Friday, December 11, 2015


The Republican establishment still does not know what is going on in our country politically.  The funniest thing is that while the Republican establishment is focusing on defeating Trump they do not understand that it is the dissatisfaction of millions of voters who no longer have any use for those in charge, either party.  They can knock off Trump (maybe) but that will be the beginning of a political revolt not the end; what is happening is a political revolt/movement, Trump only tapped into it.  So their theory is shoot the messenger and the message will go away.

It is obvious that we, as a country, do not want any more radical Muslims coming into our country until we can make sure they will not become pre-occupied with killing our children and soft targets that can’t shoot back.  Obama likes to say when the radical Muslims do kill our innocent civilians and children, their only justification is those they kill are Americans,  that it is gun violence, because it fits into his political agenda; NO STUPID IT IS CALLED WAR!!! 

On black Friday 185,000 people purchased guns; they are afraid; they are afraid of Obama, the liberals who don’t have a clue what is going on and the radical Muslims who we are at war with.

Obama does not and will not realize or recognize the fact that war is a contact sport; he needs to get over it and get serious about protecting our citizens.

I have one question that needs to be asked to Obama and Clinton; how much money did you both take from Muslims in contributions or graft???