Wednesday, January 27, 2010


There was a saying in Vietnam that, “there is no problem so big you can’t shoot it, lie about it or run away from it”, that was kind of the management approach with the Army. It is amazing I can remember that saying; but, looking at what is going on in Concord and DC brought that phrase back to me.

For example look at the LLC debacle. The progressives in Concord pushed it through in a late night meeting not knowing or caring what the LLC’s thought. Then it hits the fan the LLC’s go nuts on the democratic leadership who is now trying to talk their way out of it or soft peddling what they did. Unfortunately, the house and senate leadership can’t change their course, nor direction, because of their drunken sailor spending that has thrown us in to record setting debt. The only option they have is to try to lie their way out of it or soft peddle their involvement.

I read an article recently about Maggie the tax magnet and she said the legislature could have done a better job. Well tax magnet you are the legislature in this incident, you did it, own up to it and walk away with some respect. While she runs around the state trying to show everyone how she is a big shot and trying to draw attention to herself, she denies everything, or her involvement in all the stuff they screwed up. Tax magnet, what has gone wrong in this state in the last couple of years you had your fingers into.

The fear with the progressive leadership is that they can’t run away, they can’t shoot it so their only option is to try to lie their way out of it.

Come on tax magnet we are waiting!!

STATE OF THE STATE by Governor Turn around John!!

Well governor, you screwed the state employees, you screwed the state retirees, you and the democrats screwed the disabled state employees, you screwed the LLC’s and the campgrounds; but, now you want to increase job training. That all sounds good politically but simply shows how little you know about the problem in NH.

Job training is only good when you have jobs to go to, DUUUHHHH. I figured this out all on my own. I was talking to a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor a couple of days ago and we discussed this very topic. The person told me this was the major stumbling block for people finding jobs; there is training but no jobs. I hope someone else sees this besides just me.

If you want to create jobs stop screwing the business like the LLC’s, or the work force that keeps this state running. Encourage small business to hire and train their own work force, it is a time proven method of business expansion. Then when jobs come back you can mislead the voters on how much you have done for them, take the tax magnet with you.


I have heard you are being bad. The rumor is you’re going around the state getting republicans that you like or control to run against other republicans you can’t control in republican primaries. Not good for all of you important people and king makers out there.

When it is all over, said and done, people that know about this might not stand behind the party, because they either don’t trust you or lost respect for you.

I was watching the FOX News the other day and they had some “important republicans” on the show talking about how they didn’t know how they were going to control the tea party people. I don’t think they want to admit that this movement is based on pure frustration with the progressives in politics and the republicans who lost their direction.

Only because I’m a nice guy I’ll tell you, don’t try to control them, understand their beliefs and join and guide them. OK send me my consulting fees.

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