Sunday, August 16, 2009


Can someone tell me how many people are uninsured? Obama started out saying there were 48 million, then it went down to 47 million then in one of his last speeches it was 46 million then I heard another Obama administration official say it was 45 million. My god, the longer we wait the less the numbers and the cheaper it should be. It is like a reverse auction.

The republicans claim the number is about 5 million, which, depending on how they define uninsured, is probably an accurate number. The problem is government is government and politicians are politicians. Both lie, manipulate and work numbers to fit their arguments.

The people I feel sorry for are the ones who don’t question how these numbers come about and how did they arrive at them?

The current discussions and plans for reforming our health care or health insurance programs have gone right off the scale of common sense and meaningful reform. It is no longer even a question of whether we need reform; it is a question of trying to find who is telling the truth in the discussions. Obama has committed political capital in pushing through a reform. He is a very good speaker; but, frequently does not know what he is talking about without his teleprompter and even then the info is wrong, and gets off message easily. Those who have a praise a rock star mentality will go nuts because I said something negative about their hero who can do no wrong, say nothing wrong and do nothing right. One of the funniest emails I’ve read was saying the difference between god and Obama is god never thought he was president. President Bush was never classified as Roman Orator when he was in office either.

The political battle and firestorm surrounding health care and health insurance reform is now centering on trust. Who do you trust and who is telling the truth and who do you believe. Inherently, republicans do not trust government or bureaucrats neither did our founding fathers when they wrote the constitution.

Some of the rhetoric, at face value is invalid and our common sense tells us that: Government is going to save us money. I don’t think so.
Government is going to make the system more efficient. I don’t think so.
Medicare is more efficient. I don’t think so; Medicare is so racked with fraud and bureaucratic mismanagement it needs an over haul.
Government is not going to knock off Grammy and Grampy. If most of our health care spending is spent in the last 6 months of our lives trying to save us (many times in vain and this is very sad) then savings comes from a triage program that determines who can make it and who can’t and don’t spend the money on cases that government feels cannot survive; that is a savings and I am against it.

We could go on and on; but, the bottom line is there is no real bill ready for prime time so all of these discussions are just Pelosi (read prior posts).

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