Sunday, December 20, 2009


I wouldn’t get too cranked about the national health care/insurance debate. As it stands right now there is no public option and funding for abortions has been taken out; another important feature is illegal aliens are out also.

Now what I thought was (at least in Concord) you could make whatever deals you needed to do to get your bill past the hearings process, then throw those deals out when it went to a committee of conference to reconcile the differences. The members of the C of C are appointed by the leadership of the house and senate and do what they are told or they are removed from the C of C, it happened to me. Then when the C of C is donethe bill comes back for a vote, up or down, no real discussion. So, all of those democrats who sold out or were scared off to support this bill will probably have done so in vain and still have to face the voters wrath in the next election.

If you look at this from a republicans stand point this is a good opportunity to pretty much wipe out the lunatic fringe of the Democratic Party that has taken control of their party and our political process in Concord and D.C. When this bill goes through, and it will, the democrats will be targeted by the voters. People whom are hoping for a quick fix for their health insurance want a quick fix. Well part of their quick fix, no matter what is in the bill, will cause them to start paying in immediately, taking 500 billion $’s out of Medicare to help pay for it, while not invoking any benefits of this bill to the voters and taxpayers for about another 4 years or more (after the next presidential elections). Besides, our Senators and Congressman always recognize a good bill when they exempt themselves from its wonderful benefits so it they don’t have to deal with it.


The next time you call a plumber, or your attorney, or go see your dentist, ask them if they are an LLC and what do they think of the changes the democrats made in the NH business tax laws.

An LLC is set up by a business to limit their exposure to law suits. One of the other benefits is if you work real hard (it use to be an American tradition) make good money you reward yourself with a bigger salary at the end of the year. Another interesting part is the state is going to determine how much you should be making so they can tax you accordingly. Keep in mind NH already has a Business Profits Tax and a Business Enterprise tax. Although it is not funny but laughable NH taxes the money a business borrows to keep the business running.

During a late night session of the house finance committee it was decided to change the tax laws and tax the LLC’s; that was when they stuck campgrounds under the rooms and meals tax to the tune of about 9%. So you bring the food, you bring your lodging and we tax you for it; absolutely brilliant, just brilliant. What is particularly problematic is this was done without a proper hearing.

Now, after the fact the department of Revenue Administration is holding hearings. Although I didn’t attend, one of my friends that did told me the 300 or so business people who attended were told there were going to be more hearings but the department was not going to change the rules; I was also told the newspaper reports could not describe the anger these business people showed towards those who did this. OK, so why have the hearings, the time for people who needed to have their say was before the bill was passed and signed into law. This is just window dressing so people think they had a say, no other explanation fits.

The current leadership in the house and senate has so over spent in the budget they have to bleed us for more revenue streams.

As the last election shows, change is a wonderful thing unless that is all that is left in your pocket.

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