Monday, May 25, 2009


Gossip has it that our local senator’s political aspirations are out of control and she told people at a meeting that she is running for governor. The other half of the rumor is that a State Rep from East Kingston will run for her senate seat. I always thought it was an election that determined who got elected and not an annointment policy. I am always leery of out of control political ego’s that put themselves before their constituents for their own political future. I could never do that and made sure that Matt, growing up, always understood that our constituents came first; PEOPLE BEFORE POLITICS was not just a phrase, it was a belief.

We had a saying in Vietnam that, “the farther up the tree you climb, the dumber the monkey’s you ran into”. The gist of this is the higher you go the narrower the limbs and less secure you are.

If you believe in public service than it is never about you, it is about the people you serve, they always come first. If you are a leader, with training and experience in leading, you will make decisions. By making decisions you will make mistakes, learn from them; analyze them and find out what went wrong and don’t make the same mistake twice.

Our country is facing a socialist democrat and feminist agenda. We have some women who think that only women know how to do things and always make the right decisions. I have tremendous respect for women and all they can do; but, I don’t believe there is a superior race or gender. We have three women running the state, Terry Norelli, Sylvia Larson and John Lynch, and we are in a hell of a mess.
Over 500 million in debt so they spend over $72,000 to renovate the ladies room next to the house leadership offices. I know that does not sound like much but it sure shows an attitude of me first and the hell with you. Oh, I almost forgot it was our local senator’s amendment to the budget that allowed this to happen.

I don’t care what party we talk about there is a total lack of common sense. Give me a good old Yankee farmer and give the socialist democrats their PHD arrogant know it all’s, and I will have a better chance of getting the job done.

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