Friday, August 14, 2009


Many of us, both democrats and republicans have worked hard over the years to make our health insurance program in NH fair, equitable and assessable. I don’t think there is any question that every person in our state and country should have access to health care. The problem that kept arising was who was going to run it and how was it going to be paid. Each time a proposal was put forth, even to look at, the insurance company lobbyists would come by and take well positioned state reps and senators out for lunch or make sure they bought a few $250 tickets to their fundraisers so they could talk in a more relaxed setting.

I must be one of those angry people who have had enough. Although there is some anger most of it is pure frustration. First of all when my fellow republicans were in charge nothing of any substance changed, we blew it and health care and insurance became a debatable divisive issue.

The democrats didn’t have control of the political process so they, and it is how the system works, threw stones and criticized the republicans posturing for the next election and nothing got done; again money and influence controlled the process.

Now we have Obama, who in my and many people’s opinion is a socialist, pushing a socialist’s political agenda, with health care and insurance being the issue of the day.

The issue of health care and health insurance has been trumped by whether Obama wins or loses a political issue or whether we republicans can stop or not stop that agenda. It is not an issue of right or wrong it is an issue of winning or losing. Politicians are watching the polls and tailoring their arguments to fit the mood of the day. This equals not getting any straight forward, simple, honest answers; only political rhetoric that sounds good with no meaningful answers or resolutions to our questions.

This bill will do this; this bill says that from the democrats. No this bill will kill our senior citizens and because of the lack of doctors will cause health care rationing from the republicans. What I laugh at is there is no bill; it is only the first round of ideas coming out of the House of Representatives on the way to the senate.

The real fight will be in the senate because there are less members and they are cheaper and easier to buy; the special interest money will be flowing, honesty and integrity will once again be compromised and we will end up with something that totally screws up our health care, probably our economy, and we will be worse off.

Obama is more concerned about nationalizing our country than he is fixing what’s wrong. Politically speaking the Democratic Party leadership has become the leadership of socialism which conflicts with our countries very fabric. What the current political establishment is showing is that they do not want some of our socialist programs to fit into our capitalist society; they want the socialist agenda to take over and control our country and us as individuals. This is why Obama is losing credibility.

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