Friday, December 4, 2009


Over the years I have learned to be cautious and skeptical of politicians who tell us that if elected they will run government like a business. I’ve learned that most of the time we would not hire the same dummies we elect to run our business. In real life terms we would not hire someone who looks good, lies the best or has no qualifications for the job. In politics none of that matters. Who looks good and lies the best and has the money to get the word out usually wins.

Can anyone tell me what Obama’s qualifications are to run a business, little over a country in the middle of a war? Can anyone tell me what Shea Porter’s credentials are in working to fix our economy in the midst of a growing world economic battle? She is good at doing what Pelosi tells her do and usually follows without question; but, doesn’t have a clue.

We do have some rays of hope in the morass of stupidity and one is Bob Bestani running for Congress in our district with his impressive resume of dealing with economic situations, not only with banking concerns; but, also internationally with the very countries we need to deal with and stand up too. Bob, I know, is a proud American and believes in the United States; by the way that means he believes in you and me and has more than needed credentials for the job of Congressman. I don’t think Bob is in the business of running around bowing to everyone who has a title and hates the U.S.

Another person who I think is interesting is Bill Binnie who is running for the US Senate against the Republican establishment candidate Kelly Ayotte. I understand Binnie is a very successful business man who, like Bestani, has a ton of common sense. I look more for a candidate with good old Yankee common sense than PhD’s. If they have a PHD and common sense (or a master’s degree) we get a double blessing.

The republican candidates to watch in this next election are Bestani for Congress and Binnie for US Senate.

Another issue, to change the subject, is why our tax dollars is being handed out in give away programs. The government says we need small businesses to start hiring again; but, we keep handing out payments to the unemployed and to banks that are not loaning it out to small businesses. I know we need to keep money coming in to those families who have fallen on tough times. The problem is we are not promoting or helping the small businesses that need to produce, expand and hire the unemployed. I’ve known my whole life the average person wants a pay check, not a welfare check or an unemployment check. If you didn’t know, the United States is no longer a major producing country. We are more service oriented. China has become one of the largest manufacturing countries in the world.

When the government gives us cash for clunkers or cash for clunker refrigerators we use the money to buy foreign products that aids foreign workers. I only have an A.S and B.S. but a PHD in common sense and this doesn’t make sense to me.

When a nation makes it difficult for domestic companies to produce goods in their country, they will produce them in other countries, with a non US workforce. Who do we, if we need to, blame? I think we need to start with government and their desire to be everything to everyone. Let’s impose socialism on a capitalistic society and take away the incentive to work, produce and grow and complain about how we need to take care of those who can’t find a job. Remember the old saying, something to the fact of “give a person a fish and he’ll have a meal, teach him to fish and he will be able to feed himself and family for a lifetime’? (Close but no winner on remembering the saying)

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