Saturday, April 9, 2016



1.        Is being backed by the D.C. establishment

2.        It is widely known that he is a liar

3.       He is taking millions of $ from the D.C. lobbyists and establishment special interests (money goes to those who are for sale).

4.       It has been reported by several news agencies and news outlets that Cruz has had numerous extra marital affairs denying them and then trying to convince the conservative voters that he is one of us and an evangelical.

5.       He does not like or respect the people of NY and openly mocked them; now is trying to lie his way out that and trying to get their votes.

6.       He attacks other candidate’s wives and when he gets caught tries to lie his way out of it.

I was talking to Bill Clinton (not really) and we were discussing what qualified means and it looks like Cruz is qualified to be our next president.