Wednesday, October 12, 2016


I think I figured it out; poor Donald finally out grew his wild ways.  Maybe now that he is getting older you just can’t carry that much Cialis.


All this noise about what he said 11 years ago is ridiculous, although inappropriate doesn’t do a thing to move our country into the future.


Although he is a multibillion dollar construction worker, which seems to be where his sense of humor comes from it should be noted that he grew up rich and by some standards good looking in the entertainment field; that is a synthetic different world than you and I grew up in.  I don’t believe he had to go out and forcibly attack women like Bill Clinton did and had to.


It is obvious that Trump has lead the kind of life most guys would envy as long as we can separate what he does from what he says.


Any of the comments that just came to light were not said as a presidential candidate but more of an entertainer talking trash to another entertainer 11 years ago.  Hillary claims this campaign is in the gutter, she should know she took it there.


If there is a good point of all this nastiness it is to keep Trump reminded of just how vicious and nasty the Clintons’ are.  The secret service can attest, but, they can’t tell, just what a potty mouth nasty, nasty person Hillary is.


The major differences between the two is Trump can change.