Monday, February 1, 2010


The Exeter March Selectman’s race appears to be going partisan. The rumor is the town democrat committee had many discussions about who to get to run for the two vacant seats and came up with Julie Gilman and Don Clement.

On the republican side there are three known candidates running and that is Sandy Winter, Ann Surman and Brian Griset. Since Exeter no longer has a republican town committee there was no anointing of candidates like what the democrats did. Although in the past on one occasion I can think of, the Exeter Town Republican Committee did support two candidates for selectman to beat back a liberal socialist attempt to get some of their people elected. Even back then the towns, people knew the dangers of having liberals in charge of spending your taxes.

At one point the Exeter Board of Selectman were all republicans, fiscal conservatives with common sense, not at all what it is like right now. I think when you have 7 people running for two spots on the board you can draw the conclusion that the socialists are making an attempt at taking over, or, the taxpayers think the board is not doing a good job. There is a rumor that two members of the board are trying to take control of the board and push their social agenda and spending policies.

It will also give them a platform to promote liberal socialist candidates for state rep and state senator. Which they have right now; but, it is suspected they will lose in the next election.

The progressives (liberal socialists) control D.C and we have out of control spending and deficits that our kids will not live long enough to pay off.

We have progressives running the state and in two budgets have increased the budgets by almost 2 billion dollars. The state is facing over a 600 million $ deficit because of the out of control spending and there is no apparent answers to fix it in the short term. What they are doing is panicking and trying to levy more taxes on everything that walks, runs, moves and stands still. Hence the LLC fiasco, the campground fiasco, the state employee fiasco, the retired state employee fiasco, the disabled state employee fiasco and the list goes on.

In fact the dingys that are running Concord are panic stricken over the backlash on what they have done they are trying to carve out some LLC’s from this new income tax they have levied until after the next election, then they will hit anyone they carved out to get taxed.

If you want Exeter to be run the same way DC and Concord are run, vote liberal/progressive. They are so worried about losing power they are denying they are liberal. If you are ashamed of your political philosophy then you should not subscribe to it.

If you want higher taxes and continued promotion of programs to make Exeter the hub of the progressive agenda, vote for progressive democrats AND BE PREPARED TO PAY FOR IT.

There is a movement underway in this country that decries this stupidity and progressive/socialism and that desire for freedom from this kind of politics is growing into something that still may save the day.


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