Tuesday, March 31, 2015



With the recent success of Exeter’s Economic Director come attacks.  MR. Winham has done more in less than a year to push Exeter forward for new development than the town has done in the past 20 years.

I know some of the people who were against any development on the Epping Rd. because of the wetlands off sets supported tearing down the dam because of the Obama/Gore global warming/ climate change agenda.  Tearing down the dam is going to ruin a beautiful wetlands habitat for duck breeding and the many species that need the marshes and wetlands to survive so it is obvious it is not about water.

It doesn’t take too much to figure out that the people who are against the Epping Rd. TIFF are those people who are against any further development in Exeter.  It isn’t the water issue, it is the development issue.

MR. Winham was hired by Exeter to do a job and a very good job he has done.  If he can serve the town the way he has and puts in his 40 or so hours per week, I think he is entitled to do whatever he wants to do in his off time; quite bluntly I could care less if he worked in a house of ill repute as a short order cook.

I suspect he is being attacked, and it is obvious he is being attacked, because he makes the planning department look like second string non-development supporters.  He knows where Exeter needs to go for development which will benefit the whole Town not just the NiMBYS(not in my backyard group).

As of yet, I have not met or talked to Mr. Winham; but, I have seen his presentations and he is very good at what he does.

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