Friday, March 20, 2009


I have never been afraid of dying; but I want to live so much more now that Bam Bam is president. The whole government has turned into a soap opera and I so much want to live long enough to see the last act.

Financially the federal government is in chaos to the extent that our country is in a crisis that has put us in uncharted financial waters. The UN is supposed to be pushing to dump US dollars and use some other currency to fund their new world order programs and schemes. I always supported dumping the UN; but the US haters in and out of country always prevailed.

What is really amazing is the ridiculousness surrounding the democrats tripping over themselves on the AIG bonuses and the federal spending 800 billion package. The way it stands right now Senator Dodd finally, after 3 days of denying, admitted putting the bonus package clause in the legislation at the request of the “administration”. Now all the people who knew about it are attacking the executives that they allowed to have these bonuses. While they are attacking the shady executives congress votes themselves another pay raise. This is right out of the Shakespearian tragedies.

It gets even better when the democrats in Congress admit they did not read the billion dollar spending bill because Congress was not given time to read it. Then they say that they should not be blamed for anything because they did not read it. I am not making this up, it is in the news and based on interviews.

I ran into this under a republican house speaker and republican leadership in Concord. While the legislature was debating HB2, the bill that funds the state budget and is usually full of various mischief (about 6”s thick) was discussed the house was handed the bill to read and given about an hour to do that before we were to vote on it. The rule of thumb with those that have common sense is, if you do not understand a bill; do not vote in favor of it. If a bill is too complicated to understand, do not vote for it.

On that particular day there was a low house attendance. Just on the spur of the moment a number of republicans turned off our station keys (an actual key inserted into our specific seat assignments that shows that we are in attendance) and walked out. Somebody called for a roll call and there were not enough members in the house to have a quorum. The speaker sent the State House Security and the State Police looking for us. It was an adult game of hide and seek, some hid in the men’s room, most went to various bars, had a beer and discussed what to do next. The speaker knowing it wasn’t going to happen gave in and allowed another week to read the bill.

We understood the importance of knowing what you are doing and putting the commitment to our constituents ahead of being controlled by leadership. Evidently our democrats in D.C. haven’t figured out who put them there and their desire to be Pelosi and Reid clones is stronger than their loyalty to you and me; because they have made a hell of mess. I don’t think losing our retirement accounts is the change we expected in the last election

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