Friday, November 11, 2016



History does not appear to be a required course in schools now so we have a whole generation or two of young people who do not know or understand how our country was founded (the good and bad) and being taught by Socialist professors like the same that raised Obama.  So if they don’t get their own way they feel entitled to riot and destroy.


I know the liberals will go nuts but I accepted years ago that Obama is a racist; he can’t hide it that is how he was raised.  He single handedly picked the dormant scab of racism and by following Saul Alinsky’s teachings caused the major divisions that we have now.  He was calling Trump a racist as were the Democrats in the campaign, and talking about the KKK.  Where was the outrage when Obama and the HRC Democrats were endorsing the Black Lies Matter group?


This last election was a direct repudiation of the liberal agenda of elitism and condescending arrogance. I know the liberals (or progressives as they like to be called) don’t like being called out in this manner; but, it is overdue.  Some of the wannabe self proclaimed black leadership were on the news professing this election was a “white racist backlash” against a black president.  Only the liberals are stupid enough to believe this.  Obama was elected twice as president and this vote was not about his color; it was about his arrogance and his policies.  Remember when Obama said the United States is no longer a Christian nation and how the Muslims helped found our country?  That must have been why, in our early years, we had to send our marines and navy to Tripoli to kill them because they were attacking our merchant trade, enslaving our sailors and beheading them just for fun.  I guess they don’t teach that in school.


Our country was founded on our Christian beliefs and our belief in god, our founders acknowledged that one nation under god.  For any soldier that has been in true combat understands that sometimes his/her belief in god is the only thing that will help them get by.


If we do not understand where our country came from we will never figure out where we are going.