Saturday, May 16, 2009


I have never been a gay marriage supporter and probably will not change my position in the near future. I will tell you that during the last State election a local gay rights same sex marriage advocate went to Matt and said, “I can’t support you and your father because you don’t support gay marriage”. OK, no problem; but then the same individual wanted to run for local office and I would not support him. It had nothing to do with gay rights; it had to do with the individual.

It is interesting that if a person disagrees with same sex marriage because of how we are raised or our core beliefs these people are called bigots, or homophobes or whatever. If we object to the liberal socialists agenda being taught in school we are called uninformed, not progressive or right wing extremists. Oh and we should not say anything when elementary school children are required to read books about Mary has two mothers or David has two daddy’s.

In reality who cares? Who cares what people do in their personal lives? Just don’t stick the issue in our faces, claim that we cannot disagree on the issue and stop the name calling. If you want to throw names around those who do not believe in some of these whacky socialist agendas can call people names too.

There is a movement underway to take the word “bulls—t or BS out of our vocabulary and use the word Pelosi. You’re full of Pelosi. What Pelosi this issue is. Plus all of the choice names for homosexuals and other parts of society we may disagree with.

I actually had a discussion with a left wing socialist liberal and talked about the history of Exeter and talked about when it was a blue collar working class community and what a great place to learn values, morals, and the difference between right and wrong. I argued about all the change the socialists have brought to Exeter. In pure frustration the socialist I was arguing with referred to those times and those of us who worked to make Exeter the way it was, referred to us as “low class, low wage people”. She went on to tell me how much the liberal socialists have brought to Exeter and “enlightened us”. I wanted to tell her she was full of Pelosi; but, I like her and understood that she finally let her true feelings out. This was good for the sole and mental well being, even if I thought she was nuts. She just could not hold back her elitist attitude.

What people do not seem to grasp is NH is, or was, fiscally conservative and protective of individual rights. If you’re gay, ok your gay, good luck, have a good life and happy hunting. I’ll tolerate your life style if you tolerate mine.

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