; not the Koran.   No matter how much Obama tries to cover these atrocities and be the pr front man for the koraniacs, the American people are starting to see through it.

We cannot continue to see the atrocities that are being perpetuated by the rightful or wrongful interpretation of the Koran.  These need to be shown to the American public so they can make up their minds as to whether this is a peaceful religion or people who don’t know the difference between right or wrong.

I got a horrific email showing a young beautiful Christian Syrian girl who was tied to a bed by white clothe strips, gang raped by 20 Muslims, she was so bloodied I couldn’t tell if they had cut out her eyes but it looked like it, I couldn’t tell if she had her heart cut out (too bloody to see an incision) but a cross with Jesus was rammed down her throat. I guess the Koran isn’t very tolerant.  If this is the real war on women where are the Femi Nazis defending women’s rights or is that all about abortion and not religious rights?

I just saw another video where ISIS took two homosexuals to a very tall building throw them off one at a time and they went “splat” to the cheers of a very large crowd.  Where are the gay rights activists that pushed so had for gay rights and gay marriage?

I know how to be politically correct; but, I just can’t do it anymore we need to speak about the third world war that we are involved in.  We are not at war with Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc, etc.  We are at war with the Muslim religion.  We don’t want to admit it and Obama hides from it; but, I believe it is now recognized as fact.

Let the people who follow Sharia Law who want to kill their teen age daughters because they want to wear makeup or listen to our strange American music do their thing; but, not in our country.

I think you have heard in the news how ISIS terror cells want to stage more attacks in the US, I would suspect they will attack areas that have strict gun control laws like California, NY, CT and DC.  I doubt if they would attack a café in TX because they might not make it through the door and then get buried on a pig farm; I don’t know if Texans are politically correct towards people who try to kill their families.

We will see if the American people will reject liberalism and political correctness and start thinking of a common sense approach to defending our country and ourselves.

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