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About three – four weeks ago the Manchester Union Leader did an article on the huge influx of gun sales in NH. A couple of weeks ago the Portsmouth Herald did an article similar to the MUL’s, talking about the 87% increase in sales. What neither article was able to do is to adequately explain why.

When Clinton was president people were buying military style weapons and multi-stacked magazines (these are the high capacity magazines that held the bullets). They were not buying them because of fear but for investment purposes. Everyone knew Clinton was going to stop the importation of semi automatic, look alike, military weapons. Some call them assault rifles which is a misnomer. Assault weapons are select fire, you can fire them with one squeeze of the trigger=one bullet fired, or, you can go fully auto and push the selector switch to fully auto=one squeeze of the trigger and you’ll empty the magazine on full auto fire; a terrible waste of ammunition. However, if you bought one of these weapons then in a couple of years you could double your investment if you sold it; it was the same with the magazines. Now, those types of firearms, if you bought them in the Clinton years are worth 300-400% more than what you paid for them; not a bad return.

I have talked to and visited several of the busiest gun stores in southern NH and Maine. Each had the same story to tell, guns are flying off the shelves faster than they can be restocked. Small semi-automatic pistols and snub nose revolvers are going to women. The semi auto multi stacked rifles are going to the men. They are not being bought for investment; they are being bought for protection and out of fear. I’m not quite sure of fear of what. This purchasing trend is without precedent. One gun store on the other side of the state told me they are out of the high capacity fast shooting guns and the backorder could be months to a year. The ammunition for these weapons is also at a premium going up, in some cases, 200-300% or more, if you can even find it.

This is a survivalist mentality for the middle to upper middle class segment of our society. The reason I say this is that these multi stacked rifles are going for $2000 or more, some less depending on what you buy. The average person cannot afford that.

I still don’t have a handle on why this is happening. I have some people tell me it is because of Bam, Bam the president. I can understand that, causing fear with his class warfare socialist mentality and doom and gloom speeches on the evils of business, money and whatever, is unsettling to this country.

After you get all suited up for an urban war, you then have to find someone or a sport’s men’s club to teach you how to shoot, reload and general gun safety. Then you have to find someone to teach you guerilla style fighting tactics. Then you have to find someone to teach you to kill and very few people who have been in the business will do that. All in all people are spending an awful lot of money because Bam, Bam doesn’t know enough to shut up; the only part of the economy that he is stimulating is the guns and ammo part. I, like so many others, want our retirement accounts stimulated not the gun business.

I am a strong supporter of the 2d Amendment and gun owner ship; but panic buying from fear is not a good thing. That becomes a movement and what will trigger (no pun intended) an unfortunate incident or civil issue?

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